Written by Brumia - Bruce

01 Mar 2016

So we were supposed to be meeting up with a couple, and from the way the whatsapp chat between the two ladies had been going for the past few days, it sounded pretty likely that it was going to end up as a proper playdate, not just a “meet and chat”. We were to meet them at a prominent garage landmark between our place and theirs at 10h00, from where they would lead us back to their farm where they have a nice secluded riverside lapa where we could kuier, braai, and possibly play, and maybe take the boat out onto the water (with mixed-couples each using the boat in turn) and see what happens out there (or perhaps back at the lapa while the other couple is away!).

This was the second time we were supposed to meet them. On the previous occasion, we were just going to be meeting for a chat over drinks at a local restaurant, as she had recently undergone a “procedure” and although very randy was not yet medically ready to play. We had duly arrived at the restaurant, and then sat there for an hour and half waiting, telling the waiters that we would not order food yet as we were waiting for our friends to arrive. We sent them messages asking what had happened; initially they told us they were running a bit late but would be on their way soon, and then we heard nothing back. After an hour and a half, we decided that we had been stood up, paid for our drinks and left, and went off and had our own sexy fun afternoon – just the two of us – at a lovely little local venue we know about… Late that afternoon there was a reply from them – they had had an emergency at the farm, which they had had to deal with immediately, and that had scuppered their plan to meet up with us. They apologised, and we accepted the apology – these things happen!

The ladies had then arranged that we should now meet up two weeks later – by which time she would be fully healed, and we would potentially be able to “play” if the chemistry was right and we "clicked", not just meet and chat. All sounded good, and everyone seemed keen!

I again arranged to take the time off work, and my lady-friend went for a waxing so as to be looking and feeling at her best. She even baked a fresh loaf of bread that morning to take with us as a gift. Whatsapp confirmation messages were exchanged that morning, confirming time and arrangements, and so we knew what car type to look out for…. Everyone’s keen, and on their way….

So we got to the garage landmark a bit before the appointed time, and then sat there for an hour, sending them messages confirming that we had arrived, then wondering where they were, etc., but you guessed it – no replies!!!

After an hour of sitting waiting, and being pretty wound up in expectation of what we had expected of the day, this was a big let down!....

We decided that we would drive out in the direction of their farm, in case they were broken down or stranded on the roadside or something… As we drove down the road, I pointed out the turnoff to the “Sugarbush” dogging site next to the Suikerbosch River to my lady-friend, but we drove on past it. As the road turned to dirt and became a bit more bumpy, I noticed that my partner’s boobs were bouncing around quite nicely (she was wearing a sundress with a thin strap, and no bra). I slipped my hand inside her dress so that I could cup her right boob while driving, loving the feel of the jiggling of her boob-flesh as we passed over the bumps, and the hardening of her nipple as I rolled it between my thumb and forefinger and gently squeezed it.

She then decided that it was panty-removal time, and quickly slipped off her pretty lace panties, put them in her bag, hitched up the skirt of her dress, and spread her knees. Even though I was trying to concentrate on the bumpy road, I looked down at her freshly-waxed pussy, and quickly transferred my finger-attentions from boob to pussy! She spread her legs further, and slid forward on her seat, tilting her pubic mound upwards to allow me better access.

She reached across and started stroking my dick through my jeans, and felt that I was already hard. I slowed down, undid my belt and zipper and slid my jeans down a bit, freeing my dick for her to play with. After wanking me for a while, while I continued fingering her and she got progressively wetter, she decided that it was time for a blow-job, and so she knelt on her seat and put her head in my lap, taking my dick into her mouth. As we drove along the bumpy road, the uneven bumps resulted in some lovely BJ action, as her head moved up and down my shaft with the action of the vehicle.

We drove past numerous farm workers and others standing on the side of the road, or riding on their bicycles, and I believe that at least some of them were able to see what we were up to!

We got to a point where we decided there was no benefit in continuing along the road, we may as well turn around and head back home (or somewhere else!). I was getting so worked up by this long ongoing BJ that I was enjoying, that I decided where it was we were going to go, and what we were going to do when we got there!

When we got back to the Sugarbush turnoff, I turned off onto the very rough track, and drove along it to the secluded area near the weir, and found a suitable place to park, with her (passenger side) door closest to the river. My partner had never ever had sex in the outdoors before – this was to be her first experience, and our first together! I had a good look around, and couldn’t see anyone, and decided to go for it!

I tried half-heartedly to put my erection away, got out and went around to her side of the car, but with my erection poking out the top of my jockeys and out through my open fly as I walked around. I opened her door and stood in the open doorway, only half concealed by the car door. She turned in her seat to face me, so that we could kiss, and again spread her legs for me. As we kissed I felt for her pussy, and found it warm and wet and inviting. She reached for my cock and freed it from the restraint of my jockeys, and slowly wanked me as we kissed.

I broke off the kiss and gently pushed her back down onto her seat, so that she was lying with her head on the driver’s seat, her shoulders in the hand-brake gap between the seats. She raised her legs, keeping her knees spread, as I looked down at her hairless pussy. I took hold of my cock and aimed it down, rubbing the head along her already-wet slit. Her pussy opened up for me as I leant forward, and then I was in!

I stood in the doorway, looking around to see if we were being watched, and decided it didn’t matter if we were or not, because we were going to do this anyway! With the height of my vehicle, we were at just the right height for ideal penetration, and she just lay back enjoying it. Sometimes I leant in through the open door and bent in over her to change the angle a bit, but mostly I just stood at the open door, swaying my hips, pumping into her pussy. In this position, I could place one of my thumbs on her clit as I pumped in and out, and she squealed in delight, saying that the angle was also just right so that my cock-head was rubbing up against her G-spot. She soon came with a loud cry, and I again automatically looked around to see if anyone had noticed us….

After the long BJ in the car while just driving around before this, as well as with the feeling of exposure standing doing this next to the car out in the open air in broad daylight, I was able to keep going for quite a while, and took a while to cum. When I did, the ejaculation seemed to just go on for ever!

When I pulled out as I started to subside, a flood of cum gushed out of her open pussy, fortunately all over the cloth that we had thought to lay over the seat-cover. We had tissues handy to help stem the tide, and then she neatly emptied the remainder onto the ground next to the car….

We hugged and kissed next to the car for a while, and then decided to move on. From there we drove straight to the Rothdene dogging site, picking up a few lunch items on the way, hoping to find some action happening there.

There was only one other guy on his own in a bakkie at Rothdene. We drove past him, on our way to check out the far end of the site where the action normally takes place, but he didn’t seem to show any interest. With nothing happening down there for us to watch, and wanting a bit of a break, we turned back and parked under a shady tree near the ablution block. We posted on SH that we were at Rothdene, asking if anyone else was around, but only one guy replied that he was “in the area” (he was not the guy in the blue bakkie!). We lunched on the delicious bread loaf baked as a gift for the friends we were supposed to have met, together with the other items we bought on the way there. All the time we kept an eye out for any potential activity, and although a few people did drive through, nothing of any interest happened.

After sitting waiting for a while, with no activity, we decided to go and have our own fun again. We drove back to the far end of the site, found a suitable spot and parked up. Once again I received a most fantastic BJ as it started to rain gently – real “baby-making weather”!

We decided then that it was time to pack up and go. My partner pulled her sexy panties out of her bag and put them back on! And I put my tackle away and zipped up. We drove off, with me intending to stop in at Phoenix Park as our next dogging spot for the afternoon. But by the time we got to VDB the rain was pouring down, and we decided that it would not be worth it, time to head for home instead….

So despite the disappointment of the playdate not working out with our friends, we still managed to have a lot of fun on our own, turning a morning of disappointment into an afternoon of enjoyment!!! And we got to tick off a few items on our “to do” list!