Written by Funguygirl

02 Dec 2012

Hi this story got a bit of history behind it so lets start from the beginning. A few years ago was in a bit of a dump just broken up with my GF of 5 years and was struggling to get over it. It was then that a work friend invited me for a braai at his place. When I arrived there where a few people but as the evening continued people started leave till it was just my friend and his Girlfriend.

His girlfriend is skinny blond with nice C cup breast I have always admired her but as she was my friends GF she was of limits. While we sitting on the patio she goes inside to get some more drinks I took no notice of it and continued chatting to my friend. Amount 5min later she came back in just her panty walked past us as if nothing was going on. I could not tear my face off her looking at her tits I was mesmerized, my friend ask if I am enjoying the view and I say yes. He says I can move closer and touch, I do and in a manor of seconds I am sucking on her tits while she started to play with my dick.

The next moment we are in the bedroom fucking and sucking eatch other like it was the end of the world. My friend also joined both of us fucking her at the same time. This continued for about a hour till I had to go home. The next day thanked my friend for a awesome night and said I will return the favor. I just did not think it was going to take this long. Now 8 years later I am married as well as my friend. We have since lost touch as he moved to Cape Town, till about a month ago get a E-Mail from him saying he is in Joburg for Business and can we catch up over a beer.

When the Friday arrive meet up with my friend at Hooters in Fourways catching up on all the lost time. At around 8 get a call from the wife need to get home ASAP. As I was not sure what was going on asked my friend to come with, as I get home the wife tells me the neighbor was causing some shit but after a few minutes of talking all got sorted. We head back into the house and introduce my friend to the wife. I have told her about the 3some but she have never met him.

We crack open a bottle of whine and start where we left off during the rest of the evening my wife is getting more friendly with my friend asking questions, until she gets to the one about the 3 some. Asking if I ever repaid him he answers no she looks at me and says that just wrong and in one movement she get down on her knees and start to suck of my friend she does not stop until he cumed in her mouth.

The next day my friend went back to Cape Town and I asked my wife about the Blow Job and she said she felt it was unfair that I had done some wild stuff and not her. But she enjoyed it and said maybe in the future we can do it again but the she also wants to be fucked.

So in short holding Thumbs