29 May 2016

This has to be one of my most memorable experiences ever. It happened about two years ago but I was just reminded of it. So this was a couple that I have been with a few times L(her)and A(him)I got a call from A late afternoon asking me if I wanna get together. As much as I wanted to I said I could not as I have a wedding to go to and I have to Make a speach. . I told them maybe afterwards. The wedding and reception was at the same venue. . Everything took forever and I decided to give a a call to say that I'm not gonna make it. He told me that L was so excited to see me. And I thought about and said to him I can probably sneak away for a bit. At this point I still didn't give my speech. The venue was not far from them probably about 10min drive. He agreed and said he will surprise her, but I must keep in mind that their teenage daughter is still awake. Arriving there he asked me to pull my car to the side of the house cause she doesn't know I'm there. He went to get her,blindfold her and led her to their garage and into their car with the blindfold still on. He was making sure his daughter was not walking in on us. I got in the car with her started touching her clean pussy and fingering her.This all still with her blindfold on. I took my jacket off and pants down and started fucking her doggy style, by this time she knew it was me, she said she knew already while I was fingering her, because she knows my touch. So the blindfold came off, while I took her doggy style she was close to coming and I also know she likes to grab onto you when she comes. So I turned her around in the back of the car, not very comfortable, I must say. And I went it. We fucked for another couple of minutes until she came. And she grabbed me so tight I could hardly move. I got up and she said what you doing you can't just leave without coming and turn around again so I can take her doggy style. (My favorite). Man I went at keeping in mind that I still have to give a speech at this wedding so I fucked her faster and faster. A few minutes in I knew I was close to coming and she told me to stand still and she will move. And a few minutes later, my whole body's was shaking as I came. I was literally weak at the knees, that's how good it felt.I got up, got dressed she thanked me for the surprise and off I went to the wedding . I was away for about 45 minutes. And I barely made it for my speech. They asked me where i was as I was meant to do my speech earlier and told them make tummy was upset. ?. As you can imagine I did my speech with the biggest smile on my face and the smell of Sex with L still lingering with me. To think this with A and L started with a simple chat in the chat room and I have seen L and A probably 8 times. Not just for good old sex but watching rugby together as well! But more sex than rugby!! L and A see you soon!