Written by Islandgirl

21 Dec 2015

This happened last year at Umhlanga's nude beach. My wife and I was lying but naked at the edge of the beach right next to the lagoon. My wife is what you would call a super hot MILF, golden brown tanned skin, full round breast with perky nipples a flat stomach down to slender shapely legs and a neatly trimmed pussy in the shape of a V. This was confirmed and highlighted by all the attention she was getting from guys around us. I jokingly told her that she would even be able to get the gay guys there, straight and rock hard for her wet pusssy!

Well there was this older guy, in his mid fifties perhaps, that kept on walking past us on his way to the lagoon and back, taking in the super delights of pleasure that my wife's hot toned body was advertising whilst she was lying on her back with legs slightly parted and her clit swollen like a miniature cock .

At one stage I sat up and unexpectedly caught him stroking a fat and fair sized cock in the shallow lagoon whilst he had a clear view of my wife's swollen pussy!

It was around 15:30 and the beach was fairly empty by then, just us this guy in the shallow lagoon and another couple further up the beach, half concealed by a dune. We were lying behind a beach shade tent so we were also concealed to them and other people on the ocean's side but totally exposed to the guy in front.

I then got this kinky idea and started to put it into action. I took some suntan oil and stated to rub some onto my MILF's stomach and legs all the while opening them a little more and more for our voyeur without her knowing with her eyes still closed. My touch then moved up to her swollen pussy lips with my fingers flirting with her clit more and more. My cock was rock hard and huge ready to explode knowing that we are being watched.

It did not take longer than two minutes for her to start rubbing her tits and to pinch her nipples and for her pussy juices to flow like a river in flood! I knew he was looking and stroking that fat cock of his and I also knew that my wife was very close to a massive orgasm, so i thought - fuck it!! and I mounted her and easily glided my rock hard cock into her super wet pussy.

After two or three deep thrusts I told her that we have a voyeur watching us in the lagoon busy stroking a fat monster cock! She the immediately looked over my shoulder and I knew that she was seeing his fat cock in his right hand gliding over his purple head back and fourth whilst his big hairless pink hanging balls was swaying around under that fat veined shaft.

She then told me to put my legs on the outside of hers and I moved my upper body upwards so that my shaft was grinding against her huge swollen clit. I knew at that stage that he must have an awesome view as she kept on opening her legs further and further for him, showing him how my cock was sliding in and out of her glistening wet slit! I asked her if she liked his big fat cock and she said yes and that she would love to feel it in her small hands. Then she got really vocal, shouting that I must fuck her and fuck her tight wet pussy hard! I knew she was close to the point of no return so i told her to call our voyeur closer and without thinking it over she gestured to him to come closer. In less than 10 seconds he was on his knees next to her head and her hands was all over his fat cock. And then it went into her wanting mouth and tightly down her throat!

I was close to coming and she as well and knew that she was now my little slut slave MILF to control and to make my wildest fantasy come true! I pulled my cock out of her went pussy and told our voyeur that he must rub his cock head all over her wet clit but that he is not allowed to penetrate her now soaking wet and dripping pussy! In less than a second he was kneeling between her legs, fat cock in his hand and rubbing his cock head all over my wife's clit. She was now sucking my stiff cock whist I watched a total stranger rubbing his fat cock against my little porn star's pussy and clit!

I knew that she was going to come and was watching him increase the tempo of his cock rubbing on her clit! then she climaxed and squirted his cock and stomach full of her come. I looked him in the eyes and told him "Fuck her!! Fuck her hard and deep!" Without an hesitation he plunged balls deep into her pussy whilst the cars and trucks were crossing the lagoon bridge not more than 500 meters from where my wife was stuffed with a cock in her mouth and pussy!!

He lasted quite well and fucked her for about ten minutes when he said that he was about to come! I could see that my little slut MILF's brains was being fucked out of her skull so I told him to fill her up! And he did!! When he pulled out of her a thick stream of white sticky cum was drooling out of her red fucked pussy! I told him to put his cock in mouth again and got between her legs and guided my big cock with no effort at all into her warm fuckhole as she was sucking her pussy juices of his cock!I looked down and saw that my shaft and balls was covered in a white layer of come. I lasted about two minutes before I pumped her over her limit of come storage and when I pulled out I could not see her pussy lips as it was entirely covered in white sticky come!

The guy got up thanked us and walked to his stuff and left the beach. We were still hot for each other so we washed in the lagoon but it did not take long for me to push my cock down her tight ass while she stood on her knees and elbows for the whole beach to see!

We will be at Umlanga lagoon early next year again and we are planning on fulfilling her gang bang creampie fantasy this time!!