17 Nov 2015

We had a chalet unit..with two bedrooms, two bathrooms. Kitchen & lounge. 

I was in my room, in bed reading. She came over to my room. She had nothing but he's rugby t-shirt on. As I looked up, she kissed me deep. Then told me to come with her. She turned around & went back to their room. Rock hard I followed her. In their room, he was laying on he's back. With he's legs off the bed. She kissed me again, then whispered in my ear. I need you to suck my hubby's cock.

Then she went and sat on he's face. Facing me. Then she took he's cock in her hand while she was riding he's face, pointing it towards me. He was semi hard. I went down. Took him in my mouth & let him grow in my mouth.  She was very turned on by this. She looked at me with so much lust in her eyes. I kept sucking him. He was moaning, but she smothered him with her pussy. She then leaned forward and started sucking him with me.

Then she kissed me. This went on for a little bit. Then she got off him. She then asked him to turn around. He did and she started rimming him. He was moaning loud. He then lifted he's ass to give her better access. She was bent over with her ass towards me. Nudging me to fuck her. I did. She felt so fucking good. After a while he was moaning so loud as he came. By this time I was pumping her hard. He turned back around and just laid there. She then went to lay next to him.

Then kissed him full on he's mouth. She turned her ass towards me again. Nudging me to continue fucking her. I came to lay next to her. Then I fucked her again. We carried on like that until I exploded inside her. She turned around & smiled at me. I got up she took my hand & kissed me, then said thanks. I went back to my room & she went to their bathroom. 

Twas an awesome, un apologetic fuck. Just how I like it.