22 Sep 2015

Rita called me to remind me of my promise and because I was rather looking forward to it I hurried over to her place. She invited me in and steered me straight to her bedroom, prodding me in the back playfully all the time. She was dressed in a denim shorts and a white top and when she pushed me on the bed, I made a play for her boobs, remembering the fun that I had with her the last time.

She allowed me to play but grabbed my left hand and tied it to the bed then removed my hand from her hardened nipples and forced it backwards, pulling another scarf from the bedside table. I was slightly nervous because this was a first for me, but she chuckled at my awkwardness, merely asking for her trust, while I felt her securely fastening the knot. Next, she blindfolded me and with me in the dark, she let me know that revenge had been on her mind for a while since I did her on my bed in the same manner. I felt my belt being loosened and I was aware of my growing cock...she pulled down my zipper and forcefully pulled down my jeans and briefs...giggling hoarsely at the sight of my naked, erect cock jumping out. Unexpectedly I felt her grab my ankle and before I knew it, I found myself tied down...Don't fight me...she said harshly then spread me out completely. Helpless I listened but could not make out what would happen next...Rita dripped heated oil on my loins and then hissed at me, that now, she was ready for her revenge.

She started by massaging my balls, causing me to growl, then drew her long nails over it causing me to take in air sharply. She then proceeded to pull my foreskin back all the way and holding it taut while she massaged more oil from the tip of my cock along its length...taking a very firm hold and sliding her hand back very very slowly but so firmly that I was going crazy! My cries of aagghhh!!! was goading her and she made me understand that it was going to be a long torture. After a few minutes of this I felt my nuts start to pull up and I started to groan, feeling an intense orgasm starting to stir but she must have sensed it because she let go suddenly...making me cry out desperately for her not to stop. She knew I was helpless and let me know that, as I felt my cock falling to one side...aware of a slight pain in my balls. Then, the most delightful feeling as she used a feather or whatever to tease my cock while she swore as she watch it surge to fullness again. Moments later I felt the bed move and I smelled her even before she brought her warm cunt over my mouth. "Lick me you bastard!" she snarled and I strained my neck to get at her muskiness, pushing out my tongue and licking at the wetness that was her cunt. She sighed and groaned almost at the same time as I split her lips pushing my tongue through her...darting upwards. Then she was gone and the next moment she started what she called a fast/slow hand fuck. Taking me in her hand and tossing me very quickly for a few seconds...following that up with 3 ultra slow tosses that no man would be able to resist.It caused me to thrust up wildly...trying to fuck her hand to heighten the feeling but she was in control and beads of sweat ran down my face. Still she kept at it and it was so intense that I felt myself starting to plead with her, seeking relief from the torture she put me though...wanting the escape of emptying my throbbing loins but she was merciless, telling me how wet she was, but taking me to the point of cumming before skillfully letting me fall back down what felt like a long hill. "Now I'll let you fuck me!" she said, as I pleaded to be released, "But only before I teach you my "open the bottle" trick!" she said wickedly. What followed was the most frustrating, intense, lustful and cruel torture that I had ever experienced. She kept my foreskin pulled back as taut as she could...gripping my shaft in her one hand...then covering her palm and fingers with a bit of oil and proceeding to grip only the very sensitive head of my cock between her palm and fingers and then turning it as if she was attempting to open the top off a cooldrink bottle. Rita would do five or six of these turns at a time.

It was the most intense feeling that I had experienced and it caused me to groan and cry out due to the sensitivity of my cock head but she was merciless, ignoring my pleas and hand fucking me until I was totally worn out. At last she took me into her mouth and licked along the length of my shaft and as I felt my orgasm build up once again and waiting for the inevitable downer again, she suddenly took my cock into her mouth and sucked on my head as I desperately lifted my hips and thrust into her mouth. She pushed me back on the bed and sucked my cock harder and I felt my cock pulse as I mercifully felt a massive orgasm take control of me and I cried out her name at the height of my passion, shouting out at the top of my voice as I pumped wildly into the air...feeling the streams of hot seed spurting out as I continued to fuck air...not caring as I heard her laugh...only being aware of my shuddering body fighting against the silk bonds. Rita had totally spent me...wasted me....

Then she lifted my blindfold and I saw her completely naked...with her cunt wet and her lips puffy...the lust in her eyes unmistakable..."Let's untie you...give you some time to recover and then I want you to fuck me over and over" she said....

The moment she untied me, I went after her...pushing her down...feeling the animal inside me as I forced open her legs...I started to eat her out as slowly and skillfully as I could...taking care to avoid her swollen clit that was very prominent and a deep red. Now Rita was cursing and swearing and as I drew my tongue through the lenghts of her inner folds, she started rocking...grabbing the back of my head and forcing me deeper into her. I pushed my tongue deeply into her darting it upwards, tasting her and feeling her pussy muscles starting to contract. Then I mouthed her cunt and sucked on her clit...harder still, as she started to come...it was intense and she bucked like a horse and she started to uncoil. I knew I could give her another but now I wanted to give what she hadn't experienced and I used the oil on my ring and middle fingers...keeping her legs spread and bent at the knees while I slowly pushed my fingers into her pushing my pinky and forefinger hard against her while I started to push my fingers upwards into her in a hard beckoning motion. I looked into her face and saw the alarm in her face as I pushed my fingers onto the roughness of her g-spot. Rita was now out of control and crying out as she bucked wildly and out of control. I felt her against my fingers and pulled out as she shuddered and squirted her juices onto my chest. I dug into her again...forcing my fingers upwards and now she pleaded as wave upon wave of orgasm swept over her...her face contorted painfully, her eyes diluted and her loins was out of control and I pulled my fingers out again...as she squirted again. I took some fluid in my face but plunged in again and now Rita was at my mercy...as I forced more orgasm to sweep through her spent body again and again...She cried out for me to stop and when I stopped her body continued to convulse and I watched as her cunt muscles contracted wildly... opening and closing as she seemed to orgasm uncontrollably.

My cock was rock hard and I mounted her and fucked her hard and mercilessly wanting only to reach my climax as soon as possible. Rita loved me inside her and she rode with me as we slapped into each other, fucking like animals and with gay abandon and as I felt my orgasm building, I looked into her wild eyes as she strained once again and saw her eyes roll as she swept to another climax but I felt the blood in my ears as I came into her shooting more seed out and pulsing it into her cunt

When we were both spent...she made me promise not to do that to her again until she was ready for it again someday...but after showering and getting our strength back up. We fucked some more during the rest of the morning and my pecker was sore for many hours afterwards from the mauling that she gave me when I was tied up...