05 Sep 2016

Based on a true story. Names have been changed for identity purposes.

Justin and Tanya had been speaking for a couple of months but had still not managed to meet each other in person. Both of them were in relationships and Tanya also had young children which made finding time difficult.

Tanya lived off the main road and leading up to the complex she lived in there was a dirt road with bushland along the side. It made for a discreet parking spot for Tanya and tonight he sat in his car waiting once again. A week earlier he’d done the same thing but Tanya had not been able to get out of the house, tonight was beginning to look the same way as he’d been sitting for about 45 minutes.

Having not actually seen one another, only spoken over the phone, Justin wasn’t completely sure who he was looking for and obviously nor was Tanya. Just as he thought it was going to be another no-show Justin saw a shadow walking out of the complex and towards the car. His initial excitement was tempered a little when he saw that the girl, who he was sure was Tanya, had her young daughter in her arms. The girl was only about 10 months old but Justin figured that was the end of any playtime tonight.

Tanya smiled as she opened the back door which was unlocked and as she said hello she placed the youngster on the back seat fast asleep. Justin smiled as he finally saw Tanya, she was just as cute as he’d imagined. Tanya got into the passenger seat and wound the window down before lighting up a cigarette. Justin had confided in her that he found a girl smoking to be really sexy and she enjoyed knowing that.

About half way through the cigarette and with a little small talk out of the way Tanya surprised Justin as she reached over with her spare hand and grabbed his cock through his jeans. “Mmm yummy” she cheekily whispered as she felt how hard Justin was…she enjoyed knowing he actually did like watching her smoke.

Even more surprising to Justin was when Tanya had finished the cigarette and she leant over into his lap and removed his cock from his jeans. Justin moaned as he felt the girls lips wrap around his cock and begin sucking gently. The surprise turn of events and the naughtiness of them not being alone in the car had Justin extremely hard and excited. As if she could sense it Tanya stopped sucking after just a short time and was soon removing her own pants.

Tanya climbed across onto Justin’s lap and was soon sliding her tight cunt down over his throbbing cock. She’d mentioned how tight she was and Justin could certainly feel it. “Mmm fuck yes, mmm so good” she whispered in his ear. “I knew it would be a perfect fit” she moaned as she rode his cock in the front seat of the car by the side of the road and no more than 100 metres away from the house where her boyfriend slept.

Justin knew it wouldn’t be long before he was cumming. He’d been so worked up waiting for tonight and the unexpected turn of not being alone but still playing had him about to go over the edge. Luckily enough it seemed to be having the same effect on Tanya and she soon leant back as her body shook and she had her own orgasm.

Feeling the already tight cunt clenching around his cock as the orgasm continued was too much for Justin and he was soon groaning himself and shooting his load into Tanya’s tight cunt. “Fill me, fucking fill my little cunt” she whispered in his ear as he shot the last of his load. She stayed sitting on him briefly feeling the last of his throbs and enjoying the last drops of cum. She could also feel her own juices flowing onto his cock which she was enjoying also.

Tanya climbed back into the passenger seat and once again enjoyed a cigarette. She sat there pantless and toyed with her cunt whilst doing so making sure to give Justin a nice view of it at the same time. At one point she ran her finger along her cunt lips coating it in her own juices and his cum as well. She offered it to Justin and he greedily licked and sucked it clean. “Mmm yummy” he moaned and she just smiled before kissing him deeply.

Almost as soon as she’d arrived though, it was now time to go. Tanya pulled her pants back up and leant over and kissed Justin on the cheek. “I better get back before they realise I’m gone” she said as she hopped out of the car and picked the little one up off the back seat. She was still sound asleep, no idea just how naughty her mummy had just been.

Justin watched as Tanya walked back into the shadows as he felt his own cock covered in her juices making a mess of his jeans. He looked down into the passenger side of the car and saw Tanya had left him a little present. Her panties lay there on the floor. Leaning down he picked them up, gave them a quick sniff and even a lick. He could definitely smell and taste her on them. “Such a dirty fucker I am” he said to himself.

Driving home Justin could feel his cock begging for release. As he pulled into the driveway he decided to get himself off once more before heading inside. He got all the help he needed when he received a text from Tanya saying “just fucked myself again lying next to boyfriend, your cum still inside me”… “Dirty bitch!!!” was all he replied before cumming in her panties whilst sitting in his own driveway.