Written by sexy lady

06 Apr 2015

So we woke up normal time that morning well let me rephrase that I woke up with him holding me playing with my nipples we are spooning and I feel his cock hard pushing my ass. I lie there a few minutes not moving just feeling him close to me enjoying his touch and hardness

I stir so he realises I am awakeā€ˇ I move my arse so that his cock is able to get to my pussy. Without speaking he enters me filling me up. Its doesnt take long for me to cum and he knows me so well it's his signal to fill me up with his warm sticky cum. We lie there for a few moments still not spoken to each other just appreciating the warm body. I sneeze and then start laughing spell is broken we turn to each other to say good morning

Day goes much like every other saturday. A trip to shops with breakfast at a local bakery. A walk just to walk one of those there and back to see how far it is. Back home we unpack the food each with our own tasks moving around the kitchen almost like a dance barely touching but everynow and then just a glance at each other almost to say I love you and love this and I am happy to be doing this with you

We don't have any plans for the day or evening. So I get changed into my satin pj's as the weather is overcast and looks like rain. Slippers on I get my book and blanket and settle on couch. He puts on some music. Decides to light a fire as later it will be cool. He joins me on the couch with his iPad answering emails.

I feel a little peckish so get us some snacks. Nuts, cheese, bread, dips and olives. I pour us a glass of Merlot each. As we eating music playing we start chatting about a couple we have met and would like to take things further with. She is petit and nice great boobs he is medium built and seems interested.

As we chat he is telling me what I must do with her. I am getting very wet and horny I start squirming he looks at me I see the longing in his eyes. I lie back on the couch my legs over him. His hand move up my legs the feeling of his hands the satin against my skin is so amazing. He moves so his hand goes into the waistband down finding my pussy. He laughs as he realises how wet I am his fingers sliding in and out playing with my clit I can't bear it anymore I get up and start to take his belt off struggling in my haste it's off. I get his pants down fuck now underwear. How long must I wait. I climb onto him his cock rock hard pushing down on him moving slowly then faster trying to make this last. Eventually I can't control it and need to cum. He moves me so I am on my knees facing the back of couch enters me from behind and almost savagely pounds me deeper and deeper I cum and again and again he eventually cums. I feel it shooting inside me. I lie back down still feeling his juice slowly seeping out of me.

So I say what should we have for supper