Written by Outoftown

08 Feb 2017

It's no secret, I'm partial to larger women that enjoy having someone pleasure them. This obviously only works when we connect on a social level and develop the sexual chemistry that can be turned into the physical gratification of our fantasy...

She was an Israeli working in Cape Town. Long blonde hair, about 5'9", large breasts, full hips and shapely legs that supported her BBW frame. She was a few years older than me, vivacious, laughed freely and often and her green eyes sparkled with the pleasure of our ineraction. We met socially twice before she suggested I join her at her flat for a drink and take the evening as it came...

A glass of wine, a few snacks and a conversation that had both of us laughing and enjoying the flirtatious physical contact of touching a hand, a forearm or a thigh as the conversation turned towards the physical attraction between us. She poured another glass of wine and then moved to sit close to me on the couch. I couldn't wait any longer to taste her lips and mouth so leaned across and kissed her inviting lips. Her mouth opened like a flower to allow my tongue to taste her alluring cavity. She tasted sweet and the wine on her tongue mingled with mine as we explored each other's mouths deeply. She was making soft mewing sounds and I slid my hand down to fondle her left breast. The reaction was immediate as her nipple hardened and pushed through the fabric of her blouse and lace bra beneath.

She in turn placed her hand on my already stiff phalanx and began to massage my manhood gently. I undid the buttons on her blouse and slid it off her shoulders. Her bra was next and undoing it released her pendulous breasts to hang freely. I squeezed her nipple between my thumb and forefinger gently and she moaned quietly in my mouth. She took off my shirt hurriedly and then was taking off my belt before I pushed her slowly backwards onto the couch and began to kiss and suck her nipples and breasts before moving down to her abdomen. I undid her skirt and slid it over her hips and off her ankles. She was wearing pantihose over her lace panties. I moved my mouth down over her voluptuous midrif to her rounded mound and began to suck and bite her through her under garments as I slowly pulled them down over her hips. She lifted her lower body up to assist me and as they slid off I gently kissed and licked her inner thighs and worked my way back up to her wet lips between them. She opened her legs to allow me to pry open her beconning swollen slit and I pressed the labia back to reveal her bulging nub. I took my time to nurse it with my probing tongue and then sucked it gently as she writhed beneath me enjoying the building of her arousal.

I asked her to turn over and began to kiss her neck and back whilst gently inserting my fingers into her warm wet pussy and gently rubbing the sensative crease inside her hidden passage. My mouth continued to move down until I had my tongue between her round cheeks and began to lick her puckering pulsing passage as she pressed back onto my face moaning loudly. I moved down to lick her swollen lips while my fingers were still inside her. My cock was engorged and pulsing, ready to enter her as I used it to massage her dripping hot pleasure pot. I inserted the tip slowly and she pushed back sharply to imbed my solid rod deep inside her. I could feel every slippery fold of her passage as she began to rock slowly backwards and forwards, dictating the tempo and angle of my penertration. Her rhythm increased as her moans got louder and more intense until she screamed "I'm coming!" and shoved herself backwards onto my shaft as a jet of lava hot liquid sprayed out of her and engulfed my hard pole and balls, dripping onto the couch. Just the effect of her liquid orgasm was enough for me to lose control and I rammed into her, contorting as I squeezed my juices into her in exquisite agony of ejaculation. We stayed in that position until the furnace of ecstacy had abated and our swollen organs allowed us to become two again.

She suggested that we move to the bedroom to continue the experience. I suggested that we enjoy a brief respite over a glass of wine before I found out what else she really enjoyed. Over the next few months we explored each other's fantasies in every possible way. Those are of course other stories to be told on a different occassion...