Written by shaun_jacobs

26 May 2015

So I responded to an add a of a couple looking for a gang bang. We then had a chat with me to see if I will fit into the party that they are planning. After my "interview" I was given the details of the planned party. So the when the Saturday eve arrived I head of to the residents of this couple. As I arrived I was welcomed by a sexy blond woman. I was the first to arrive and they were waiting on the other people to arrive still. In the meantime we chatted and had a few drinks. As we were getting to know each other I kept looking at her nice firm boobs and her nice rounded ass. While we chatting some of the other couples that was suppose to join cancelled and there was only one more couple coming. After about an hour the other couple arrived.

The two guys went downstairs to fetch a mattress and the two ladies decided to relax in the jaccuzzi. I was sitting on the couch looking at these two getting naked, the blond with large boobs and very long legs, the red head was short and curvy. I got feel the bulge in my pants as I looked at these two beauties getting naked. Once they were inside they invited me to join them. I waist no time and got naked and joined them. The water was clear and they could see my huge erection. Before long the blond grap my cock and gently stroked it up and down. The red head moved closer and started kissing us both while she played with my balls. What a nice feeling, a hand on my cock, hand on my balls, 4 breast in my face as they are kissing and all this time I am playing with both there clits. I did not even realize that the men was back upstairs and watching us. They stood there enjoying the show and stroking themselves. They got in the water and we caress the ladies a bit until we could not take it any longer and decided to take the action to the bedroom. Once we all dry we got onto the mattress that was laid out on the floor and the two ladies lay next to each other on their backs. I was sitting on my knees in the middle of their heads, letting them suck me while their boyfriends was sucking their pussies. The two women was kissing each other and my dick while the man started to fuck them. I played with their boobs and clits waiting for my turn to bury my cock inside their clean shaven pussies.

Finally it was my turn to have a taste of this 2 pussies that I so long wanted to taste. I turned them both on all fours and their boyfriends got on their knees in the perfect position to get blowjobs while a have nice rear access to both pussies. I started pounding the blond first while I finger fucked the red head and visa visa. I turned them back on their backs and started fucking the blond hard while her legs is spreaded and bend to her head. Her boyfriend was holding her one leg in position and rubbing her clit while I continued fucking her. Meanwhile the red head is playing with my while balls while her boyfriend is banging her. The blond lady started screaming like we killing her and her boyfriend rubbed her clit harder and i started fucking her harder and she squirted, her cum was dripping down my legs. She went to fetch a drink and sat on the couch while she watch me and her boyfriend move on to the red head. We position ourself close to her head so that she can turn left or right have a cock in her mouth. Her boyfriend was banging her while she alternated between sucking our cocks, while we played with her boobs and clit. I could feel her crabbing my leg as her boyfriend started fucking her harder and harder and then he shed his load all over her body. As soon as he was done I slipped on a condom and started fucking her as I knew she was close to coming. I fucked her hard and fast while the blond lady was playing with her clit. She was still sucking the one guys cock and she started moaning harder, so I fucked her harder and we almost cum at the same time.