Written by Harry_Lorraine

07 Mar 2015

Howdy there, folks. Finally we bring to our readers what we promised in our first story. And yip, we do bring another serious and real dogging experience. As we said, we will share all our dogging fun.

Take note due to safety reasons we will not use real names here. The only real names will be ours. As you all know, we are Harry and Lorraine.

Well, we are not offering long stories now, due to us being new to story time tales, lol! But enjoy this....

It was a late Monday in Morningside, KZN. We decided we needed a drink right after 8pm. So we gave up work, and headed to the famous pub. Let's call it Doggers! Okay, Doggers can take up to 300 people before it is full. And small pubs are seen active with just 15 people. Wife had her short yellow skirt on and a black top which shows a lot of cleavage. She's a busty doll, to some people we know. We got to Doggers and we sat down at their outside tables, which are in the smoking area. There were probably 15 males around us drinking, chatting, smoking and so on. We sat in a quiet corner. We tried out their promotion. Not nice. Windhoek light. But okay, it's a slower drink, lol.

Lorraine sat next to me. But okay, if you hang in my ear I can get into a naughty mood. Any way, I was holding my drink in my right hand, and just holding my wife's leg under table with my left hand. But due to the "ear" story my hands got to do the "rubbing leg" story. But no, it just couldn't stay there. The two guys nearby, two tables away, could see us especially under the table. Her legs were kind of open, but her skirt was folded down between her legs, so nothing was on display. My fingers did find a spot to pass that part, lol. So her right leg ended up by my left knee under the table. We didn't notice the two men were watching us. As I lifted her skirt up to get my view, so did the two men. Any way, I did find myself rubbing warm pussy over her panty. Till my wife had it. So I took the next step.

One step too far!! I pulled her panty aside. Her clean shaven pussy smiled at those two guys, and we didn't know it. Not yet! My thumb and middle fingers got her lips apart, and the index finger did some clitoral stimulation. So her full pussy was open to view. This went on for a half an hour. Lucky two guys, lol!! Then, like with a bush fire, if you don't stop it, it gets out of control, right? And so did we. Coz I changed my work now to enter. I opened her legs more, and my pinky and index finger face down and my middle and next to middle entered the warm hole. I bent the two penetrating fingers upwards to get to the g-spot. Naughty me, using the up and downwards movements. Wrong idea.

Within seconds I felt her insides pushing my fingers out. She made a sound, and she squirted. We couldn't stop! After a few times we noticed the two men enjoying what they were seeing. They didn't talk, so we don't stop. Lorraine squirted like 25 times under the table, and she was swollen like hell. When we left it looked like we had spilled a draft beer under that table. The two men smiled at us and said bye to us, and a waiter who had seen it all through the window greeted and said thank you for the support and hope you visit again soon. He looked at Lorraine and smiled, so we knew he too had seen.