Written by Laura

09 May 2018

The rain pelted down. I stood with my palms on the window pane, watching each drop race and melt into each other. Where was he, I wondered. He knew this was my kind'a weather. Just then i heard my office door lock. I felt a stir deep inside me. I smelt his Hugo Boss cologne even before I saw him. His arms wrapped around my body from behind and I felt the rock hard erection pressing up against me. I spun around and gave him the look. My smouldering dark come fuck me eyes taunted his depthless blue eyes. Our kiss was soft and wet, i teased him with my tongue ring, running a perfect line along his soft lips and then gently biting the corner of his mouth. He sighed. I loved the effect i had on this man. I sank to my knees and freed his huge cock from his pants. Its was slippery wet with precum, just the way i liked it. I flicked my tongue all around his voluptuous lollipop head. Then ran the tip all the way down his humungous shaft. All the way down then all the way up. Eventually covering it with my warm wet mouth. Sucking and licking. Up and down. He was helpless. He leaned back against my desk and gave me free reign. I couldnt wait any longer, my pussy was hot and wet in anticipation of what was to cum. We got out of our clothes and i postioned myself on my desk. Sitting on the edge, naked, legs spread wide open, and leaning back on my arms. He took in the view. My nipples erect and my wet pussy eagerly awaiting him. He covered my hard nipple with his mouth and i gasped. Sliding one of my own fingers inside my slippery wet pussy while he worked my breasts. It felt so good in there. Wet and hot and soft folds of skin. So sensitive. My finger felt great working its way slowly in then all the

way out. I was desperate for his cock. I needed it now. The impatience made me wriggle about on my desk. Fuck me baby, I whispered. I didnt have to ask twice. He rubbed his huge lollipop up against my clit. Slippery wet precum oozed over my clit. I threw my head back and closed my eyes. I felt his cock penetrate my pussy, slowly. Opening up the soft wet folds of flesh as it filled me up completely. I arched my back, so as to take in this huge cock completely. I moved my hips and pressed down onto it. Just to ensure that i wasnt being deprived of a single inch. He started to fuck me. Slowly, giving me time to adapt to the size of his organ. My juices were flowing and my pussy felt so hot and wet. I raised my knees and he started to pump into me. Thrusting deep and hard. His hands on my hips. I moaned. My mind, body and soul focused on just one thing... this huge rock hard cock that was rocking my world. My orgasm started to build. He knew it. He knew that look in my eyes. Fuck me deep and hard baby. Take every inch of my pussy. Own it... i whispered. It drove him insane. He rammed into me like an animal. I held on to the sides on my desk. He was standing in front of me. My legs were wrapped around him. I was so close. I heard the thunder roar outside. And i came... in torrents of ecstastic waves of pleasure. My body jerked violently as i held onto him... my pussy so sensitive, oozing love juice. I buried my face in his chest to drown out the screams while he ran his hands gently over my naked body as i rode out my orgasm. His rock hard cock buried deep inside me still.

I got off my desk and turned around. Standing up leaning forward on my desk so he could enter me doggy style. This first thrust took my by surprise and i gasped... he started fucking me. I could tell he is close. There was an urgency in the way he was breathing. His touch felt rougher than before. His hands were on my shoulders, almost pulling back to meet

Every thrust as he rammed into me. I slid a finger into my mouth then used it to circle my clit while he fucked me. His fucking got faster, deeper, harder. Until i felt him explode deep inside my pussy. Loads and loads of hot jizz shot inside me. He closed his eyes and groaned. Almost forgetting we were in my office. The feel of cum filling me up brought on another orgasm and i came in little rivlets of pleasure. Just like the those little rain droplets running down my window...