31 Oct 2018

A little over a month ago I messaged a young lady on SH and a week later she replied to me (I will call her R). After a few messages we switched over to Whatsapp. She was somewhat inexperienced which makes it all the more fun for me. After a few days of chatting she got to the point that she wanted me to come visit. So we arranged what night I would pop round and being a gentleman I offered to bring pizza.

She took on a more submissive role as I showed my dominant side and then I set out the scene for our first play session. Her instructions were clear: be waiting naked on your bed, in the doggy position with bum and pussy facing the door. Why this setup you ask? Well I had told her about a previous young lady I had played with who was waiting for me naked in her bed the first time we met, and that I went from saying hello to the initial kiss to being inside her in the span of 60 seconds. Well this intrigued and excited R and she wanted to have our first meeting in this manner. So after I arrived at her complex, parked my car and put the pizza in the kitchen I walked into her room and found this raven haired beauty on all fours, bum in the air and her beautiful shaven pussy glistening with wetness. The whole day I had been sexting her so by this stage foreplay was over and done with and she wanted just one thing.

As I walked towards her I undid my belt and dropped my jeans. I quickly got rid of my socks and shoes before I gripped her hips and sunk my entire length deep into her. Her back arched and she rose up. I put my hand round her throat and growled “Hello” into her ear. She was beyond wet, her juices were running down my cock and onto my balls. Her warmth was almost overwhelming and her moans clouded my thoughts as much as the feeling of her pussy gripping my cock did. There is no sounds on earth greater than the sound of a woman moaning while her wet pussy is being pounded hard to the point that you can hear her wet this with every thrust.

I would like to say I did a marathon session and it lasted hours but alas I had not had sex in a few weeks and was needing released. I gripped her hair and pulled her head up as I pumped my thick seed deep into her hungry pussy. She let out a deep moan as she felt my cock pulse and my warm load fill her up. Once every drop had been pumped into her I pulled my cock out of her and laid down on the bed. She tried to cuddle up next to me and I turned to her and told her she needs to clean up. Like a good girl she understood and wasted no time in taking my now semi-hard cock into her mouth and cleaning it off with her tongue. She worked my cock clean and then came to cuddle.

We chatted for a bit but then I got hard again and decided it was time for round two. This time I wanted her to ride me. She required very little encouragement to straddle me and very soon she was riding me as hard as she could. I started to play with her nipples and pretty soon she had another orgasm. I realised that the best way to get her to orgasm was to play with her nipples and then tell her to cum for me. That last trick is something I have found effective in the past and in this case it was no different. While she was riding me I was telling her about all the dirty things I wanted to do to her, one of them being I wanted to fuck her virgin bum (she had mentioned her ex had tried but failed to claim that prize). I lost count after she had a dozen orgasms but by the time she climbed off me she was exhausted.

I left her breath for a moment before I turned to her and asked the simple question “do you want me to fuck you bum?” She looked at me and after thinking for a split second said “yes.” I got onto my knees and lifted her at her waist and turned her over. I pulled her bum up to me and got her into doggy. I grabbed the lube that I had brought with (always carry lube with you – never know when you might need it) and lube up her tight little hole and my finger. For the next 30 minutes I fingered her bum with my index finger, middle finger and my thumb. I made sure that by the time I was done her bum could handle my cock. I then lubed up my cock and slowly pushed it into her tight bum. When she would moan I would push it in deeper and when she said it hurt I’d stop and let her rest. Once I was fully in she needed time to physically come to terms with the cock in her bum but also let her mind wrap around the fact that there was a cock in her bum. After a few minutes I started to thrust in and out of her slowly. She was enjoying it with her moans getting louder with every thrust. I figured that since this was her first time that she would only be able to handle this slow anal fucking but after a while she said the four words that made me lose all control, “fuck my bum Daddy.” That set me loose and I gripped her hips and fucked her bum hard. The sounds she made were a mix of moans and cries of pain. I did stop and was promptly told “Don’t stop!” So I went back to fucking that beautiful bum. After a good 10min of fucking that little hole I came hard deep inside her. I pulled out and collapsed. She cuddled up next to me and I simply said “good girl.” This made her smile from ear to ear.

The next morning I woke up and her round bum was rubbing against my cock (or was my cock rubbing against it?). I instantly got hard and once I was ready for action and guided my cock between her legs and found her pussy. I rubbed my cock along her slit and she got wet enough for me to slip inside her. I was balls deep inside that perfect little pussy before she woke up and I knew she had woken up because her pussy felt like it was overflowing with warm juices. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her closer. I sunk my cock into her as deep as it would go and gave her the type of good morning fuck that every girl needs. After about 10 minutes I came deep inside her. I then got up and took a shower and had to leave due to previous commitments.