Written by bornready4fun

08 Apr 2013

Attending 3 parties per month including us hosting, one tends to look at the scene differently and more objectively. Being addicted to this lifestyle and meeting a lot of fabulous people and making tons of very dear friends, over the past few months we have discovered that even old swingers tends to forget about the basics.

I’m feeling like a teacher and this is def not intended to offend anyone or scare any new aspirant swingers in the lifestyle so please people try to read this in the way that I intended it to be more of a guideline and refresher to all.

Arriving at burgers house in Kempton there’s already a few cars in the driveway. So we get our stuff and head inside. Meeting new people is always a bit scary and this was no difference. Remember its better to be properly introduced as today when I think about last night I don’t know any of the new peoples name except one that was introduced to me. Needless to say those who weren’t introduced to me never talked to us and also didn’t become playmates.

Being at your first party ever is very nerve wracking for anybody, so on tends to drink too much to calm the nerves, so while you think your very funny actually you are irritating to the others, so please remember a drunk man cant play actively and most women doesn’t enjoy to even try to have sex with someone like that.

Starting the evening while everyone chats to one another a massage is a great way of getting the people to relax and starts participating. Here I would like to say remember to involve the other people while say a man lies on the table get a few girls to participate with the massaging. This is a great ice breaker and def makes everybody relaxed and horny and makes you look for possible play mates. Also serves as an introduction, allowing people to talk and get to know a bit more about the person and later play.

One thing I have experienced a lot of times is because its said the women’s rules applies always a lot of the men new in the thing think the women must approach them. I have talked to about 100 women about what they want and how and with the exception of one all have agreed that the man should still be the hunter ……. Luckily the prey is already in front of you so men you don’t need to hunt but make an effort to show your face to the woman you intend on playing with. I would never play with a man that doesn’t make the effort to talk to me, and initialize the sexual act.

If you don’t like someone make it clear without being rude. Remember we are all consenting adults in this game so a simply no thanks I'm not interested should be enough and if someone’s says no never make them look bad cause at the end of the night you will be the one that everyone would not want to see again.

People when you make love to your partner will you ever just jump the foreplay and go straight to sex? …………….. NO, you wouldn’t or maybe you won’t get anything again for a long time. Being swingers does not change this rule don’t ever expect a women to be instantly horny and wet when you have just talked to her. Make sure you know what this person like and dislike – and foreplay is not a 5 minute muff or bj. Really guys and girls you won’t ever do that to your partner why do so many people think on a party it’s different. Remember first impressions last a lifetime so make sure the sex is great as this is the only factor that will decide if you see this person ever again.

After you have had sex with a person don’t just get up and leave remember after play bring her down the same way you would have liked to feel after sex. Because we are working with a person’s most intimate side it’s very important to never let your partner feel cheap and dirty.

If you have been invited to a party and accepted make the effort to show up because your host went through a whole effort for you to attend. If you need to cancel does it in advance because hosting a party is about numbers to make sure everyone gets what they came for.

Always keep it safe so use condoms normally it’s provided by the host. The risks in this game are enormous and yes I hate the feel of condoms too but really rather safe than sorry.

Small word of advice to the ladies too if we are playing in the same room be very careful to what you say and when, on a few occasions it has happened that I’m close to orgasm and then one makes a silly remark and then everything goes numb and leaves me frustrated. When someone is busy be very careful not to talk to loud or laugh or anything because it breaks the moment.

Specify what kind of party your hosting cause a gay friendly party isn’t what most women would like to see or participate with. Sorry guys but for me there is absolutely nothing arousing in seeing one man fuck another. I never judge but this is one thing that really breaks my mood totally and I’m sure and know a lot of woman who doesn’t like seeing it. We all understand different strokes for different folks. Be respectful and know your limits and keep with them.

I feel very strongly about this as this is the one thing that would make me stop attending burgers parties and its nothing against him cause I know has bi and still loves him to bits but in the past those kind of endeavours was always kept behind close doors and now all of a sudden its right in your face.

I really hope I have cleared a few questions about private parties especially for newcomers and even for the old swingers a little reminder.


While all the men got the privilege of getting massaged by Ronel you could see how the guys started warming up and getting quite horny and ready for action. Her husband approached me and Dee and we started chatting and playfully fondling one another. After a few minutes we decided to try out the matras for some play action. He went down on me starting to muff me and in a few minutes I could feel I’m getting wet and horny. Pity that was when he stopped and started fucking me which was really amazing cause his not as big as Dee but he really knows how to move and he told me he loves a woman squirting …………….. Being one of my expertises it didn’t take long for me to start spraying his cock in me. Dee joined us and I started sucking on his cock making him slowly hard…………………… I love this sooooooooooooooo much. After a few minutes Johan burst into a big orgasm gushes his cumm inside me. While I was still on a high he stood up and walked away. Suddenly I felt so cheap and dirty and even Dee was heavy disturbed by this. So he brought me down with a nice long lingering kiss. Later on when I was calmed down I did tell him that I don’t like to be left in the air.

Being overheated I went to take a splash in the swimming pool to cool off and yes not many people can believe this but its just the only way that I can cool down quickly and feel clean again.

The drunken youngster was sitting at the bar commenting on everybody and while Dee was busy preparing our drinks they started talking about me and he asked Dee if it will be ok if he pleases me. Off course Dee didn’t hesitate but also told him that I love being muffed and even Gerald told him to take note. Being a youngster he didn’t listen and when he calmed to me and asked me if we could play, we moved to the matras again and fuck how did this guy heat me up>>>>>>>>>>>>> putting his cock straight into me and starts ramming…………. Dduuuhh what’s the idea of foreplay so off course I was turning cold when he started to go limp. Feeling like I should try and safe the day I said ok I will give you a bj to get it back up…………… what a joke here this guy lays back and he doesn’t move twitch or moan so after a few minutes I just decided its not worth it and told him in no uncertain words what I think of a mannequin getting a bj. Of course everybody burst out in laughter and he wasn’t very popular from there on. Really guys the same way you like a woman to react when you attend to her exactly the same way our woman does. It makes me sooooooooooooooo horny when I can see, feel or hear a man reacting while I’m giving him a bj.

After a while Hennie and Dee decided its now their turn to attend to my needs and off course they always do this so great that within no time I’m having the one after the other mind-blowing orgasm. Being fucked bye my two most favourite lovers always does it for me without any exception. I just love the way they do everything and is always in synchronisation without saying a word.

Well deserved break is needed after this and we decided to have another drink. Ronel turns to Dee and says she didn’t forget that she hasn’t massaged his front so without hesitation he jumps on the massage table and now I’m in the lucky spot that I can see how my man is getting turned on by this sexy woman. Seeing his cock grow is always an amazing sight and it makes me super horny while Johan decided to try again. So I didn’t get the privilege to watch my man because we were back on the matras

This time he really did go out of his way to pleasure me and one of the most amazing things for me was that he had total control over my body every time he said I want the squirt now it happened and he lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvved drink me out. This was an amazing session and I squirted for about 9 times this was really amazing and I was soooooo horny. I really enjoyed this man a lot and in a distance I could hear his wife enjoying my man just as much so for the first time me and Dee was actually on one couple at the same time and yes for us it’s a big thing cause only doing the party scene and never meeting one on one couples this was a thing that we could really develop in the future. Remember people that are the beauty of party scene one doesn’t have to connect with one couple everyone can connect with whom he or she wants too.

When meeting a couple one on one that’s always the problem either the one men and women connect and not the other one and if you’re a couple that only plays together this can become a big obstacle so that’s why we enjoy the party scene so much.

Just past twelve it was time to pack up and leave so me and Dee decided to drive back in the nude and haelje decided this time has joining we laughed and chatted all way home and when we arrived to all first take a quick bath and then they really went out of their way to make sure that I got totally satisfied. While I bj Dee and he played with my boobs haelje was busy eating my pussy and needless to say by this time I was so horny that the orgasms just continually broke over me and we played and fucked till the wee hours of the morning. Totally spend we drift off in a deep sleep at five and definitely an evening well spent.

Thanks for reading and please remember comments is the only way I can know if you agree or disagree, enjoyed or disliked so please keep on posting them.