Written by The President

08 Mar 2018

It’s long been a fantasy of mine to watch a lady having her pussy waxed… just never been able to organise it before… I do love muffing a freshly-waxed pussy! (well, pretty much any pussy, to tell the truth!)

A few days back we had been talking about our fantasies, what we would like to do that we have not yet tried out, and of course I mentioned the waxing fantasy.

She was due for another waxing – in fact a bit overdue…. She said she would see if her regular waxing lady would be prepared to allow me to be present during the procedure – we just need to come up with a plausible explanation!... or maybe we should rather go to someone new, who she would never need to face again if it became too embarrassing…

She decided to rather stick with her regular lady, and brave any possible embarrassment or consequences of my “intrusion” into this very personal activity. I wanted to be with her, to see and experience the pain that she goes through in order to “be at her best” for me, to hold her hand and be there for her, to really appreciate what she endures on my behalf… while of course perving her pussy while it’s being done (assuming that the very professional waxing lady will agree to my being there).

We agreed a date that would work for us both, and she tried to make the appointment, only to find that her regular lady was on leave for a week! Now what do we do???? Try for another lady, or make a different plan? But she was adamant that she needed to do something – not prepared to go another week without attending to the matter!

She came up with the idea – seeing as we had already made a date, why not go somewhere, and she would let ME shave her instead?! That sounded like a fun plan to me, an alternative to the waxing, something else I had never done, and it quickly got added to my bucket list!!

We both enjoy the outdoors, President Park is a convenient spot for us, let’s go do it there! What all do we need, to make this happen? And comfortable? We arranged who would bring what, including a Thermos with hot water, some cold water, a bowl, the shaving kit, cloths and towels, a mattress…

I got there first, found a convenient spot where we would be “public” but not too blatant about what we were doing, and I could keep an eye on people coming and going in the park. There were a couple of other cars around (the usual single guys hanging around), so I angled the bakkie so that we were facing away from the public view of any innocents driving by, unless some interested person approached us from the side, in which case they would be able to see what we were up to. I dropped the tailgate and laid out the mattress, ready and waiting.

When she arrived, the first thing she did (after kissing and hugging me) was to remove her knitted top and bra, replacing them with a long loose cotton top which could provide a modicum of decency if anyone came too close for comfort. And then it was off with the shoes, the jeans and the panties….

I had laid a towel on the mattress, in anticipation of some run-off, and not wanting to wet the mattress too much. Fortunately she had thought beyond that, and had brought what she thought was a waterproof bag, to place between the mattress and the towel. Cool, that fixed that issue, and we were ready to get started…

She hopped up onto the tailgate, her toiletry bag of tricks next to her, while I prepared the bowl with a mix of the hot and cold water, and got the temperature just right. Let’s get to this!!

She lay back on the mattress, and I moved the loose top up to expose her somewhat hairy pussy… a bit more than a centimetre of growth to have to deal with! She spread her legs for me, knees up, heels on the edge of the tailgate. I loved the view, just inches away, and remarked on how good it looked. She told me that it felt a bit like being at the gynae, but a whole lot better!!! I did a quick “gynaecological examination”, ending with a kiss planted lovingly on her clit.

With a facecloth and nice warm water I dampened the area that I needed to treat, while in the process touching and rubbing a bit here and there, I have to confess… I doubt that the waxing lady would have been so naughty / erotic in her ministrations… Then the shaving gel, rubbing that on and trying to get a bit of a foam going, while being careful not to get it inside her pussy lips… And then the shaving started! Having never done something like this before, it was a case of working it out, with lots of banter and some suggestions and assistance on her part. I started at the top, away from the sensitive bits, at first using the already-used razor, but soon realising that we needed to use the new one that she had luckily brought as well…

While I was busy, I noticed that she had popped a boob out of the loose neck of her top, and started playing, touching, rubbing her already erect nipple… The nipple on her other boob was poking up through the soft material of the top as the cloth was pulled taut. I could not resist leaning in and sucking on the exposed nipple, a quick kiss, a grope of the other boob with my driest hand and then back to “work”…

As I worked, touching, occasionally licking at her exposed clit because my hands were busy, it was evident that the moisture accumulating between her pussy lips was not just from the shaving water…. I was being careful to keep the shaving action away from her vulva at this stage (frightened to go near them with the sharp razor!), and yet there was very evident wetness, and some moaning in delight whenever my hand was free and “accidentally” rubbed against sensitive areas.

The exposed pubic area of her mound was relatively easy to deal with, once I had the new razor, and I was able to easily get a good close shave done. As I worked my way down into the groin area, she spread her legs further, and with one hand pulled at the skin on her pussy to tighten it, making it easier for me. One side, then the other. Then I needed to work closer to her inner lips, and she helped me by holding the lips out of the way, while keeping the skin taut. I worked very carefully, making sure that I did not harm her in any way, while wanting to make sure that I still did the very best job possible. I asked her to do a quality control check, and let me know if there were any defects that needed rectification. (She did this once back home with her make-up mirror, and assured me that what I had done was perfect, and that she would make use of my services again!!!!)

Once the shaving was completed, I needed to clean up, wiping away the residual shaving foam and a few stray hairs, making sure that everything was as clean as I could get it. And of course I lingered over the sensitive areas, taking my time, enjoying the view and the accompanying sounds as she groaned in delight as I touched her.

I pushed the shaving bowl and the wet cloth to the side, dried her pussy with a corner of the damp towel, and bent down to lick her clit, as she pulled back on either side of the hood, making the nub stand out proud. She jerked involuntarily from the sensitivity of this action. Then tongued further down, into her wet slit, tasting that it was her own juice and not water that was making her so wet. Then a finger inside, then two, fingering fast, rubbing up against her G-spot, while rubbing her clit with the thumb of my other hand. “Be careful!”, she cried out, and suddenly there was a gush of more liquid as she squirted over my hand.

I now had a raging erection in my pants, and needed to do something with it. I pushed the waistband of my pants down, cock out… I pulled her forward on the mattress, so that she was poised on the edge of the tailgate, and rubbed my cock up and down her slit. Another squirt, this time over my cock and onto my pants… Who cares!!! In that position it was so easy to find her opening, and I pushed in slowly at first, pulled out again and reinserted. In to the hilt…

There was a guy in a brown Amarok who had entered the park, and had parked under a tree some distance away, pointed in our direction, obviously watching us. He stayed there. The guy in the white Fiesta / Focus drove slowly along the road past us again, but did not turn in….

She wanted it, I wanted it. Forget the guys driving past… I started pumping furiously, and it did not take long to bring her to another orgasm, and for me to reach my own climax soon after!

As I pulled out, our cum leaked out, and I tried to clean up as best I could with the damp facecloth.

She got off the tailgate, stood next to me and we cleaned up, before she dressed again, panties and jeans back on before removing the loose top and replacing her bra and the knitted top she had worn earlier.

While we were doing this the guy in the Amarok drove closer, and turned in and parked up where he had a better view… Too late, mate! We’re all done here now. I recognised him as someone who had watched us playing at the park before…

As we packed up we discovered that the “waterproof sack” was anything but waterproof! The combination of shaving water and squirt ejaculate had leaked through the towel, though the sack, and soaked into the mattress. So, a word of advice to anyone contemplating following our example – use a refuse bag or a plastic sheet, or face the consequences of having a wet mattress…

The “close shave” in the title of this story has a lot less to do with having nearly been interrupted while having fun after the shaving, than it is about the quality of the handiwork done with the razor! I reckon that we’re going to do that there again sometime!!!

Any other ladies out there keen for a shave in public? (Now that I know what I am doing!!) ????