Written by redbruce

06 Jul 2017

Whenever I pass through Potch on business, I pop in to have a look at the Trimpark and the Bird Park, to see if there is anything interesting happening. This time there was nothing of interest happening at the Trimpark, so I drove down to the Bird Park (the OR Prozesky Bird Park, a lovely nature area at the south end of town, on the banks of the Mooi Rivier, around the sewerage plant effluent dams (but nowhere near as gross as that sounds!). Quite attractive dams, with good birdlife there.

As I drove in the entrance gate, near the Triomf kiosk / toilet block, there was a young couple walking a bit ahead of me along the gravel road. And they didn’t look like your regular bird-watching types!... Very early twenties, I guessed, not really dressed in “outdoor” clothes, definitely not hiking shoes, and no binoculars or bird book evident. She was wearing one of those small satchel-type backpack-handbags, but it wasn’t big enough to contain any picnic lunch or anything like that… I thought to myself – this looks interesting…!

I drove up behind them, and they stepped out of the road to let me past. I raised my hand in greeting and thanks, and carried on along the road towards the first of the bird hides, and they moved back into the road behind me and carried on walking. I turned in left towards the first hide, parked next to the hide and went down the walkway to check it out. The shadecloth screen had been replaced since last time I was there, so that it is now nice and private again if you are inside the hide.

While I was standing there I heard the couple talking, and then saw them walking past the junction, heading in the direction of the second hide. So obviously they weren’t planning on being naughty at the first hide… I waited a bit, then turned my vehicle around and followed them along the road, also wanting to go to the second hide. So once again I drove past them. This time I greeted them again, waved and smiled an apology that they would again be walking in my dust, and continued along the road. They greeted me back in a friendly manner, smiling as I passed them, and again followed along behind me.

There were two other vehicles parked off to one side of the road, seemingly two single males sitting there to see if anything was going to happen (or maybe to make it happen between them!). I drove past them and on to the second hide, where I parked, wondering if I might perhaps get “lucky” if that was where they were headed. I hung around at that hide for a while, hoping they might turn in, but once again they carried on past me along the road. I decided to give them an opportunity to get ahead, and then to follow them on foot, leaving the vehicle at the hide this time.

I walked silently along the road, looking out in all the possible turn-off areas and under the trees in case they had stopped off somewhere, but didn’t see them anywhere. I got to the end of the road, where there is a turning area and a few spots under big trees where people sometimes park up, and they were nowhere to be seen. The walking trail at that point continues, with a narrow footbridge across the outflow channel, onto an “island” with the Mooi Rivier on the other side of the island. At this point I began to wonder if I had been wrong and that they were in fact just out for a walk around the walking trail…. But my mind kept suggesting that they were not the "walk the birding trail" types, that they were there for something else...

While I was checking out the spots near the turning area, I heard her voice again, from the island area on the other side of the reeds, out of sight. So, they were still around!!

I walked silently onto the footbridge. About a third of the way across, I could see around the reedbed, and through the willow tree fronds I could make out movement from the direction of their voices. Proceeding along the bridge, I got to a point close to the end of the bridge where I was screened by the trunk of a large willow tree. I peered carefully around the tree, hoping I would see them in open view. But about 25 or 30 metres away there was a large fallen tree trunk, about a metre in diameter, and they were hidden from view behind the trunk. But what was of particular interest was that there was a small pile of clothes stacked on top of that tree trunk, with a white item on top that had caught my eye! To get to them I would have to cross the open 25 meters of short grass lawn, covered with dry leaves, which would likely make a noise underfoot if I stood on them.

I decided to stay out of view for now, and backed up along the bridge to the point from where I had earlier seen movement. Through my binoculars (I always have my binocs and bird book handy in such places) I could clearly see the bottom portion of their bodies through the willow fronds. Naked legs and buttocks! She was on her back with her legs spread and knees up, and he was positioned between her legs. And then from the movements it was clear that they were bonking. But the rest of their bodies, and the action, was hidden behind the fallen tree trunk.

I was in a quandary. If I stayed where I was I could sort-of see their activity, but just the lower part of their bodies. If I went to the end of the bridge, I could not see them at all, and if they looked up they could see me. And if I started to cross the open space they would hear me coming, and I would most likely interrupt their fun. So I chose to stay where I was, able to observe part of the action, without disrupting them.

After a while they changed into doggy position, on their knees, which I could still observe.

About this time, I heard a vehicle approaching. I looked around and saw it was an SAPS bakkie, but they obviously took one look at me – an old man in outdoors clothes with binoculars and bird book in a bird-park, standing on a footbridge looking intently into a reedbed – and must have assumed I was the real deal looking at a bird, as they just drove around the turning loop and continued back out the way they came in. Phew!!

My adrenaline levels dropped again, and I turned my attention back to the couple. Maybe they had also heard the vehicle, or maybe they had finished what they were doing by this time, because the sexy movements had stopped.

I decided that it was time to move closer. I walked quietly to the end of the bridge, and poked my head around the willow tree. This time I could see her head above the level of the fallen trunk, and it looked as if she was looking in my direction. I pulled back behind the tree for a few moments. When I looked again, she was still there. Again I pulled back for a minute or two, then decided that it was time to approach them, whatever the outcome would be.

I moved out from behind the cover of the willow tree, stepped off the bridge and walked across towards them. This time they were out of sight, until I got right up close to the fallen tree trunk. By the time I got to them, they had pulled on some clothes. He was now wearing a pair of pants. She was wearing a pair of brown leggings, and a white blouse. The blouse had buttons half way down the front, but the buttons were all undone, and her boobs were mostly visible. Previously both pairs of legs had definitely been naked! Her purple-and-black striped panties were sticking out above her leggings on one side only, further evidence that she had just dressed in a big hurry.

I started chatting to them. Just making conversation so that I had reason to be there and could stay in contact with them. They both seemed a bit embarrassed at first, not unduly so, but not concerned at my arrival. They recognised me as the Oom that had driven past them. He hardly said a word, she did all the talking.

I asked if this was a spot that they came to regularly, commenting that it looked like a good spot to come and have fun. She told me they just wanted to get away from it all, away from all the “stront” at home. They were friends, they each had a kid, they each still lived at home with a parent, and there seemed to be issues at both homes. So this was their escape, and tomorrow they would be back at work… They were “just chilling, Oom”…

She was white, very pale skin so when she flushed it was very evident, of medium build, not a great looker but also not unattractive, with black hair. He looked like he might be a light skinned coloured guy. She had pretty decent boobs, from what I could see of them, and he looked to be reasonably well-endowed, gauging by the bulge in his pants as he lay back against the tree, one hand under his head and the other protectively placed on her thigh.

The pile of clothes on the tree trunk now consisted of just her pink bra lying on top of her jeans. His shirt was hung over a branch nearby.

She asked if I came here regularly. I lied and told them I had never been there before, that I enjoyed watching birds, and was doing that when I heard them, and came to investigate. I wanted to push the conversation in the direction of sex and naughtiness, and so asked if they were aware that I had been watching them for a while earlier. She blushed, but said they only saw me when I stepped off the bridge to walk over to them (which definitely was not the case!).

She asked if I perhaps had a cigarette for them. I replied that I had some in my car, which I could go and fetch for them. I walked back to my vehicle as quickly as I could, then drove back to the turning area, parked and walked back across the bridge. I fully expected that, by the time I got back, she would have used the opportunity to get dressed, to at least put her bra back on, and maybe her jeans as well. But when I got back, she had moved her bra down next to her bag where it was still visible but less obvious, but still had her blouse undone, and her jeans were still on the tree trunk.

I came around to their side of the fallen tree, squatted down close to them, and offered her the cigarettes and matches. She sat up, her boobs swinging free and nicely visible through the half open blouse, as she lit a cigarette (which they proceeded to share).

She asked about me watching birds, and told me that there were some nice birds that they had seen there. I asked if they knew what they were, but from their answers the two lovebirds quite obviously weren’t birdwatchers. I offered them my bird book, and they proceeded to page through it, looking at all the illustrations, but seemed unable to identify the bird they were trying to describe. While they were paging through the book, this gave me a lot of opportunity to peep at her boobs. Every now and then she would half-heartedly pull the blouse closed, but it was a long time before she decided to fasten one of the buttons. When she did, I commented that it really wasn’t necessary to hide them away from me. She blushed again, and asked “what?” I said – “jou tieties”, as I had seen titties before and wouldn’t have a problem if she let me see them… She pretended not to know what I was hinting at.

I tried by all sorts of subtle suggestions, without being blatant about it, to let them know that I was keen to watch them busy bonking, but they didn’t take the bait. Obviously they weren’t there for dogging or exhibitionism – they were just a young couple out having a private fuck in nature, just because that was the only place where they could get away from their parents and their kids and have some time on their own. It became evident to me that they weren’t going to do anything more while I was there. But it was also evident that they wanted to continue with their afternoon session, having not dressed or packed up to leave.

I started feeling sorry of them, and in any case needed to start making a move to get to my next appointment. So I decided to leave them in peace. I left them with the cigarettes and matches, said goodbye and walked back across the bridge to my vehicle, started up and drove off.

I wonder how long it took them to get their pants off and get back to being lovebirds again? Not very long, is my guess!!