Written by bornready4fun

17 Jul 2013


As you all know by now we love the private party scene, and tonight is no difference. Getting ready to have fun at Gerald’s place, we leave in time to pitch up just after seven. Already there are some people we know and some we don’t. What an amazing feeling to be with people who understand you and never judge. In the past two years I have made the most amazing friends in the lifestyle that I would really do anything for them and I know the same goes for them. I don’t even need to have sex as long as I can just spend time with all of them. Meeting new people on these parties is always great because they are the people that becomes your new friends and tonight is definitely no exception.

While some of the people start playing two of the girls give us a show by massaging one another, and suddenly all the men are watching intently. Always very arousing to see two women enjoying one another ……although I prefer women that are louder when their enjoying one another…………

From the back corner we can hear how one girl is really enjoying herself and this really grabs my attention as Haelje loafers me to the corner bed. We never play alone so this is really a very first experience for me as Dee is busy pouring drinks and watching the girl’s action. Haelje starts slowly kissing me in the neck and sucking on my nipples which in turn sprang to attention. I just love it when he sucks real hard on them cause then I feel it in my uterus. A little biting on the right time is amazing and makes me even hornier if possible. He slowly works his way down and finally I can feel him sucking and licking on my clit while his fingers is probing my pussy ……… first slow and softly and as I get more aroused he intensifies it with hard and fast and deep while his tongue never leaves my clit………….. Wow this is just sooooooooooooooo amazing and I can feel how my orgasms are starting to build up……….slowly and steadily increasing the pressure. Next moment I feel how I’m falling over the edge in a deep satisfying orgasm. He keeps on with the same motion for about 10 minutes making me convulse into one spasm after the other. Finally I feel his stiff rigid beautiful cock enter my wet wanting pussy with deep strokes. This makes me squirt around his cock which drives him mad with passion as he start ramming me hard and fast. Breaking into millions of earth shattering orgasms, feeling how my love juice runs down my legs……….. Wow wow wow this is just mind blowing.

Afterwards he always make sure that I come down slowly as its very difficult for me to cool down and I get very lightheaded with all these mind – blowing orgasms and squirting. Straight to the bathroom to clean up yeah yeah I know I'm full of shit but that’s just me no other man touches me before I have cleaned up.

Drinking and chatting and just having a great time with my friends is what makes an evening like this worthwhile. The playing is definitely always a bonus.

Back with Dee he says he tried to join us but because I was going so wild everyone stood in his way so he couldn’t reach us. Off course I didn’t notice anything cause my eyes are mostly close and when I’m enjoying myself the whole world can go down I wouldn’t notice it. Sitting smoking drinking and talking I’m slowly playing with his cock…………………… mmmmmmmmmmmm njammies I love the way he reacts to my touch, and off course in a jiffy he’s rock hard and tells me he’s ready to play we should go and play on the mattress. Now he and haelje is teaming up and boy o boy these are my two most favourite lovers in the whole world cause they’re not scared to communicate to ensure that I receive the most pleasure possible and though they are both a bit bi they will never fuck one another as this is def not my scene, the nice part is when one slips out the other will give a hand without any embarrassing so this is really great. While Dee goes down eating my mango with a vengeance I get hold of Haelje’s big cock and starts sucking…………………….. Oooo fuck this man tastes sooooooooo well and loves his pre cum… Funny thing though the minute I starts to orgasms there’s just no way I can suck cock at that moment…. Maybe it’s a good thing otherwise I’m sure I would have bitten off a cock years ago. After a while Dee position himself between my legs and enters me with a hard deep thrush spiralling me into yet a number of orgasms. By now I’m so sensitive that with every stroke I squirt around him making the bed and him soaking wet and when I orgasm I push so hard that he looses balance. Quickly Haelje takes over and starts ramming me hard and fast making me convulsing into yet another bunch of orgasms and pushing so hard that he also looses balance. By now everybody in the room is laughing and making comments of me being to wild for the guys and this makes me so embarrass that I totally lost my entire urge to play. Dee just tells me block it out and enjoy and starts ramming me again hard and deep until I start gushing and squirming again. After a while it just simply gets to difficult to fuck on the mattress as were sliding the whole time and my two men just can’t anymore.

Running to the bathroom again I stop in front of one of the guys as he says damm girl are you finished now…………… with a chuckle I tell him “Wait big boy after I cleaned up its your turn “ which ensures everybody bursting out in laughter.

After a well deserved drink we sit there and just chat and finally I’m actually chatting to new people which in turn ensured us making the perfect connection.

I asked Dee if he would like a massage and while he is laying on the table I start giving him a blow job……………….wow just love the way he fills up my mouth. Another girl joins me in sucking him and this really turns Dee on a lot. A few minutes passed and I can see Dee is really ready to be fucked and I urge this girl on. She gets on top off the table and positioned herself on top of his great cock. This woman def knows how to ride a man and she is going to town with him…………. Suddenly I hear a roar building up in Dee throat and I know he’s ready to explode. He cumms deep inside her with a helluva tremble. I can see the satisfaction on her face and on his and believe me after a year together this is the first time I see my man cumin on a party with anybody else than myself so this is really very arousing and I can feel how wet I’m getting again

Hal past one its time for us to leave and saying our good buys us on our way home. Getting home haelje just stays for a cup of coffee and then he’s off and I get into a lovely bath. Nothing feels better than a bath after great sex. Getting into bed I cant believe my man actually wants to play again………… wow what a bonus, later on I will learn that he used a tablet and boy did this work just fabulously.

He starts by giving me a tantric massage which always makes me so horny. Then he eats me out slowly and the more I orgasm the more he eats this makes me so wild that I started squirting in his face and he just went on and on. After a while I started begging him to fuck me and he just said “Wait your turn “ which off course made me so horny I just love it when a man takes control as I’m a very dominant lover but more in a active way than really dominance. The next minute I feel how my pussy is forced open and I realize he’s now fisting me which off course makes me squirt even more………………… fuck I’m so horny and keeps on orgasming. It really feels like I’m totally dehydrated due to all this Cumming. Finally I can feel his whole hand is inside me and he slowly rotates his fist while still licking lightly on my clit……… fuck this feels sooooooooooooooo great out of this world…… nothing can fill one up like this and its amazing to feel how easily I cumm like this. After don’t know how many orgasms I beg for a smoke break and just something to drink. Quickly clean up and we enjoy a well deserved cup of coffee Dee just straight away starts to finger fuck me again and this time I suddenly feel something cold entering my pussy and him rimming my anus. After good lubrication he enters me anally with two fingers and this big dildo inside my pussy with stimulation on my very sensitive clit by now………fuck fuck fuck this is out of this world and it feels like there’s no break between my orgasms

I need to feel his cock inside me and begs him to fuck me………….. Suddenly I feel him enter my pussy with the dildo still inside me wow wow wow this is so intense and the way he fills me up and stretch my pussy to its limits is just so mind blowing that I start fucking him hard and deep contracting my pussy muscles the little I have by now cause of the stretching. I just love DP its sooooooooooooooo amazing and feel so exquisite the vibrating effect with his cock ramming hard and fast. Very quickly Dee starts building up to a massive orgasm and with a mighty roar he unloads his heavenly love juice deep inside my pussy swirling me into another deep orgasm which leave us both totally spent.

Wow and when we get our wits back its past six o clock in the morning……….. What a great way to end a swinging evening. For us this is still the best part, the way swinging makes our sex life so much more intense and fulfilling. What I experience with Dee I have never experienced in my whole life and ultimately his best friend, my real companion and my ultimate lover. Totally spent we cuddle up to one another and drift of in a deep satisfying sleep.