27 Mar 2017

We always read peoples profiles and respect there preference, same goes for wen we message a couple and get no reply that they not interested.

What we do find strange is how some profile that do say "do not cross racial barrier" that the males will contact us and ask if we not interested in a mfm as the wife's will not join or accept his preference but his always fantasize about being with a coloured woman.

On that same note we chatted to a female from a couples profile we're she says she has no issue with colour but the husband won't accept it.

With all due respect we are all as humans allowed to choose and have our own preference but then you are cheating behind your partner or wife's ,husband back without them knowing. And in many cases mutual attraction over ways race/colour with the right people.

Single guys!

Have you ask yourselves why you single?

Most of the men on this site think this is a place to get laid but its not the reason you are treated the way you are and bad mouthed is because of your approach, I'm mean seriously why would anyone invite you to join them wen you guys come across the way you do I'm not say all of you but minority.

We are pretty sure that alot will take offence to what has just been said in the above.