30 Jan 2019

I live in a garden cottage, which is great for pack up and go weekends. But this story is about my recovery after an operation.

I had been home for a day already and was feeling a bit better, when Im home alone I like to walk around naked. As it was during the week and no one was home I had the doors open and was laying on the couch. I must have fallen asleep as i woke up with a startle with a knock on the door. It was my land lord she had the day off and wanted to check in on me. I tried to cover up but had nothing on hand. She walked in and looked. A big smile on her face said it all. I sat there and just said sorry i wasn't expecting any visitors. She came and sat down beside me and we made small talk about the opp and other things. While she was sitting there her hand ended up on my leg which in turn made me hard. It didn't take long for her to have her hand warped around my very hard dick, she was doing a great job on it. I ran my hand up her leg and under he skirt to find a very very wet par of panties, I said why so wet and she replied she hasn't had sex in about 6 months and her hubby has erectile problems. Now that is just unhealthy. I slipped my finger inside her and she fell back on the coach. I slipped her panties off, got my head between her legs and made a meal of her. One thing i do like is a nice wet pussy to eat. Im not sure how many times she came but it was one of the best meals I've ever had :). Once she was laying on the coach exhausted I lifted her legs and slowly feed my cock inside her still very wet pussy. I started slow but was soon fucking her hard, fast and as deep as i could before filling her with my cum. We lay there for a while before she started playing with my cock again. When I was hard she sucked and licked me to full erection then she came and sat on my cock and fucked me again. Once we had both cum she had to go. I sure hope this will happen again.