Written by Guy

30 Nov 2016

I have become "single" recently and suddenly I am very liberated and welcome woman to open up and explain the mystery that makes them so alluring. I met a beautiful lady (R) and she has become a close friend, we share massages and we both have become with each other and very comfortable with no clothes on.

She asked me the other day for a good massage and I must say she complimented me and said I was good enough to get paid to do it. Well I took the compliment from this beauty and she then asked me if I was willing to do the same to her friend who is 26.

I was in heaven...2 beauties and I must say they both have beautiful bodies nicest breasts and the most amazing pussies. Well it started off slowly and the it wasn't long before I took control and here I had the most amazing view of a sexy babe allowing me to take her places. I couldn't help myself, it wasn't long before I was teasing her cute clit with my tongue slowly then hard sucking away and teasing whilst helping myself to the most amazing and sexy body at my disposal.

I had mu fingers inside and she was wet... I assisted by adding more saliva and having a good feel, she was enjoying it and I could tell as she threw back her head and enjoyed the pleasure I was offering. She came like 3x and I continued, thinking to myself, do it well enough and you will be always welcome....I did, we kissed later and then she turned around for me.

Here I am having a view of a goddess and she was stunning and I started to lick, tease, finger suck etc. it was magic I had the oppurtunity to compare the physical feeling og both pussies and it was so amazing, (R) was firm, tight and had a prominent feel that was firm and delectable (B) was softer, more spongy and they had complete different tastes and it was so special.

I spent 2 hours with them and we talked, hugged and shared a shower afterwards. I have been asked to come visit for a weekend she asked me for a purple toy and I must bring some lube. i cant wait to see her again, (R) is so amazing and has such a beautiful firm body, I want her to be addicted to me (I think she is) and maybe soon I will be writing about my weekend with the most beautiful creature with a taste for more....

Thank you R&B for the pleasure and privelege.....You are both beautiful and made a memory I wont ever forget