15 Apr 2017

Although we had already spent nearly an hour dogging at the local dam i was hornier than when we started. I asked him to take me home and fuck me. I followed his car my excitement mounting faster than i was driving.

We pulled into his driveway i watched him walk into his place then followed. He greeted me at the door stark naked and promptly stripped me, dropping my clothes in a pile on the floor. He pushed me into his bedroom and pushed me backwards onto his bed. He spread my legs , his head dipped between my legs, i felt his tongue start to flick my clit. I almost purred. Spurred on he proceeded to suck my clit deeply . Pulling it up into his mouth. I moaned in delight . It was pure heaven his tongue moved faster he used his teeth gently biting , in the midst of my orgasm he slipped 2 fingers inside , i moaned loudly there was no stopping my orgasm s one after the other. I thought i had finished but he lifted my legs high and climbed on the bed and thrust his hard cock into me , moving deeper and faster i orgasmed again squirting all over him . This spurred him to move faster and he pushed my legs down towards my shoulders giving him deeper access . I begged him to stop the orgasms were so intense i feared i would pass out. He withdrew and turned me over , patting my bum he slide in from behind, our rhythm matched i pushed back against him as he thrust into me within minutes we were jointly orgasming, it was so intense i could feel his knees shaking. I fell forward on the bed and he snuggled up next to me. I leant down and gently sucked his softening cock. It responded quickly to my mouth . Each suck and tugged making it harder. I climbed atop of him and slowly slid him into me. We moved slowly into each other , kissing deeply , lust gone replaced with longing to be one with each other. I rode him up and down slowly till i felt him tense up then allowed myself to cum with him ... a long very slow intense orgasm