Written by georgeous

12 Nov 2013

As promised here is the follow up on my first dogging experience.

It was 5 and I was restless, is it time yet? No. I paced up and down wondering what was in store for me with the couple.

Finally 6 arrived and I went to their place. They weren't too far from me. I knocked on the door and he opened the door, leading me to the lounge and offered me a drink. He said that Jane(not her real name) was busy getting dressed. He looked very nervous and that made me feel even more uncomfortable. When she came into the lounge she looked even more amazing than what I saw earlier. She was wearing this loose dress with floral patterns. You could clearly see that she wasn't wearing anything under her dress. She came and sat next to me and Mike(also not his real name) brought her a drink. We chatted for a while and after about an hour she started to lean more next to me. Her hand moved on my leg and she started to feel my inner thigh. All the time Mike was sitting across from us and was just watching.

She moved closer and started kissing me. She really knew what she was doing. I could feel that she really liked to be in control and obeyed. Her hand moved over my by now hard cock and she looked at Mike and said that she made the right pick. Now I was really getting worried, what did she have in mind? I took her one breast in my hand and started fondling and playing with it. She undid my trousers and freed my hard on. She took it and started wanking me slowly. She looked at me and said if I had ever had a guy sucking me. I said yes and she told Mike to come sit closer to us. He did as he was told but didn't take off any of his clothes.

Mike was sitting on the ground and Jane took his head and forced it onto my cock. He started sucking me and fondling my balls. Jane stood up in front of me so that I could see her pussy. It was looking so smooth and pink, her lips thick and was long. She moved over my face and I started playing with her lips with my tongue. I moved her lips apart and could taste her woman juices. It made me even more hornier. I played with her clit and started sucking on it, she gave out a slight groan.

After about five minutes of all of this going on she told Mike to move back. She took my hand and told me to lie on my back on the floor. She came and sat full on my face burying her pussy on my mouth. It felt like I was suffocating under her but did not want to miss the enjoyment.she leaned over and started sucking on me. First only the head and then took it all in her mouth. She licked my balls and and was using my cock to slap her on her cheeck. I used my tongue to force it in her pussy and started to fuck her with my tongue. She was really enjoying it and I could feel her moving faster on my cock.

She stood up and moved over to my cock and sat on it she moved her body over my cock an I could feel how smooth she felt. Just that movement made want to cum. She lifted her up and guided my cock in her wet pussy. She moved my head over her clit and was flicking it over her clit. Jane was enjoying it and started to move over my cock. She let it slide slowly into her very wet pussy. Damn it felt so nice and warm deep inside her. She started riding me, leaning over she kissed me passionately. She told Mike to start doing what he usually does. I had no idea what that was. I could feel his hand playing with my balls as she was riding my cock. Then I felt his tongue at the base of my cock. It actually felt amazing. After a while he moved behind her and took her from behind. I could feel his cock moving against mine. She was really riding me now hard and fast. Mike started to moan as he started cumming in her. She started her moans again and I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock. I was getting close myself. She started cumming and I could feel her juices running down my balls and down my legs.

I came and it felt so mind blowing. She carried on riding my cock. After about two minutes she climbed off me. All her juices and mine were mixed and was on my belly over my cock and balls. She told Mike to carry on and he moved over me and started licking up all the spent juices over my body.

He got up and went to the bathroom. After he came back she took me to the shower where we both cleaned each other. Once dressed we walked back to where Mike was sitting. He had a smile on his face and asked Jane if she enjoyed it. She nodded and we had a few more drinks afterwards.

Later on I found out that they were also from Johannesburg. We never really met up again but it was quite an experience.