31 May 2016

The penny drops. Not only did my Goddess really enjoy his company over drinks, but he is also a professional photographer, and we have realized that it would be great to be able to post an awesome album on the site. I call him and arrange a photo shoot.

We arrive at his house and she is dressed to kill. His eyes drift down her gorgeous form as he opens the door and he ushers us into a room where he has lights set up. The room is sparse besides a tastefully draped bed, a dark cloth backdrop and a cabinet with a host of lenses, cameras and accessories on it. He pours us a glass of wine to relax the situation and blurts out nonchalantly, “You look stunning. Shall we get started?”

He guides her to a position in front of the lights and starts to take a few full length and head and shoulder shots in different poses and from various angles, adjusting the lighting every now and again. She seems relaxed and I top up our glasses.

He hands me the camera to hold, walks up to her and slides her dress off the one shoulder to reveal some of the lace of her bustier and her full soft cleavage. “She’s really beautiful”, he says as he takes the camera from me and starts to take more pictures. At some point, he caresses her neck as he brushes her hair over to one side and then asks her to step out of her dress. She slides it gracefully to the floor to reveal the entire red and black bustier with matching g-string and finely meshed fishnet stockings, atop dangerously-high classic heels. You can almost hear both our jaws drop.

He takes her by the hand and seats her on the bed and starts to take more pictures. He directs her into different poses, now spread out on the bed, sometimes guiding her with a touch of her arm, shoulder, hip or leg, telling her regularly how gorgeous she is. She’s a natural, enjoying the attention and flirting back at him through the lens. I offer her some more wine and as she sits up to sip it she says, “Undo me”. I reach in behind her and undo the clasps of her bustier while he watches her breasts being revealed in all their fullness. “Wow” he says at the engorged size of her nipples as he raises the camera to capture their essence.

My Goddess is loving it, the appreciation, the power, and I can’t help but notice that she has become aware of his arousal by the bulge in his pants. She lies back on the bed and eases her g-string seductively down her hips, to reveal her already glistening pussy, testimony to how turned on she is. I become amazingly aware of how hard I am while he snaps shots of her at an alarming rate. “Wow, you look absolutely delicious”, he says, stating the obvious. Her response is both surprising and deliriously exciting. “Would you like to taste me?”, she says in barely more than a whisper. Within second he has eased himself between her legs and is tasting the wetness off her inner thighs, eventually slipping his tongue into her soaking slit as she groans in ecstasy. I step closer and lean in to kiss her and caress her breasts, and an evening photo shoot becomes an entire night of extremely satisfying passion for all.