Written by My Mistress

26 Apr 2013

My wife send me a message yesterday saying that I must take our son to the park then for a milkshake and then get some take aways but we must take 2 hours and we must be gone at 5:15 in the afternoon so that she has the house for herself.

And so I did not knowing wat she's up to me and my boy kept busy for 2 hours 6:45 she let me know we can come home

When we got home she told our little one to bath and she called me and said listen to this on her phone there was a recording I sat on the bed and started listening it wasn't long and I hear her saying lick my pussy and then I heard some moning and moning and more so it was a recording of her and a guy fucking the recording was more than a hour and my cock was so hard listening to her getting fucked that I wanted to explode!

She came in to the room and we listened together wasn't long she asked me if I wana taste her fucked pussy I smiled like a little boy on christmas!

I licked her pussy and we got so turned on by her moaning and the sound of her getting fucked I couldn't help myself I had to get my dick in her I fucked her for maybe 5min I felt I wana cum she saw it and stopped and said iam not allowed to cum!

I haven't orgasmed yet, she is keeping me horny for this weekend!

Also don't know what's happening this weekend but iam loving the anticipation! My