Written by Sexy indian

25 Sep 2017

It was friday and so I get to work to find the office quiet... my boss calls me into the office to tell me his wife has gone to JHB for the weekend and he has given the driver the day off. I start to smile knowing the day we have ahead. He takes out a little box all nicely wrapped and hands it to me saying this is your uniform for today,Go and change. When i get to my office and open up the gift. It's a skimpy maids uniform with a tiny g string. I change into it but I'm already get moist thinking of what going to happen next.I sit at my desk waiting to be summoned by my boss. He calls me into his office. I rushed in.He makes me stand in front of him and admires the present he bought for me. I see through his pants the huge bulge. I ask him "Can i help you Sir" he reply with a smile...."my desk is dirty you need to clean it" I take a cloth and bend over making sure my plump ass is visible to him. I start wiping his desk. He then kneels down between my legs and with his teeth removed my already wet g-string. He then comes closer smelling my sweet aroma.. He say" I love the smell of your young pussy" I reply"it's all yours to enjoy " He starts licking my already wet pussy, eating all my juices while I stand over him.. He make me moan with pleasure. "Oh yes please eat me sir" He stands up and I bend down and unbuckled his pants and remove his brief to expose his hard white cock.he strips naked. He then bends me over his table with my ass in the air. He starts rimming me. I scream in pleasure. He Instruct me to strip. I remove all my clothes and stand there naked with my smooth wet pussy glistening. He carry me onto his table and makes me lay on my back. His tongue starts to move all over starting with my small hard tits. He get excited feeling my hard tits in his mouth. He then moves lower to my tummy then to my thighs then he stretches my legs and puts his entire mouth over my pussy and sucks me. By now im pleading with him to fuck me. He pull me to the edge of the table and kisses me. My legs straddle on either side of him. He pushes his hard cock inside my wet pussy. I see the pleasure as he feels how tight my pussy is. He trys to control himself not to cum. He then moves deep inside me he starts going faster and faster....i tell him don't stop I'm going to cum...he pounds me faster.He tells me he is coming.. .I reply fill me up Sir...let me drip of you..We cum together in an explosive orgasm.....So the start of the weekend began.