30 Jan 2017

So here is my story. I am not good with writing stories but lets give it a try.

So I met our new business partner after I returned from leave and boy oh boy the sparks started flying immediately. Soon after meeting we had to travel out of Province to attend a few meetings.

Summer was not doing me any favours as this slim bodied woman with the most beautiful legs, wearing short summer dresses had to accompany me almost everywhere. The person I am, I remarked very subtle and professional.

After all the engagements was done on the first day we returned to our place of accommodation to kick the shoes out, put the feet up and just recap on a successful day of negotiations. As the darkness of night start to creep up on us the conversation also changed from work to erotic and so it was for the next 3 days.

The lust over the 3 days was unbearable but we had to consider our new formed professional relationship or at least that is what I was thinking.

With everything wrapped up on the last day and all deals signed we went on the search for accommodation to commence with this new venture in the next few weeks. The last lodge we went to the owner asked us why don't we share a room or one of the self catering units. She answered him with a soft giggle. So we wrapped up the accommodation and hit the road.

On our way back, for the whole 4 hour drive, sex dominated the conversations. We startet touching each other unintentionally (intentionally I would say) while talking. She also made a comment that if a woman wants to fuck a guy she will make a plan to fuck him. I dimissed that by saying women only say and they will flirt but will fall in with our plans. The conversation got very personal when I asked her when the last time was she had sex. I can't remember what she said, I was just sitting there thinking wtf dude.

So we finally arrived at her place at 02h00 in the morning after being delayed by a few pit stops and a burst tyre. She offered that I could sleep over till we go back next week so I won't have to go bother my colleague or book in somewhere. I immediately accepted without hesitation, remembering her words from earlier.

So we unpacked our luggage she showed me my room and she hoped into the shower. When I was done in the shower she was already fast asleep after a long trip and hectic week. The next morning I got up and jumped into the shower. I wandered around with only my towel around my waist. She got up and also went into the shower. When she was done she came into my room with just a towel around her waist and I could feel how my dick is lifting the towel as I was overcome by lust and images of me eating her pussy. I was in two minds and decided not to act.

We spent the whole day together and her kids arrived later the evening. The lust between us is unbearable but I know she won't act on it. I am confused and from tomorrow we will be alone again for the next 3-4 months. Do I act on the lust and break the tension or do I keep it professional?

To be continued...........