Written by muf

04 Jan 2015

Hello there! From time to time I rethink everything, from profile to photos, and I also enjoy the writing side of Swinging Heaven a lot.

So today I would like to write about the photos. I don't necessarily want to meet someone to have sex with, because from my experiences I have come to realize that, especially for the women, it's really personal. You are invading the body, the personal space, and it's clear that it complicates the situation. Treating the wife or girlfriend with utmost respect also brings more harmony and pleasure to the situation.

BUT.... I do not believe all the photos here on SH always do justice to the woman's body, feelings and attitude. Sexy photos are not necessarily the all-exposing ones, but rather, the ones with a bit of class are more enjoyable.

I believe the way you present the photos will also help with the way the guy will treat your wife or girlfriend.

To look sexy naked but also keep your dignity, is not easy, but also not impossible. I think most of us must have a good look at how we present the photos. I am sure a lot of things will change if we do photos that are sexy, with some class, and this will affect the people we attract to our profiles.

I love the photos and always have a look. There are a lot of nice classy photos out there, so well done. I love from skinny to rounder, curvy, BBW and full figured photos of women, so the shape and size does not play a role in how the photo is presented or my judgment of the photos.

So that's my 10 cents on this topic. Thanks for reading, and for those who read my adventures, I am busy with the final date with Lea.....