Written by Pussinboots1

28 Apr 2012

Last day of 2010.......11h30, I was waiting for a gent, I mailed on another swing site,who advertised that he does sensual /tantric massages.

I booked him (yep, paid for the massage, it was a business deal after all)

Now I know the gents already OFFERING me massages, are up in arms about this...just calm down and relax...sheesh.

AND NOOOOOOOOO this gent is NOT a gigolo sheesh.

I booked S,he did say I could *name* him...:) thank you for that, sweetie.

For a sensual massage for my sister and me , but more so for her.

We are both interested in tantric massage,but I had other motives as well and I knew to just book him for her, would be a total NO, NO. You will read the reason at the end.

But I did, with out her knowledge,and had to tell her when I wanted to confirm a date and time.

she was grossed out and NOT pleased at all, and told me

*How can you do something like that*

I told her I ALREADY paid and as it cost and arm and leg,for both of us for an hour each.....she could not say NO.

That of cause was an out an out a lie...as I only paid when he left.

Lucky she was so busy in her own little world of peace and bliss, afterwards ,she did not notice that fact. Or all hell would have been loose.

That did not stop me from looking forward to RECEIVING and not giving a massage this time around.

I Went to her place ,on the booked day,as my girlfriend was home,and one thing we did agree on was, that I never bring any male/lady home when she is home,even if it was/is innocent.

Now know one thing.....my sister is a minimalist...she really just have in her house what she uses,NOTHING else.

She refuses to clutter up her space.She has only 4 glasses, if that gives you an idea.If she ever invites anybody to eat at her place and we are more than 3 people...we have to bring our own dishes.....:)

So I nearly had to Trans sport my household to her place to prepare a nice ambivalent area.



Some pillows and sheets

Bottled water and orange juice

Some flowers to cheer up her little lounge.

Some nice smelling essence to burn.

Extra towels.

An electric fan

So I went early to prepare...and it was hot.

And she does NOT have aircon

I sweated my ass off working....and making her cross, bossing her around to do this and that.

Like pegging a blanket to the outside of her bedroom window to darken the room,so the candles can be used.

So after finishing preparing her room for the massage we were an hour early.

So we waited....

I showered once again.

She just refused to get undressed and put on a sarong/hip scarf.

Me, hell I am so Large NOTHING fits me..so I Had to go buy a NEW piece of material I used as a sarong,but that material was so damn HOT....Also to keep her calm I wore a panty.

Cause she was telling me in a no nonsense voice...

*R, as hy my yoni wil massage, kan hy dit vergeet.*..

he he he...*Ok *I said ,not a problem ..... I will tell him

then steaming up in the heat,the fan not working properly to cool us off.....I discarded the panty and *sharong*sitting naked as the day I was born,lucky my sister is used to me and my ways...:)

Then getting an sms telling me he is on his way...but will be little late.

By golly,as the time dragged on....I started having the nervy *shite`s *thing,starting up....ALSO SWEATING LIKE A PIG..

So she made me sit did some Reiki on my knees, that was really really painful....and my legs looked like two LARGE tree trumps and not just one tree trump like always.

Then she massaged my head....and we did some breathing exercises together.

Now the reason for my angst..was due to few facts.

My sister being slightly pissed of with me but trying to relax.

See I could have asked a rapist here....

I could have asked a real weird person here......

I never spoke to this gent before.~so I really did not know anything about him...and I am usually very paranoid.and safety orientated.

It is not as if we were speaking for years ,or even knew about each other previously.

Understand my nerves????

Sitting *nekid*,no panty...nada..........................the doorbell rings......

Got up scrambling...looking for my panty... Tossed somewhere.....and trying to tie this heck of a piece of material around me.

Yelling *I am coming*

Opening the door, awkward moment...still missing a panty

Nice gent,casually dressed,no *airs* about him.....nice smile....introducing ourselves.

Awkward moment,inviting him in ,Looking around frantically for the missing panty.....I need to still put the damn thing on.....where did I throw the thing????

Introduced him to my sister.

My sister starts talking in English damn he, he, he ,he, I stopped to listen to her,and nearly fell down in a stupor and nearly started giggling...

She is using this sort of *high society* voice he he he....Now that sounds funny..

I just looked at her, and let it go,trying my best not to start giggling.

He sort of took this two old strange females in his stride...not blinking or showing anything.His face a friendly smile.

Now immagine...

One lady putting on *airs*(sister)...and one frantically running around looking like a deranged elephant,(me)

I start Rushing around to light the candles

Offering him a cooling down shower,

Offering him something cool to drink.

All declined.

I rushed off to go put on another panty, I knew I have there, the *in case* panty ,still Wondering if the lost panty is floating in the air somewhere where he might see it...damn.damn what must he think.

Then he asks who goes first.

I answered saying.. ME... As I agreed with my sister....dropping my *sarong*...panty in place.

Good gosh * am I that FAT*...as I walk passed a mirror on the wall seeing myself...that one glimpse of me puts me of the whole excitement and anticipation...thinking on how he must see me :(...damn.

But then, I am paying him ,so he better shut up.

He takes out a bowl and some massage oils,asking me if he might get undressed

i agree of course.....

Lying down on my back ,the boobs falling under my armpits...:(

He asks me to please turn on my stomach.

He is now standing in his underpants...LOL....and I was sooooo looking forward to see a cock that day ...Oh well......sighing to myself.

he then walks around the bed towards my head, asking if he might take his undies off.

I say yes,starting to drool...the pervert in me, coming to the foreground .

I ask if I must take my panty off ?

*Please* he says, it sort of helps that he does not have to work with clothing in the way....it disturbs the flow of energy.

Yippeeeeeeee .....oh damn , ass so ugly and has little side effects, I AM MOST certainly NOT going to mention here!!!!!

So I yell to the sister to come help me pull the offending thing(panty) right off my bottom.

Thinking to myself ,I hope she does not loose this panty as well,as I have already lost one panty to a panty thief somewhere along the line.

I feel a hot strong pair of hands sliding over my shoulders down my back...My eyes closed tightly....BLISS!!! Strong hands slide over my ass and down my legs as far s he can reach,then moving back upwards...

What does the bugger do...he spreads his hands and slides his fingertips RIGHT over that *side effects*,for crying out loud.......do I clench my ass or open up??????

Lifting my head and opening my eyes, I am confronted by this HUGE ERECT bobbing cock head......dangling right in front of my nose, actually TAP,tapping my nose....

I instantly forgot his hands on my ass and his fingertips on the no no parts , the *rimming* feeling down yonder...

I am breathing harder my head has a one way ticked of thinking....

All I need to do is...just flick out my tongue,just this tip of my tongue and I can taste....or just slip in his whole head between my lips

Hmmmmmm...... bad girl, bad girl,....no nothing of that........I scolded myself.

Closing my eyes and sighing,damn I am at my sisters place and have to behave.And the massage has not even begun as yet.......how am I suppose to behave????

So Firstly, I image his cock head wearing a little RED and White Santa fluffy hat.

I imagine I draw on little black eyes looking at me

He already had a running watery *nose*

The mushroomed head rim makes for a nice mouth........he, he,

Okay , okay, that got me giggling aloud (and all men are so sensitive if they think we ladies laugh at their cocks) ,so I had to tell him I am weird and little nervous ,and he must just ignore me.

He quirked his yes at me, probably thinking I am laughing at him.... Poor man.

He moved around and gave me a really nice sensual back and legs and arms massage.

then he asked me to turn onto my back.

Getting onto the bed with me,he oiled me and massaged EVERY little peace of flesh I had...floppy or not..it got massaged and stroked and squeezed.

To tell you guys , my sister and I agreed that, should S start a Yoni massage on me,she will leave.

Let me say she disappeared very early on in the massage...:)

He is a real tease....sliding over me with his whole body.....then sitting back on his heels and using only his hands and fingers...

I OPENED up my old legs......man oh man...sure he could see me drooling and melting as he had some fingers in me,feeling how WET I was.....then suddenly I will remember he is not here for sexual gratification for me as such....and I will tense up....and he will move away:) hmmm and repeat....and I will melt and then tense up again...the bloody tease....:(

He asked me to turn onto my stomach..he repeats his movements ,moving his body over mine,starts to

rub and press his LARGE cock inside my legs over my ass and between my ass cheeks ........... ok ,enough said here.

NOOOOOOO we did not have sex,....

Although I am certain if I did open up just a little more and lifted my ass,he would have been inside....:)

I was turned over on my back again .....then my nipples was sucked and touched and pinched ermmmmm ...no further details here either....

Just know by now my own hands was NOW doing some exploring and touching and sliding on their own all over this gorgeous male with out him saying NO........MY damn hands ,I just could not keep them still.....

And he allowed it, the nice man :)

I had to laugh when he rested his penis on top and between my yoni...and told me it looked stunning , looking down at our bodies.

*But you will not be able to see this* he said with a smile looking in my eyes and smiled... ...yeah, yeah, tell me my stomach Is to bloody large....grrrrrr

Next time........ reminder to myself........ KEEP a hand mirror handy.....he he he he

I Had the privileged to hold /squeeze him in my hands ,while we got to talking about a little kink.While he lso continued to play with me.

At that stage I Was not sure he meant what he said...about meeting up after this massage, for future ,NON paying play.

...our kind of KINK play I must add.

My hour was more than up we over ran time actually.....and we stopped.

I think if my sister was not there and she was not waiting her turn for a massage, things might have turned out differently.

Thank god My panty just on the end of the bed.

I got up,help fix the bed.

Gave the man a cold drink.

Helped my sister to lie down on the bed,and reassured her,all will go well and that it is okay, he is a nice gent.

I left them to go repair all evidence that my pussy enjoyed itself.

I then went and waited for my sisters massage to end

I heard her starting to cry,rushing in, I saw him holding her gently in his arms,murmuring to her...

All was well nothing was wrong....

See that massage was planned for my sister,she was divorced for over 20 years, NOT ever having a man touch her in all that time,she also had breast cancer and had one breast removed in tht 20 years,She felt less like a woman. Not worthy of any male`s attention.

That massage was to have a male touch her,and letting her know she is a woman , not a nothing...she is worthwhile.

S made her feel sexy, and wanted.....he made her whole again.

To S, who is NOW my friend and kinky play mate for 2 years already,I will always be grateful.

My sister moved on and in fact has many lovers currently.