30 Apr 2018

From Pharao rising again

As I woke that Saturday morning, my body felt like I did a full work out. Rest was needed. After the all-night fucking for the past two nights and little sleep. It was starting to take its toll on me. But hubby was smiling fresh from a shower and coffee in hand. I needed the coffee so bad but did not really want to open my eyes or sit up in bed. But I made plans with an old friend of mine to meet for lunch and would not dare cancel. It was a vanilla meeting but a dear friend. I could not, not pitch. So, having no choice I had to get my ass out of bed and drag myself into the shower.

By the time we got to lunch I was fresh had a few coffee’s and ready to face another day. Lunch and meeting up with a vanilla friend, whom I knew would not understand any of this. It made me realise how difficult conversation has become. Being cautious what to say and what not. So easiest is to focus on work and family and keep convo to those topics. Or to let her talk about her life. Lucky she is an extremely intelligent and witty woman. So, all round laughs and jokes were the order of the day. We eventually had so much fun and after lunch ended up in a pub to watch the Super Rugby match airing at that time. Before I knew it, it was past 6pm... No afternoon rest either.

By the time we got back to our apartment at the club it was time to shower and dress up. No rest for the naughty it seems. Arriving at the club we were greeted by the friendly lady at the door as usual and allowed entrance. There was a whole new vibe. Many new faces and people. The owner was behind the bar and waived us in her direction. Introducing us to a few other couples and people. She said all the ladies should join her for a shot of tequila. I protested as having a bad past with tequila but there was no way out.

We engaged in some conversations with other couples. There were a few single men and ladies also attending. I do enjoy the social side of the lifestyle. It is so freeing to be able to talk and not have to remember to filter any happenings. As we sat down in a couch area there were a few couples that attended the club for the first time. They had quite a few questions. I remember being that full of question marks and was more than happy to tell our stories and findings as our journey progressed.

The next moment Andrea filled the entrance. I believe she took every person’s breath away. She was wearing a gold dress and stilettos. She just had this aura around her. My husbands face filled with instant lust. I believe he would have taken her there and then given half a chance. And with full understanding from my side. I felt myself being drawn to this woman. It was a strange feeling for me not being Bi. And I have had light encounters with woman before, but this was new. As always, she greeted my husband like a lover and headed my way. We kissed and hugged and was glad to see one another again. I went to the Bar to get us all a refill. As I stood by the bar, someone tapped my ass. Startling me now I flung round. Only to meet Jamie. He has a sexy and seductive smile. Weaking my knees. He kissed me and pressed his groin area against me. Then he said, “I still have your panties.” Ok Jamie let’s not forget to return them.

By this time many couples have disappeared to different rooms. We headed down the hall to see what was up in the voyeur’s room. As I have found myself quite enjoying watching. There were about 8 couples and perhaps two single men fooling around. Some slow and sensual some crazy hard fucking. As I am now accustomed to this I knew it would make me moist without being touched. After looking at some steamy sessions we headed back to the heated pool area. Some people were fucking and sliding over one another there. I enjoyed the views and moments I was grasping in around us. Jamie and Ann were also roaming and meeting some people,

As we entered the lounge section it was quite full of some of the couples that left the voyeur’s room. One couple was there with some friends. They were brand new to the lifestyle and was not any were near ready to swop or include a third person. I was not part of their conversation but was in the room. They said how they enjoyed having sex in full view of others. The lady then asked her friend if she saw the gent on the side of him. Goodness she said he has a cock the size of a baby’s arm. Her husband added yes, and the baby arm is holding an apple. I could not contain my laughter and burst out laughing as I knew who they were talking about. I was warned about him on day one. The man with the cock like an elephant. The more I laughed the more they were trying to tell me how big it is. And how he fucked one of the single ladies into another planet. By this time, I was wiping my tears as I curled at their ways of trying to explain it without being vulgar. My hubby entered the lounge and was quite curious as to what all the laughter was all about. I gave him a quick run down and he also was cracking himself. The next moment Mr. Elephant cock entered the lounge. Just by the site of him most fell silent but I had to burst into laughter again. This led him my way as he sat right next to me asking what the joke was all about. Not having a clue what to say I waived over to the couple and said the man told a hilarious joke. Passing the ball to them. Luckily, he did not query it much more and started a conversation. As I have chatted to him before, but he did not appeal to me much. His lady friend was by this time frisking my husband in all directions. She bent over and without warning her lips were glued to mine. Her lips were soft and gentle. Not wanting to react to fast I allowed the kiss and kissed her back. As Hubby was in the middle of us he was looking on to this big eyed and begging for it not to stop. I felt his cock was full erect and pounding at his zipper.

She then suggesting we perhaps take it one step further. Realising at that moment Mr. Elephant next to me had his hand sliding up my thigh. Ooooo shit fuck nooooooo. I said let’s have some more drinks first and get to know one another. Ann approached and smiled. Mmmmm so not Bi right. I gave her a shy smile as to not having a clue how to explain. As I wanted to get up from the couch Mr Elephant pulled me down on his lap saying I should not disappear. According to my husband my eyes looked like a Power Puff girl and I looked like Nemo fish trying to swim against a waterfall. I had to get out of this one and fast. Firstly, he did not appeal to me at all and secondly, I think he would tear my body in two. Finally, I got hubby one side as he was encouraging this lady. Not realizing that her and Mr E was there as a couple that night. I could see the dammit moment of his face. He was so waiting to see me with another woman. Sorry babe not tonight. Or so I thought. As the night was drawing to an end and it was around 2 am again. We were also just about to call it a night. When Jamie and Ann said your room or ours? As they were just staying in the room next to us. Well then, our room it is!!! As they were just getting their things from their car we headed to our room. Lights off candles on. Bottled water next to the bed. Hubby slammed me down on the bed tugging at my lingerie. He said it drove him insane when that woman kissed me. As Ann entered our room my husband was eating away at my pussy and my body was showing appreciation. Ann stood there in her gold dress sliding her panties down caressing her pussy watching us. That alone made all my blood flow to my clit. I could hear her becoming wet. Never have I imagined a woman doing that in front of me could be so sensual and sexy. Hubby busy eating and quite unaware of the happenings but enjoying as my body released sweet nectar that he so enjoys. As Jamie entered the room. He loves to watch Andrea touching herself. He asked her not to stop. And laid on the bed next to us watching wile stroking his full erect cock. As hubby turned to see were Ann was she moaned and cummed. Wetness was glistering in the candle light and in full view. She removed her dress and climbed over Jamie riding his cock hard. Hubby pulled me down to the edge of the bed lifted my legs over his shoulders and pounded into me. As I came repeatedly. Ann headed his way and started to stroke his back. As he turned to meet her she bent down and started to suck at his cock. The idea that she was sucking all my flavour off him made me wild. She did not let him go fast as she wanted to feel his cum. Jamie slid a condom on and I got on top of him. Riding him. Wile this image of Ann was invading my senses I rode him hard. Hubby came with a roar over Ann. After just slightly wiping off his cum, Ann Came up behind me and caressed Jamie’s balls. All this and kissing me in my neck. Her lips were warm and soft. I felt her still sticky nipples against my back. Not for a second did I want her to stop. As I was riding Jamie, Ann went and sat on his face. Fucking his mouth with her pussy. Facing me wile we were both riding Jamie. Jamie came hard and furiously. Enjoying a slight threesome. Ann turned to my husband full erect again. She went on all fours and ordered him to fuck her hard. He placed his hands on her hips then he went down and licked and suckled on her warm wet cunt. Making sure she was ready. Before he could penetrate her, she squirted all over him. Jamie was holding his hand under her pussy feeling the wetness run down his arm. Hubby thrusted into Ann. Her eyes went big and wild. She was biting on her lip to try and muffle her scream. He slid his one hand down and circled her clit wile pounding into her. Pulling her harder onto him. When she finally collapsed in an orgasm he laid on the other side of her. Me and Ann in the middle catching a break. Jamie gave hubby a high five. Damn we are lucky men. And they both laughed.

The next moment Ann was on her knees on the bed. She flipped my legs open. All she said was please just hang on. As I looked in amazement of what she was going to do next. She leaned over me sitting between my thighs. Her lips locked with mine. God, she has soft and warm lips. Suck a sensual kiss. She rolled her tongue in and out of my mouth as we shared a luscious kiss for a while. With her one hand she tugged at my bursting hard nipples. My whole body reacted to her touch. Such a strange and unknown feeling for me. She was massaging my cunt lips with her other hand. Sliding her fingers on the sides. Not inserting them. But I wanted her to. She was looking at my face and smiled. She then went down. I do wish I could describe it as I have no idea what she did. It was a mixture of her warm lips and tongue going in and out of me. I was gasping for air. As I made a quick observation the two men had big eyes looking down on this unplanned but fucking hot scene that was unfolding. I could not focus on them as my body curled and contracted into an orgasm cum squirt I have no idea, but Ann’s face and body were soaked. With her perky breasts and luscious sexy body, she slid up against my body sliding in my wetness. The extreme rush my body had from her soft skin and nipples against my skin drove me crazy and confused me all in once. When she reached my face, she gave me a smile and kissed me again. Soft and sensual to fucking my mouth wile she stimulated my clit with her hand. At that moment I wanted to fuck her or something. Something inside me wanted to burst. As I noticed both men were rock hard and stroking themselves. My body once again rolled into orgasm. It was amazing and completely not what I ever expected to be. But I would take it any day again. As my husband grabbed me and fucked me fast and hard. He was blind with lust. His face was stark and his eyes dark. My wild untamed beast. It felt like he was trying to enter his entire body into me. As I was screaming of pleasure he pulled out and sprayed my body with his cum. He dropped down on me mixing our sweat and cum. His chest and mine were bouncing against one another. We then only noticed Jamie and Ann was watching. As we head for a shower Jamie remarked that he was pulling amps as he worked all day also. So was I. But Ann was not done. My husband said after his shower he will be back. He fucked Ann for what seemed all night. To curious to miss a thing Jamie and I laid watching not saying a word or even moving. When Duracell and his bunny finally flopped down on the bed we hoped for sleep. Jamie lifted Ann. She protested for another round, but Jamie said well he needs to sleep. She retired. We all greeted as they had to leave early. Just in case we did not wake up. And so, it was. When we woke they were gone from next door. Lucky, we had a late flight back and I could stay in bed longer. I woke from hubby caressing me ready for more. I begged him for two more hours sleep and then I will oblige. Two hours on the dot he woke me with coffee and fruit. He made love to me. Soft and gentle as my pussy was still swollen and quite tender. I was savouring his gentle hands and soft caressing kisses. Bound by one another. A space that nobody could invade. Our blind love for one another. The way he worships my body. Protects my heart, left me falling into a peaceful sleep once more. He woke me to shower as it was time to get clean and to the airport. Back to being parents and the usual world. But having the memories of endless unleashed sex. We still chat to Jamie and Andrea and we are looking forward to seeing them again soon.

Till next time.