Written by chg1966

21 Jan 2015

Came from work, decided to eat something quickly at a well known place in Hartebeespoort. A couple walked in and sat at the table next to me, highlights of the cricket match on the tv (this was when AB smashed 6`s all over the park). I started talking to the husband who also enjoys cricket, and as we talk we ordered a few drinks, the next moment the wife said to her husband, look at all the people sitting here - they all just looking at this cricket game. I bet you if I take my top off and walk past the tv, no one will even see me. And I was so surprised when the husband turned around and said to his wife (married for 16yrs) I will noticed you for sure - you are the most beautiful woman ever, and I thought to myself, this is brilliant after 16yrs. He turned to me and asked me, will I look if she walked topless past the tv. My answer was, yes I believe that I will notice your wife. He smiled and we continued with our normal chats. I went to the toilet and came back and they had moved over to my table. My thoughts was, what a nice couple, they had class, also just your normal couple. They asked me how do I find living in Harties, said every weekend this place always busy. The husband out off the blue asked me - would I mind to have fun with them? I said as long as your wife is happy and you are happy - yes I will. They were absolutely so professional about this. We went to my place, I started up the Jacuzzi and we had a drink, she then started touching us both, we got out into the spare room and we had a absolute great night - this woman could go on for ever. After a while me and the hubby gave up and surrendered, she looked at us and say, could we do this again in the future? We both agreed. They came to visit me again and we had a day of great fun on the boat and they brought friends with, what a day. The moral off this story is, he always treated her like a queen and made sure she is happy with everything we do - and I realised how stupid people could be that is not in the lifestyle that always trying to say, if couples are swingers they have no respect left. This is bullshit - keep it up, and hope to see you and many friends visiting me again - only you will know who I'm talking about.