27 Apr 2018

The ultimate for swinger couples is to meet that couple that all 4 just connect and have chemistry. This does not happen very often so when is does. Magic happens.

So we decided to explore a view clubs in Pretoria and see what the fuss is all about. We were in PTA for 4 Days and decided to make the best of it. The first two clubs we went to was quite a disappointment as the people were quite groupies and we felt quite bored and unwelcome there. On our last night in Pretoria we went to a club with the school girl theme. Getting dressed and almost not wanting to go we decided if we did not go we would not know for sure. This club had a reputation of being fussy who enters the door and very classy. So we had to see for ourselves. Dressed and ready to go. Following the GPS co-ordinates with our uber driver felt we went to some quite hidden area. At our arrival my heart was pounding with anticipation for what was behind those big doors.

As we entered the venue a friendly lady greeted us and explained to us the colour ribbons and what each meant. That was so that all the other people knew if they should approach you or not and what you were interested in. We moved to the bar are and got some drinks. As we were looking around not really knowing what is where, A lady approached us saying we moved a bit fast past the entrance as they would like to take us on a tour first of the venue. She introduced herself as the owner. She was friendly and welcoming. As I saw over her shoulder a blond goddess approaching us. She walked to us and introduced herself as Andrea. She had a short tartan skirt white socks heels and 2 pony tails. Perfect school girl look. She greeted warm and had a very naughty smile. I instantly liked her. As she showed us the bar and dancing area and said we should follow her to the rooms. There is a big pool with a bridge across it. As we came to the bridge there was a bed hanging from the roof. It looked so inviting and kinky. But not for one minute did I imagine I will ever play on that bed in full view of anyone. Hubby looked flushed and could not take his eyes of Ann. He asked me to walk in front of him to help hide his rising cock that Ann stirred. She was funny and provocative all in one. As we were on the bridge Ann nudged him her way to show him something. He had to pass me but his eyes was glued to Ann. She is a slim but curvy lady. She has beautiful long legs and high heels. The short skirt just revealed her butt cheeks making in quite hard for the poor man to focus. As I was enjoying a silent giggle at his reaction someone took me by the elbow. As I turned slightly to see who was seeking my attention a man stood behind me. “Hello I am Jamie.” He is a nice build man with a drop dead smile. Something about him had me at Hello. Smiling back and introducing me and Hubby he explained he was Andrea’s husband and they wish us to enjoy our evening at the club. We finished the tour. As we got back to the bar area me and hubby was quite eager to share that we both liked them instantly.

We met some nice sexy and very interesting people but took the night slow. As this was like a first time for us. As it neared 12 o Clock Jamie announced that it was Andrea’s B Day and another gent. They were tied to the dancing pole and anyone could go dance for them and tease them. There was a guy kissing and caressing Ann it was so sexy to watch. After the dance, Jamie was insane with lust and picked Ann up and took her to the voyeur room. We sat on the other side of the voyeur room. It drove us insane to see that carnal lust. He really did not fuck her like she was his wife. Being very turned on but not even near to ever enter a voyeur room we went to the Smoking lounge. There were comfy seats and a coffee table. We set our drinks down and engaged in some conversation with other couples. Jamie and Andrea came into the room flushed and well fucked. Andrea took the corner seat and was talking to someone she knew. The whole night Jamie would flirt as passing me and made me flutter every single time. As we sat hubby was tickling my inner thigh with his fingers. The next minute Jamie came and sat on the other side of me. Placing his one leg over my foot. Just that slight touch of our legs made my heart pound fast. Jamie made a comment that he would love a lady’s lips around his cock now. My husband without a blink of an eye suggested I take care of that. Not letting the opportunity pass I was down on my knees in front of Jamie. While keeping eye contact I unzipped his slacks. As I was doing that slowly to intensify the moment I could feel the movement of his cock. I noticed the surprise in his face as he did not expect this to happen. When I managed to have his cock in my hand I folded my lips around his cock to tease the tip. I could feel his body spasming and his cock pulsing. I then took his full length of his cock in my mount and gave it gentle sucks wile caressing his shaft with my tongue. Then as I felt his body shaking I sucked hard and deep. Just as he was about to cum Jamie pushed me away and said he needed to save that a while. I laughed at him and saw my husbands look of approval and noticed the bulge in his pants of excitement as he loved to watch me suck another man. I took my seat between the two men again.

The next minute he had his hand sliding up and down my other thigh. With both men touching me at the same time I was instantly wet. Being extremely aroused hubby started to kiss me. And forcing my legs open. Jamie turned my face towards him and kissed me. He has jummy and luscious lips. Caressing my tongue with his. By this time hubby started to finger fuck me as I moaned into Jamie’s mouth he released my mouth and started to massage my clit. If I did not know any better I would have thought that they planned it. The touched me so in sync with each other. Just the perfect motion. Hubby kissed along the side of my neck leading down to my breasts. He then opened my breasts in full view of the room and tugged with his teeth on my nipple. I begged them to stop as my eye caught that the room was suddenly filled with people and nobody was engaging in any conversation. For the past minutes I was lost in pleasure. Jamie pulled back and my husband continued even more fierce than before. As I could not contain this anymore and moaned and my body curled with pleasure as I squired over the two of them covered the coffee table. The room erupted in a voice of comments as people were moving their drinks and whipping their phones clean. I honestly can’t remember it all but it was “Fuck yes, O Wow that looked amazing etc. I was flushed and blushed all in one. Soaking wet down to my feet. Breathing as if I did a 10Km fun run. As I stood up to get myself cleaned. Ann said she had never been able to squirt. Yay now it was my turn to put hubby on the spot. I said very well then Mr. you know what to do. Get to it. Hubby made protest and Ann challenged him. Trouble he could not resist. Jamie gave him a nod that it was indeed all good. He went over to Ann a caressed and kissed her preparing her for what was to come. From the side we were it was a mouth-watering, lingering kiss. It left both breathless. He kissed and tugged on her earlobe. Ann let go some moans as he was opening her blouse and kissing her above her breasts. He tugged on her nipple and caressed her other breast with his hand. Ann has the most beautiful perky breasts. At some point I thought he was never going to let them go. For the first time I could watch without distraction. He then moved back and slid both his hands up her thighs and tangled his fingers into her panties. Slowly he pulled them down. Ann bit fierce onto her lips. It looked as if she was going to order him to move along any minute. Jamie had his hand on my leg just above my knee, I could feel him applying more pressure as he did not move his eyes off Ann’s expression. Slowly he pulled her panties down over her long and slender legs. Leaving her heals on. My husband went in for another kiss but this time his fingers were having a special conversation with Ann’s thigh. By the time his hand reached her sex she was pushing her body to meet his hand. He then kissed her down her body as her nipples reacted to his touch. With his fingers massaging her clit he slid his mouth down. As his mouth suckled onto her clit Ann’s body curled in pleasure. It seemed as if she was in long anticipation for the needed touch. I could not see exactly what he did, but I knew. He has glorious tongue skill and knows just when to lick and when to suck and where. He slid his two fingers inside her. Her eyes rolled as her head fell back into the pillows. He was lost in her spell instantly and she in his and it showed, He had a white shirt on that looked like he was a teacher. In seconds Ann moaned a sound of music. She still said wait. But it was too late. She sprayed hubby from head to his middle. He was soaked in Ann’s sweet juice. He slid his hand to her mouth so she could taste herself. Then he went down to get a taste. The whole room burst into an applause and a line of woman wanting him to do that to them also. Ann wrapped her legs around his waist and said no he is my find. By this time Jamie was asking me to suck his cock as he was way past a Horny mark. He said he had never experienced that Ann could squirt like that. So New he said from J Bay. And we had quite a giggle. I got down on my knees on the carped once again separating Jamie’s legs I unzipped his slacks as I did not break eye contact with him. I could see his eyes thinning in anticipation. And I loved to tease. I did it all slow there was no rush right. Ann sat on the other side of him caressing his body. Blocking out all the eyes around me and focusing just on this throbbing cock I held in my hand I took him in my mouth just teasing his tip with my tongue while considering his waiting eyes. His hips began to pump but I pushed him down. Then I took his cock to the base. Lightly sucking and licking all in once. I just love the sound of a man moan. I went slow as I could see he enjoyed the slow hard sucks. His cock pulsed and went even harder in my mouth casing me to climax at the same time.

Ann was rubbing down my back and purring in my ear that drove us all wild. Jamie said I should stop he could not hold back. But I would not give way. He then pushed me away and put a condom on instructing me to sit on him. I got up lifted my tartan skirt and sat on him. Holding onto the top of the couch I thrusted my hips down on him hard. It felt so good. He filled me and with every thrust I could feel how my body started to pump out of control. My eyes were set on his I wanted to see his face when he came. Savour the moment. Hearing Ann moan I realised that my hubby and Ann had followed suit. Hubby was caressing Ann’s breasts and she sat down on the couch as he was still standing. Taking his cock that must have been ready to burst into her mouth. By the sounds that escaped hubby’s mouth I knew Ann gives a fucking good blow job. That sound made me wild beyond words. I think I went blank for a few seconds and rode Jamie as if this was my last meal. He grabbed onto my hips and pushed me down hard on him forcing my cunt to take all of him. I felt his cock pulsing as he came hard. And just that made me cum even harder. I spend a wile just laying over him to calm my shaking body. As I looked to my left I saw Ann bending over the couch and Hubby thrusting hard into her. It sounded as if he was going to push Ann to the next room. Ann loved it and asked him “Fuck me harder” music to his ears. He held on to her waist and fucked as hard as he could. I could not believe he could last that long. By know I was sitting next to Jamie as we enjoyed the view. When Ann finally collapsed as she came, He held her up and fucked her into a second orgasm. He lead out a deep growl as he came hard. Just seeing that I was ready for more.

Then I realised the room was in absolute silence. As I looked round it felt like a blur but everyone was just staring. I could not even blush as I was so flushed and my body felt weak filled with total satisfaction. As I stood up pulling my skirt back finding my lost panty’s I became really aroused by the staring eyes around me. That was weird as I never thought of myself as an exhibitionist. But I left to the bathroom area and cleaned myself.

Thinking this was an amazing evening and now will come to an end. As I returned Ann made space for me besides her and Jamie. They said their driver has arrived and needed to go. Yes, it was around 3am so we would follow suit. But Ann grabbed my thigh and said to Jamie no this one I am taking home with me. All parties agreed and off we went. Me hubby and Ann in the back….

As we were sitting in the back-seat Ann started to rub my clit. I was so scared the driver would see anything I covered us with my coat. Then I noticed that in return I had my hand on Ann’s thigh also.

This was strange for me as I am straight {or am I). But I enjoyed it. She just knew were to touch and I had to be very cautious not to moan as whatever she did that night with my clit felt so damn good. Jamie gave us a warning from the front that we were near the drop off zone were they car were and we made our self-look respectful as it was at a garage near their home.

At that point my mind was racing I was wet horny and blind with lust. I could not wait to get to their house. They lived in a complex and Jamie had to silence me and Ann. We giggled like school girls seeing a cock for the first time. Jamie made us a cosy play area in the lounge and asked me to suck him off again. He clearly enjoyed that. Now who was I not to indulge he has and divine cock and I enjoyed seeing his delight when my mouth touched him. Ann is an extremely sexy and sensual woman. She has a naughty playfulness around her all the time. I could see that she had my husband mesmerised around her and I really loved every second of it. As Jamie paused me and said look for a minute. He was an awe watching my hubby and Ann fucking so hard and her moaning out loud. I could feel Jamie’s cock harden even more by the view. I let him watch and enjoyed the view myself. Hubby and Ann did not even notice we were looking at them. They were lost in the moment. And it was arousing to see. As they fell back both came and breathing heavily they noticed we were looking at them. Jamie had his face near Ann and hubby started to caress her clit again. Every know and then sliding his fingers in her and doing his magic trick. Jamie held out his hand knowing what was about to happen. Ann moaned, and hubby made her squirt again. This time filling Jamie’s hand and face. It drove him crazy. As Ann regained herself she giggled and said to Jamie did you enjoy that. Well his smile said it all. He then asked if I could squirt over his body. As he was laying down and hubby took me and massaged my clit and finger fucked me. It was seconds and I sprayed all over Jamie. I went down and sat on his groin and slided all over him teasing his cock. It felt so slick and I knew I could cum just by doing that. But he put a condom on and flipped me on my knees. He was wild and fucked me hard wile I held on to the edge of the couch. All the time I was concentrating on Ann’s face. She looked pleased and flushed and started to play with herself watching us. For some reason that drove me insane. I came twice before Jamie could. When he was close he pulled out and removed the condom. Spraying his cum over my butt. I loved the feel of that warm cum on me. I fell flat on the duvet and just laid there. Savouring the ripples of orgasm taking over my body. Hubby came from the bathroom and cleaned me up kissing me softly then without warning he pulled me back onto my knees and fucked me hard and fast. I knew he would not cum again. He was in play mode. Endless fucking till his cock hurt and my pussy was swollen shut. He then slapped me hard on my ass and let me lay down. We were all just lying there exhausted and filled with satisfaction. None of us realised that the time flew by and it was 7 am. I jumped up and gathered what I could as we were staying with family that has no idea what we are up to and they would all be awake and busy soon. We needed to get our Uber car as we ended up quite far from where we stayed. Poor Jamie had to go to work at 9am. Clearly, we were all fucked. As we were just about to leave. Jamie hanged a towel over his cock to display he was hard again. What a shame to leave that but it was time to go.

As we sat in the Uber car I realised that I did not have any panty’s on, no stockings, Blushing I just covered me with my coat and blushed. We sneaked quietly into the house not wanting to wake anyone. By 11 they woke us. Hubby’s cousin said, “Well I guess the lingerie party you two went to must have been fun to sneak in at quarter to 8 in the morning” Blushing and smiling we just nodded. But dammit I lost one of my sexiest panties. I stood in the shower for a long period and washed endless. Just to be greeted by a throbbing cock again.

And then we met Jamie and Andrea round the same way. (See part 2)