Written by redbruce

13 Jun 2016

I was busy working on the SH site, deleting old dogging posts. My phone was on charge behind me. While I was working I heard a whatsapp message come through, but assumed it was yet another from the rather busy local CPF chat-group as usual, and ignored it.

Around 1:00 pm I decided to stop deleting old posts and check if there were any fresh posts waiting for approval. And there was one! From a couple (twanete_jacobs – who have said they were keen for me to say who they are!) that I had met for drinks and a chat some time back, but had never had the privilege of dogging with. Their post was short and to the point: “3:00 pm at President Park”. I immediately approved the post, and decided that I would drive through and join them.

I then checked my phone – the whatsapp message that had come through half an hour earlier was from them, asking me to please approve their dogging post! I replied that I had just done so, and would make a plan to be there to join them at the park. He responded, asking if I would be able to get any of my dogging mates to join in.

I started messaging the guys I had numbers for, letting them know about the opportunity coming up. But unfortunately all of them had some genuine reason why they couldn’t make it at such short notice – one at a funeral, one on a course, others working out of town, another with a business appointment that would clash… So they all unfortunately lost out!

I headed off to President Park, and arrived there about 2:45. I drove through the park to see how busy it was and if the couple were maybe there already, but they weren’t. I parked up at a prominent point where I could monitor the access roads and see them arriving, and messaged them to tell them I was there. They responded: “10 minutes”.

They drove in and past me, and we waved to each other. They drove on up towards the lapa, and I started following them, but keeping a good distance behind them, so that they could check the place out and decide where they wanted to park up. They turned around near the lapa, and started to come back along the road. I pulled over and waited for them, and they stopped opposite me so we could have a quick chat. They decided to go and park down in the hollow behind the horse jump, under the poplar trees, and headed off in that direction. I was about to turn around to follow them, when a young guy pulled up opposite me, and greeted me by name! I didn’t recognise him, but he had recognised me and my vehicle – we had met just a few nights earlier when he and his wife had also announced they would be going dogging, and I was able to join them for some fun. He asked if the guys I had been talking to were the couple that had advertised they would be here for dogging. I confirmed they were, and he asked if he would be welcome to join. I told him that they had been asking me to arrange for a few extra guys, so I didn’t foresee any problem, but that I should maybe check with them first. I drove down to them, asked if he could join, they said yes, and so I beckoned him over.

I introduced him and we stood next to their car and chatted for a bit first, hubby out of the car, while wifey remained seated in the car, talking to us through the open driver’s door. After a minute or so, she apologised about not getting out to greet me, explaining that she didn’t have any pants on! I could see that her legs were bare, but she was wearing a long rugby jersey which “covered her modesty”, so she could still have been wearing panties… Hubby explained that he had asked her to take her pants off as they drove in, so they could start having some fun while they drove around. I got in to the driver’s seat to kiss and greet her, and confirmed my suspicion that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath!

We chatted a bit more, us guys standing next to the car, and she moved over to sit on the driver’s seat facing outwards, hubby standing directly opposite her with beer in hand, while the new guy and I stood to one side. Hubby kept looking down at her lap, with a smile on his face, and I knew full well what he was looking at!..

He finished his beer, and then motioned to her to lie back on the seat, at which point her jersey rode up and it was very obvious that she wasn’t wearing any panties! Her smooth shaven pussy mound was beautifully displayed, her prominent clit and protruding pussy lips evident as she parted her legs. I moved around and stood next to the front fender, right at the open driver’s door, so that I would have a good view of the proceedings. Hubby moved over, and started to play with her pussy, fingering her gently, and the sound of her pussy moisture as he did so was very arousing! She started moaning gently as she enjoyed the foreplay. After a while, he stood back and looked at me and said “anyone else want a turn?” I quickly changed places with him, and continued fingering her, also rubbing my thumb over her erect clit, enjoying her increasing moistness. She expressed her enjoyment by moaning in delight.

I decided it was time to give the new guy a turn, and returned to my watching position. The new guy took over, initially gently, and then he started to really finger her hard, and her cries became louder, including “oh yes!, oh yes!” as she enjoyed his attentions.

We were aware of a couple of guys who were pretty evidently watching us – one guy not too far away (although I was partially blocking his view of proceedings – sorry!!), the other further away but obviously watching through binoculars.

Hubby decided that it was time for action (they only had an hour, as they needed to get to another commitment later in the afternoon). She sat up again in the seat. Hubby unzipped and got his cock out, and she gave him a great blowjob, but stopped short of going all the way. While she was sucking, I stood playing with her boobs through her jersey and bra which she kept on. New guy also got his cock out, and started wanking. I explained that I had a domestic commitment that evening, so this time I would only be watching… Then it was new guy’s turn for a serious blowjob! He too pulled away before she made him cum.

Hubby opened the rear door to provide some screening, and beckoned her out to stand between the two open doors, then she bent forward with her hands on the driver’s seat. Hubby gave her a light slap on the bum, opened her pussy lips and with no problem pushed his dick into her pussy from behind (she was so wet from the fingering), and started pomping. She was again moaning in delight, and I could continue to fondle her closest boob while they were busy. Before hubby came, he pulled out, and looked at new guy. “Do you want to have a turn?” New guy shrugged and said – “I haven’t got a condom.” Fortunately I had some in my stash, and was able to help out. Condom on, new guy took over where hubby left off, but also pulled out before he came.

Hubby was still hard and ready for it and took over and started giving it to her again, but at this point she complained that it was a bit uncomfortable standing bent over half in the car, she wanted to change position. She backed out and went and lay on the back seat, knees up, and spread her legs. Hubby leant in over her, his legs outside the car, sank his cock deep into her by now very moist pussy, and started really going for it.

Suddenly I was aware that the guy who had been watching through binocs was approaching in his car. He drove close by, then parked where he had a better view. He got out, and came walking over, undoing his zip and getting his cock out as he did so.

I was unsure how hubby would react, and told him what was happening, but he was unfased, and just kept bonking away. The intruder came and stood right next to new guy, watching, wanking away, saying nothing, but evidently intent on joining the party. The car was rocking on its springs from the action on the back seat! She was definitely loving it, and very vocal in expressing her enjoyment. Once again, hubby stopped short of his orgasm, pulled out, and motioned to new guy that it was his turn again.

New guy took over, and really started pounding. I had thought that hubby had done a great job, but new guy was really giving it stick, and she started squealing in delight. I got into the driver’s seat, turned around, so that I was as close to the action as possible, my hand inside her jersey squeezing her boobs, stroking her tummy and legs, and from time to time she gripped my hand tightly. New guy was really pounding into her, and she was loving every bit of it! The car rocked violently with the action, and she kept saying “oh fuck, yes! Oh fuck!! Oh yes! Oh fuck this is SO good!!!”… New guy kept on until he came, with a big shudder that shook the car. Heavens alone knows how many times she had come – it seemed like she was enjoying one extended orgasm for the half hour the guys had been at it, one orgasm blending into the next!

New guy pulled out, and the intruder seemed to think it was now going to be his turn. But hubby stepped back in front of her, helped her up from the seat into a sitting position, and proffered his dick, saying it was now time for him to cum. She swallowed him down deep, and wanked and sucked and licked, and he soon was groaning, and came in her mouth. She swallowed every last drop and licked him clean!

Hubby asked me what the time was – it was already after 4:00, and he announced that it was time for them to go. Intruder guy got the message that he wasn’t also going to get lucky, and backed off and put his cock away as he walked off to his car and drove away. New guy gathered up the couple of beer cans and the condom and wrapper and took them off to the nearby dustbin.

She got out and walked around to the front passenger door and retrieved her clothing from the foot-well, and came back around and dressed in front of us. She checked that she was all properly tucked in, bra adjusted back to normal position, patted her hair in place, and asked “do I look like a decent rugby mommy again?”! They were now going off to watch their son’s rugby match. Oh Yes!!! A very sexy, naughty rugby mommy!!!!!

We said our goodbyes, and the couple drove off, leaving me and new guy astounded at just how great a dogging session that had been!

The second guy who had been watching from not too far away, commented on the SH dogging post later that day how he had enjoyed watching the action. I wrote to him, and asked why, if he was aware of what was going on, he had not come over and tried to join in, as the “intruder” had. His answer was that he had seen from their profile that twanete_jacobs were a “don’t cross the race barrier” couple, and being of a different race-group he had not wanted to risk spoiling the fun by trying to impose, but had been content and enjoying watching the action from a respectful distance. I thought that that showed real respect, respecting the couples’ preferences and not potentially spoiling the atmosphere for the rest of us by pushing in. Thank you for that, pal.

And to twanete_jacobs, thank YOU for a great autumn afternoon at President Park! I hope you got back in time for the start of the rugby match, you incredibly sexy, naughty rugby mommy, you!!!