Written by Anon

15 Nov 2015

So after recently breaking up with BF I was horny as fuck and needed a good shag.got home early and envisioned a quite evening alone at home. Had someone line up was not to keen but hey horny.

So the flava of the evening. , white , married and not circumcised - not my norm but did I mention I was horny as fuck. We agreed to meet once his kids were sleeping .  Slipped on my black French panty under my long skirt Nd I was off.

Eventually got to his place , pulled car in garage , walked me straight to his bedroom. From there he showed me the bathroom where a bottle wine and 2 glasses were waiting .  He rubbed up against my ass I could feel he was excited, cupping my huge DD boobs, my skirt dropped  he started rubbing my shaven pussy. I could not contain myself and dropped to my knees and started sucking his thick white cock, he was really excited as I could taste and see his precum.we then got into bath he sat on edge I layed and he rubbed my clit whilst chatting  I could not handle it anymore and then I started sucking him again, this time even more , running my tongue along his thick , hard shaft down to licking his testicles, his head was thrown back and he was moaning, he then started fucking my mouth. We got out of bath and walked to bedroom.....

Both wet not bothering to dry off, I went on all 4's bent with my ass in the air , he was standing  next to bed I pulled my pussy lips apart and told him to suck me, I can still hear the smile when he said " yes" .,.. Next thing I felt his wet warm tongue up and down my coloured pussy, pulling my lips apart and sucking me. He flips me over and we 69. He is fucking my mouth and I can feel he is getting to excited. I push him off me and order him to lay on his back , I asked him in Afrikaans " is Jy ok? " whilst stroking his rock hard cock. He is so Horny I can barely hear him say " Ja ".    I then ask him " do u want me to fuck ur mouth ? He replies " Ja asb" I order him to move up , then proceed to get up and Lower my wet , shaven, swollen clit on his face, I start off slowly  his hands move to my erect nipple, rubbing and tuggin on them. He then moves his 1 hand and starts rubbing my now super swollen clit , I start moaning loud aand he reminds me to be quite . I then tell him ok then u will absorb it and start grinding my pussy harder and faster on his mouth , I can feel my body contracting  and without any warning  I push his head into my pussy.  He smiles from ear to ear after I get off his wet face and says" daai was lekker" he then gets up and offers me some poppers, never tried before.  He then turns me around and for the 1 st time enters my wet pussy omg he was thick to suck but felt any better in my pussy as he entered me he asked" is dit lekker?" All I could get out was a very loud moan. He pounded my pussy hard and deep then flipped me over . 

Now if there is something that drives me insane is fucking me missionary and sucking on my nipples- he did that very well my pussy was so dripping , i asked him to choke me a bit sniffed some poppers....he did I came again....  He then sat on my chest and tit fucked my DD tits and then the strangest request " druk n vinger in my hol" listen normally I would say hell no but I could he wanted to cum. So I said ok but fuck me doggy style  again which he gladly obliged to.

I fell forward and turned around and start fucking my mouth that's when I entered my finger , I swear he then fucked my mouth so hard and asked if he could cum on my back , I pushed my finger in deeper he shouted " nou" I just turned around and felt his huge warm load on my back,ass in the air any gyrating begging him for more. He gets up and  goes to shower, I don't take no for a answer in the shower we wash and I'm back on my knees sucking him again after desired effect I get up bend over and he fucks me all over again, saying " jou happy birthday fuck".we both cum again , followed by more kissing i get dressed he rubs my pussy followed by another kiss. What a great way to start a new year.