Written by gavin0066

03 Aug 2014

I woke at 3 am with a hard on.

She lay close, gently snoring.

I could not get back to sleep.

The hard on would not go away.

Should I wake her ?

She really needs her sleep.

She stirs and reaches out in her slumber.

That is enough to fully arouse me.

I gently reach for her surprisingly wet slit,knoowing waht she likes.

I start to slowly and very softly circle her clit with my tongue.

She tales a few minutes to wake and i soon feel the rising tide as my fingers work further into her soft depths.

I need no stimulation. Her response is enough to keep my throbbing cock as hard as it needs to be.

When she reaches her climax, I slow my movements and become more gentle.

By now she is writhing in ecstacy. I keep on with the same gentle motion.

She reaches her second orgasm and then begins a third soon after that.

Now it is my turn. I ease my cock slowly into her pulsating depths. Now straddled over her I can control the downward pressure on her pubis.

She increases this by bucking her hips to meet my downward thrusts.

The rythum consumes us and I explode within her.

Locked like mating dogs, we savour the release, the tension after days of abstinence and daily grind.

The dreams that follow such a joining are intesne and vivid during those small hours before the dawn.