28 Apr 2018

After meeting Jamie and Andrea, we found it quite difficult to find another couple that was that compatible to us. But the search goes on.

We chatted to Jamie from time to time on Whatsapp but he was quite not much of a chatter it seemed. We were not quite sure. About 6 months down the line we went on another trip to the club. We informed Jamie that we will be there but was not to sure if they would be there.

As we really enjoyed this club we booked a room upstairs to stay for the whole weekend and attend the Friday and the Saturday evening. The evening before, the Thursday night we stayed at a lodge with a fire place and had a MFM. So needless to say I was quite tired and did not get much rest the night before. This time it was in the heart of winter and it was cold. As we entered the door of the club we were greeted by the owner as old friends. That made us feel welcome and homely immediately. As we walked to the Bar area to see who all was attending I walked smacked bang into Jamie. He greeted Hubby with the usual hand shake and pushed me into the bar. He kissed me just a tad longer than hello. Grabbing my ass and pinching it he said that he has my panties in the car that I had left their last time. My whole face flushed red as some people around us laughed. I was given a tequila to down for losing my panties. By know I have learned to wear a one piece and the panties clip loose. No losing panties anymore. By the fast spin my husband made I am sure he sensed Andrea approaching him. She flung her arms around his neck and her one leg around him and smooched him like an old lover.

We were both quite taken by this as we thought they had perhaps moved on hence their silence. Ann laughed and said so you wanted to meet for coffee? No this is way better she said. Nobody could argue that. Jamie and Andrea make such a beautiful couple. They are so in love and secure. Perfect in every way. They had some new members to attend to and show around so we all split and engaged in different conversations. Tonight, was a special night. All the rooms were locked and there was a Harem room made. The rules were that you may not enter the Harem room with clothes on. So, we peeked but then roamed the place and engaged in some more conversation and meeting new people. There was not a single couple that caught our attention. But I believe it is due to the fact that both of us could not look past Jamie and Ann.

We were in the smoker’s lounge once again. One of the men said he would love a good Blow Job. When Jamie pulled him closer and pointed to me. He said she knows how. As the man approached I burst out laughing and said nope head the other way. Explaining many things and saying a man needs to wash and clean before his cock goes near my mouth. All were laughing and joking. I gobbled down a big gulp wine when suddenly Jamie came out of the rest room with his cock dangling out of his jeans. The water was damn cold, but my cock is clean he announced. Looking surprised at him being so blaze. Everybody burst into laughter. He walked straight towards me and stood there waiting. As I looked to my husband for some guidance he laughed as said I should not leave the man waiting and warm his cock.

I pretended to be an obedient wife and take the order. Jamie was still soft and cold. I flopped his cock into my mouth holding it there for a while. Warming. As I pressed down on the base of his cock and giving him light sucks, I could feel his cock starting to pulse and go harder by every suck. The next moment Ann walked into the room. Mmmmmmm the last time you sucked my husband, all hell broke lose in this room she said. That kind of broke the moment as we all burst into laughter. She said why don’t we head to the harem room. There was a fireplace and heaters. The room was draped with warm colour materials and heated from the fire.

As we entered the room there were about 5 other couples playing and one couple had a 3 some with one of the single men there. For a second, I was not sure if we should enter. It was like a voyeur’s room, but nobody was aloud to see from the outside. Suddenly I was aware that I had to lose all my clothes. Something I have never been comfortable with. Jamie said we may not remove our heels. The only bed that was open was the one by the fire place. That pleased me as I love that heat and ambiance. Hubby kissed me noticing that I was a bit tense. His lips are always so soft and luscious over mine. Tracing my upper lip with his tongue relaxing me completely. Hearing the moans around us one went crazy horny in 0.5 seconds. Hubby started to undress me slowly kissing every part of my body as he opened it. As he laid me back he slid down for that special kiss. He knows I go from dry to soaked by his tongue skills easily. Ann being this extremely confident woman. She dropped her dress and dropped on the bed besides us. She started to touch my husband as he was pleasuring me. I just loved that. Her confidence and sex appeal are electrifying. When I came she pulled my husband up and kissed him. Mmmmmm nice taste. For one crazy moment that enticed me. Once again straight. But fuck that was Hot. Hubby went over to Ann kissing her even deeper. Fucking her mouth with his tongue. Wile his hands roamed her body exploring every sexy inch of her. I sat up and saw Jamie was as hard as a rock. Loving to see his gorgeous wife indulge in the pleasures of sex. I was fascinated with the connection they had between them even when with other people. Only later to learn that, that they thought the same about hubby and me. I told Jamie to keep his eyes on my husband and Ann while I finish what I started earlier. As he stood I indulged once more in his pulsing hard cock. When it goes over to throbbing I know. Not long now. But Jamie pushed me down on the bed and said nope not now. As I laid back next to Ann. My husbands head was buried in her pussy. She grabbed my hand and squeezed hard. Jamie kissed me and spend quite some time fondling my breasts. I enjoy that. When for the first time he went down on me. Now I just can’t resist the ecstasy of oral. And a man with good mouth and tongue skills well he is always a keeper. By now I have lost count of the orgasms Ann has had besides me. And all that from being tongue and finger fucked by my husband. For some reason this night it captivated my attention. As Jamie started to lightly kiss my sex lips and light licks. Till this day I find it hard to explain what men do down there, but it just feels so fucking good. My attention was on Jamie now and I was pressing his head deep into my pussy. It felt so good. I did not want him to stop. Then he placed two fingers in me and finger fucked me hard. He went insane as I squirted. This was new to him. He buried his head in my pussy again and licked every drop.

As my husband was still also buried in Ann’s we noticed our heels over the two men’s back and the owner of the club taking a photo. (With permission of course) As the two men came up they high fived each other on a job well done. Both ladies were wet and wanting. Begging for them to fill us. Ann went on all fours and I could see her body lunging forward as my husband thrust deep and hard into her. Hearing those amazing slush sounds. Jamie came up to me and I knotted my legs around his body. He slid his cock slow into me only giving me a taste. I remember his smile like he was enjoying teasing me. When he untied my legs bent my knees to my shoulders holding onto my heels. Then he thrusted hard and deep. He did not once let go of my heels till he came. He went crazy when as he came I cummed all over his cock. He flopped down next to me as we caught a breath. Hubby had Ann down on her tummy on the bed with her pelvis slightly lifted and he was hammering as if he wanted to break her. Her fists were clenching onto the bed, her mouth biting into the pillow. When he stopped, and she protested, he said he needed to move away from the fire. His ass was literally on fire. Jamie and I moved to the end giving them space. I knew Mr. Player was in play mode and would be a while. Jamie made a remark that Ann enjoys my husband’s stamina. When they moved away from the fire place. He pinned her down on the bed. Holding both her hands in his. Her legs were draped over his shoulders and he was thrusting. Both were sweating. When he let her legs down the owner was around again and said, “Dear God she is going to puncture the mattress with those heels.” As he was thrusting down she was thrusting up towards him.

Jamie and I indulged having I light cuddle watching our partners fucking hard. When Ann’s body started to shake as a wave of orgasms hit her hubby also let go. He sounded like a wild beast in the jungle. Although wearing a condom he came deep inside her. This must have been one of the hottest live sex I have seen. The vision of seeing my partner from this angle still drives me wild.

When we all eventually caught our breaths. We grabbed our clothes and headed to the bar for a needed liquid. Most of the people have gone it was early morning hours again. Jamie had to work early, and their ride arrived. We arranged with the owner for a room upstairs for Jamie and Andrea for the Saturday night also. So, we all kissed and hugged and greeted till in a few hours again.

As we left the club and headed to our room I was tired but crazy horny with seeing my husband perform the way he did. This was the first couples play that I was not totally lost in the moment and got a full view of him. In the past I always wondered if at any point it would make me jealous or upset, as we were still quite fresh to couples. But after this night my mind was racing trying to understand how it was possible that I could enjoy that vision to that extent. Some days when I am home alone I find myself masturbating to those memories.

A warm shower was needed. Brushing teeth and getting ready for bed. It was way past 3 am. My mind and body were tired but restless. As I curled into bed and hubby came out of the shower my eyes met his. He looked hot, wild and untamed. I knew I was not the only one. But it was different. He wanted to make love. Reclaim my body. He enjoys telling me how he loves to see other men fuck me and how my body reacts. Then this making love session turns to hard fucking. As he fucked me he told me how he loved to fuck Ann. How he enjoys her taste. As my body curls and clenches to absorb one orgasm after another. My nails piercing his skin, holding him closer. Wanting more and more. Till he growls and cums deep inside me. His cum and mine mixing and dripping down my leg as he pulls out. My body is sated and weak. Who knew how much this all would excite us both?

Not having the energy to lift my body. He took a warm cloth and cleaned me. Taking care of me as he always does. Purring me to sleep in his arms. My safe harbour of unconditional love.

Saturday night was waiting and lead to more unexpected new experiences………..

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