Written by Redrose

16 Oct 2012

I am standing in the shower enjoying the gentle massage that the pulsation water is giving my shoulders. I turn my back to the shower head and allow the water to gently and release tension from my shoulders and back. I feel the tension slowly leave my body as I start to relax.

I turn around again allowing the hot water to run down my neck and breasts, my nipples are erect. I reach for the soap and form a rich creamy lather and wash my breasts allowing my hands to caress them at the same time. The combination of my hands, the warm water and the rich lather cause the most divine sensation that I gasp with ecstasy.

I move my hand slowly over my tummy, around my hips and over my buttocks. Slowly stroking my thighs, bringing one leg up and lathering my calf and shin slow and sensually, then starting on the other leg.

I clean my thighs and inner thighs using circular movements as I go from one side to the other I brush against my pussy, so soft, smooth and silky to touch. I allow my hand to linger there and insert my fingers inside and moan out loud as I feel the warm wetness. I remove my fingers and reach for the shower head and proceed to rinse the soap lather from my entire body.

I lean against the shower wall and slide down the wall until I am sitting on the floor. I open my legs slightly and take the shower head and position it between my legs allowing the warm water to spray into my pussy. I feel the water gushing into me and I toss my head from side to side enjoying the sensation of the warm water spraying into my pussy.

I remove the shower heard and put it to one side. I start to stimulating my clit with my fingers,in no time she swollen and sensitive to touch, I continue to rub my clit using small rhyhmical movements. I bring my legs up and position them against the wall opposite me. I lean over and take my vibrator out of the bathroom cupboard.

I switch it on and start to tease my clit a little before I slowly insert it into my pussy. I moan out loud as a shiver of pleasure racks my body. i move the vibrator in circular movements as well as thrusting it into my pussy. I feel myself nearing my firt orgasm. I thrust thee vibrator deeper, faster and harder into me making sure I don't neglect my clit.

I can feel my love juices flowing out my pussy as I reach my first orgasm. I cry out loud but I continue to thrust the vibrator in and out of me. My pussy is throbbing and pulsating from the orgasm I have just experienced. I remove the vibrator and cup my pussy with my hand until the throbbing is under control.

I insert the vibrator into my pussy, lubricating it with my juices and I slowly insert it into my arse, I initially cry out in pain but soon the cries of pain turn to pleasure as I thrust the vibrator in and out of my arse. I know it won't be long before I climax again. My body tenses and I experience the most intense orgasm ever. I remove the vibrator and switch it off.

I reach again for the shower head and soap and I clean my pussy and arse with warm water and wash away any body fluids.

I stand up put the shower head back on its hook, switch the water off and reach for my towel. I step out from the shower and gently pat my body dry. I hang the towel up and walk naked to my room.

I fetch my baby night gel from my dressing table and squeeze some onto my hand, I rub my hands together to warm the gel up. Once the gel is warm I appy the gel onto my breasts, gently massaging them at the same time. I squeeze a bit more onto my hands and rub in onto my tummy, once again enjoy the contact my hands have with my body. I squeeze a bit more out onto my hands, warm the gel up and his time I apply the gel onto my arse as well as my pussy, outside as well as inside. I move my hands lower and rub the gel onto my inner thighs as well. Once completed I slip my nightie on and climb into bed, switch the bedside light off. I am completely exhausted and fall asleep the moment my head hits my pillow.