Written by brownsugarnc

29 Jul 2018

Well its 22:45 now and weve just arived from pretoria Hubby and I visited an old friend of his which is really sexy by the way On Friday night I was busy with my hair in their bathroom to get ready for the night and i over heard him telling his neighbour how he alwys fancied me and that hed sometimes try to catch a glimpse of my breasts

Later that night they drank beers and i knew they would be using the bathroom alot and the only had one bathroom So again I pretented to be busy in the bathroom and he came knocking asking if i was going to be busy for long,because he had to pee.I joked that he could go It is not something i havnt seen before.To my surprise (plan) he took his cock out right in front of me to pee I saw his cock it was hard like a rock and I ran to the door and locked it. I was scared his wife could walk by and see what happened.He couldnt pee because he was hard. He said see what you did.I said what did i do He said: You made me hard now im struggling I told him how can it be my fault He said you made me hard ,now I have to walk around with a hardon. I said Im sorry and that I will make it up to him by buying him something As I walked to the door to leave,he grabbed me from behind and pushed me against the door He pulled my skirt up and my panty to the side He slid his cock in my now very wet pussy and said:This is all that I want.I tried to play hard to get but his cock felt fcking good He fucked me as quick as a rabbit ,but it was one orgasm I will never forget