27 Jan 2018

Like most men I enjoy porn,unlike most men,or that they will care to admit I enjoy the big porn cocks along with the hot porn girls.

Me and my friend Rob always used to watch porn together and we both had our favorite male performers,we loved all the female performers,difficult to single them out,but there were a few guy's that if we saw he was in a scene we knew it was going to be good.

One guy particular stood out for both of us,Peter North. For Rob the liking was that this actor was well built,fucked like a champ and dropped absolutely huge loads of cum in his scenes.

For me on the other hand I noticed he was a older Rob and this was before we ever saw each other naked,I wondered if the similarities ended with the looks or if Rob's cock could be a double also? LoL!

This brings me to now me and Rob got into being comfortable with naked together and eventually playing together/with each other....mmmmm

It was my birthday,20th and we were away with other friends on a farm up the west-coast,now me and Rob were like brothershe even lived with me and family for a period during high School and on and off until he got his own place. Its during these times as we shared a room that we always watched porn. Dvd's we got through connections and the eventual old big external drives full of all kinds of porn! HA HA! When he lived with us we would go out together to the local pool halls and anywhere girls could be picked up and we usually successfully got girls to come home with us,not always for sex,but mostly so! He was very good looking and naturally well built and athletic. Im not that bad looking either,atleast my mother used to say so.....LoL!

The first time I saw his cock was when we were looking after a house for someone I used to work for at the time. We were watching porn and bringing girls over all the time when we looked after this house,was a regular thing as the owner always had some weekend or week trip going on. We always stroked our cocks with our pants on when watching porn and then go finish off in the bathroom separately,one day however while we were on the couch watching porn Rob took his cock out and I was amazed,I am not gay or had bi curious urges until then, but his rock hard dick made me want to grab it! He is a genetically gifted man,tan skin,very good looks and build as mentioned and now when I saw it a great cock. Just as I suspected like Peter North,but uncut. Long thick and straight and not overly veiny and his foreskin was not excessive. Beautiful in other words....

Back on the farm,we were all shit faced,Rob passed out early and I got even more shitfaced and brave. When it was bedtime I went to his room and got into bed with him,nothing weird,we shared a bed often when out,sometimes there would be girls in the bed with us (FUNNY,THATS HOW HE AND CINDY MET AND EVENTUALLY GOT MARRIED!).

I lay next to him on the bed for a while,world spinning and I was feeling out of it,and decided fuck it,i lay next to him spoon style,also nothing new with my arm around him and after a while before I knew it my hand was going south and rubbing his cock through his boxers,he responded,I could feel him get hard. I remember thinking,what the fuck am I doing,but I continued. His cock hard and bulging now and me stroking it through his boxers,the fucker said nothing,but he was awake and aware now...HA HA! So I thought let me see how far he will let me go.I stuck my hand down his boxers and grabbed hold of his shaft,I remember how thick and hard it was,I moved myself up and pulled off his boxers,in the darkness I could make out that cock popping out and hitting his stomach,he was verrrryyy hard,as was I! I stroked his cock with one hand and marveled at his girth and my other hand was on his balls,cleanly shaved and smooth,we were always into grooming. He still had not said a word,but he was breathing heavy and looking down at how I was playing with his cock. I thought fuck it,I put my mouth over his bulbous head and starting giving him a blowjob,trying my best not gag! I could not believe what I was doing.Sucking his cock and balls was crazy,I was starting to stroke myself as well.He just lay there with his arms at his sides. Suddenly while was I sucking his balls and stroking his cock he got up and I was contused and felt like passing out,he pushed me over and pulled of my pants and grabbed my cock started sucking me off. While half sitting/lying I got hold of his cock again and kept jerking it. Before I knew we where on our sides and blowing each other.

I cant remember how long this went on,but he said in a low out of breath voice he was going to cum,I was not ready to get a cum shot in my mouth,I vaguely remember him laying on his back and me finishing him off,he came a huuuuge splurt of watery cum and I was glad I did not take the shot in my mouth.I could not help myself though,I was wanking myself while still stroking his sticky cum covered cock when licked the tip of his head and down his shaft and tasted some of his cum,it honestly was not so good as we were drinking the whole day! In future fun when were sober it was much better.I thought that was the end of it,but he pushed me over again and wanked me off until I exploded,there was cum everywhere as I also shot a big load but he catched it in his mouth and he kept sucking my just cummed cock. (I HAD DISCOVERED IN FUTURE PLAY TIME ALSO HE HAD A REAL TASTE FOR CUM).

Not a word was said,we passed out naked and the next morning got up and had shower together,not acknowledging what happened,but a comfort for being naked together passed between us. It was It was a while until we addressed what had happened and it turned out Rob was way more bi than I was. Going forward we actually worked our playing with each other into getting girls to agree to group sex....HA HA!