24 Aug 2017

Recently Whatsapped to some new friends of ours.... :-)


So – I have a confession.

Last night, while we were very tired, T and I nevertheless made love. We were lying in our four-poster...we kissed, she reached over and fondled my cock, I put my hand between her legs, and the kissing became more passionate.

The proverbial natural course of things led to her riding me. I laid her down and worshiped her body, kissed my way down her contours, over her nipples, kissed her tummy, her waist and thighs, nibbled her toes (T has incredibly cute feet) and between her legs, where I lovingly, languorously, lapped her.

She nearly climaxed.

She halted me and said she wanted me inside her – but first she straddled me so we could simultaneously pleasure one another, with our tongues, hands and lips…

Once we had spent some time in what I think was a pretty sexy 69, T turned around and ground herself on me, and then lay prostrate along the length of my body and kissed me as I held her hips and pushed into her...and when she was ready, she signaled me, I upped my movement slightly, got my mind right and we came simultaneously...quivering.

All this is just a long way to confess that, as we were doing what we did, I was imagining the two of you being there. Whether doing similar things next to us, or just watching us. T’s words to me were also: “I bet we look pretty good from behind right now…”

Yours in anticipation, without pride or prejudice...