27 Dec 2015

We are young, energetic and wild about new adventures. We meet up after work and meet at my friends cocktail lounge. Its empty and quiet

. We order a few delectible cocktails to set the mood as we watch the sun set over the cold corporate jungle. We are looking for escape. Work has been rough. She is wearing a sexy, black pencil skirt. A gorgeous girl, green eyes that engulf me and turns my world upside down. As she walks through the club everyones heads turn, even the girls. She sits back on the bar stool, prevocatively, with a coy and sassy look on her face. She engulfs me in her child like genuine giggles, I feel so lcuky to have found her. As the coctails set in we gradully engage in simple, yet delictibly erotic eye contact that makes my temperature spike. Our body language engaging and obvious. The weather takes an exciting turn as we reach a tipsy and flirty demeanor. "Check please!", I want her so bad... My body yearning. We pace to the parking lot to seek shelter and I grab her hand, she gives me a knowing look just before we launch into a passionate embrace.. In the parking lot, the rain is pouring and this only fuels the already hot and passionate desire for one another. Our kiss ignites and I pick her up and pin her against the wall. Rain drops drip on her gorgeous face, wetting her entitr body, the spontaneous and memorarable lustful esacape within each other. I pull her drenched skirt up around her hips and swing her round, I thrust my cock into her tight,warm, drenched pussy we fuck hard and quick. The fear of discovery fueling our fanaticism our ardorous fervour is fueling our lust. Her loud moans may attract attention but it brings about more excitment and hunger. I push harder and faster.. I begin to shake from adrenaline and the anticipation of our climax. I love her and would pause this moment if i had the power, I explode and so does she into a frenzy of euphoria. Her legs give way and I catch her just as she starts to crumble.. I carry her back to the car, warming and willing my uninhibited desire and love for her...