27 Jan 2018

Hi all! Have not written in a while and thought while I give my cock a break (GET TO THAT BIT NOW!) I'd share a bit from the past again.

So I've got my place to myself today and after a crappy week I thought I'm going to have a nice porn fest today. On my way home from work this morning I stopped of at the local shop here to grab some ice (LIKE HAVING A DRINK WHEN WATCHING PORN AND PLAYING) and as I hoped a black cashier that I'm seriously lusting over is on duty. We always flirt and I can see she loves the attention and I make sure she sees how I undress her with my eyes. I would have long ago taken her home already,but she knows who my girlfriend is and I can see she is type that will fall in love....ai

Anyway,I was going to jerk off anyway and thought I would include some interracial,as I do anyway as I absolutely love the genre,but look for more new black girls. (I LIKE THE BLACK MALE ACTORS ALSO IN THE INTERRACIAL SCENES,VERRRRRY HOT!!!!)

So I get home,sort my stuff and get my playlist loaded so long,do some admin and chores and then it was time to get my drink,get naked,hard and lubed up. Watched a few scenes and admired a few good looking girls taking on even better looking cocks (ANOTHER THING I MISS ALONG WITH BLACK GIRLS....A NICE OILED UP HARD COCK TO PLAY WITH) and whilst stroking to particular good scene I see a suggestion at the end for a black starlet I have not jerked off to yet,I clicked the link and almost fell of my comfy wanking chair! This girl on a dime looks like my long lost KB!!! (FROM PREVIOUS STORIES) I had to do a double take,I thought is this where she dissapeared to??? Go to states and become a pornstar,I was in shock! I googled and found more vids,but it's not her,what are the chances anyway! Brittany White,Jesus she is hot and like I said to the tee my girl KB. Had a awesome wank now,and going back for more,I need to see more of this doppelganger! Same features,same boobs and same demeanour!

I also love the guy she did a few scenes with,has a very good looking cock and drops big loads!

This brings me to my ending,how me and Rob got into being comfortable with each others cocks.

It was my birthday,20th and we were away with other friends on a farm,now me and Rob were/are like brothers,and the first time I saw his cock was when we were looking after a house for someone we were watching porn and bringing girls over all the time. We always stroked our cocks with our pants on when watching porn and then go finish off in the bathroom seperatly,one day however Rob took his cock out and I was amazed,I am not gay by anymeans but his rock hard dick made me want to grab it! He is a genetically gifted man,tan skin,verygood looks and build and as said a great cock. Best way to describe it would be like Peter North in his younger days but uncut. Long thick and straight and not overly veiny. Beautifull!

Back on the farm,we were all shit faced,Rob passed out early and I got even more shitfaced and brave. When it was bedtime I went to his room and got into bed with him,nothing weird,we shared a bed alot when out,sometimes there would be girls in the bed with us (FUNNY,THATS HOW HE AND CINDY MET AND EVENTUALLY GOT MARRIED!)

I lay for a while,world spinning and feeling out of it,and decided fuck it,i lay next to him spoon style,also nothing new with my arm around him and after a while before I knew it my hand was going south and rubbing his cock through his boxers,he responded I could feel him get hard. I remember thinking,what the fuck am I doing,but I continued. His cock hard and bulging now and me stroking it through his boxers,the fucker said nothing,but he was awake and aware now...HA HA! So I thought let me see how far he will let me go.I stuck my hand down his boxers and grabbed hold of his shaft,I remember sitting here now how thick and hard it was,I move myself up and pulled off his boxers,in the darkness I could make out that cock popping out and hitting his stomach,he was verrrryyy hard,as was I! (AND IM GETTING HARD NOW WHILE TYPING AGAIN!!! LOL) I stroked his cock with one hand and the other was on his balls,cleanly shaved,we were always into grooming. He still has not said a word,but fucker was breathing heavy and looking down at how I was playing with his cock. I thought fuck it,I put my mouth over his bulbous head and starting giving him a blowjob,trying my best not gag! Sucking his cock and balls was crazy,I was zoning out! He never put his hands on my head as you would a woman,and in all our games with Cindy in the future also,we would never do that while sucking each other. Suddenly while was sucking his balls and stroking his cock he got up and I was convused and feeling like passing out,he shoved me over and pulled of my pants and started sucking me off. While half sitting/lying I got hold of his cock and kept jerking it. Before I knew we where on our sides 69 style and blowing each other. I cant remember how long this went on,but he said wait he was going to cum,I was not ready to get cum in my mouth,I vageley remeber having him lie on his back and finishing him off,he came a huuuuge load of watery cum,I could not help myself,I was wanking myself and tasted some of his cum,was not so good as in future adventures as we were drinking the whole day! I thought that was the end of it,but he pushed me over and wanked me off until I exploded,there was cum everywhere and just like me he sucked my just cummed cock.

We said no word,passed out and the next morning also,no word. It was a while until we adressed it and worked it into our repetoire when we picked up girls....but more of that some other time!

Wank time again!

Have fun all!