Written by J and D

21 Aug 2018

We found ourselves sipping a drink in the hotel bar waiting on my wife’s first potential client. No sooner had we had our first sip and in walks Mr M. He greets us openly as if we had met before and orders a drink. We make some small talk and then he says well should we go up to the room? We get to the door of number 224. We go in and my wife sits down in the chair he had mentioned that I am welcome to stay but he thought it best if I go for a drink so that he and my wife could settle down. My wife assured me she is fine and I leave. Downstairs I am going slightly crazy, we have had full swaps before and had plenty fun but that was different, I had left my wife with a guy who was going to pay her for sex. I get a message on my phone. Don’t stress all going well give us an hour. An hour later I get to the room and all looks to be in order Mr M says the room is ours and he is off we can chat later. The door is hardly closed and I am asking what happened ? Her account

So you left and I was rather nervous but he was a gentleman. He asked me to undress to my underwear. I walked around in my underwear and high heels in the room he wanted me to keep the heels on throughout.

He then asked me to come closer and he touched me kissed my shoulders and into my neck from behind he then asked me to get onto the bed on all fours. He kissed my lower back and then started to inhale my pussy through my g string rubbing my push through my g string and telling me how sexy I am. He then slipped down his boxers revealing a sizable cock with hanging balls. He is clean shaven everywhere. He lay down on the bed and asked me to get his cock hard! I went between his legs and sucked his cock first the tip then licking down the shaft he asked me to lick his balls and suck on them. He asked if i would kick his butt but I said “Not this time”. I was getting into it and rubbing my pussy when he said I could sit of his face!!!

We hadn’t really talked about that but I figured most guys like to lick pussy so I straddled his face. He kept saying my pussy tastes great but he was rather naughty. Naughty? Yes he would suck on my clit lick deep into my pussy and even licked my asshole a bit. That made him very hard he said he wanted to fuck me! We got a condom out he said he wanted me on top. I climbed on his cock and I rode it. He was grabbing and squeezing my tits telling me how naughty I am. His hands moved to my ass gripping it and pushing me hard onto his cock. He felt how wet I was and asked me to taste my pussy on his cock every now and then. Telling me to tell him how it tasted and if it was creamy ? He was getting naughtier and kept touching my asshole and even managed to get his finger in there. Then he said he wanted me on all fours he was fucking my pussy hard from behind and wet his thumb and pushed into my ass. He asked me if I was okay and I said it’s was okay just not to go to quickly. He kept telling me to cum for him and I had but not like I usually do it was a bit more reserved. Then he pulled out and rubbed the head against my asshole and said he would love to fuck my ass !!!! I said that it wasn’t agreed on so I had not prepared but he could watch me finger my ass? He said he would love to see that! I fingered my ass a bit and he was jerking his cock. He asked if he could cum on me. We had said that on me was fine but not in me. So he aimed at my tits and cummed asking me to grab his balls while he did so! He went outside for a smoke and we both had a drink again and then he asked if he could eat my ass a bit while I sat on a chair the wrong way round. I was cheeky and said that would cost extra he said it’s fine he assumed it would be. No sooner was I in the chair and he was caressing and kissing my entire butt. He proceeded to lick my butthole until I told him enough. He then went a bit further and asked me to suck his cock while he was on all fours and touch his ass while I was behind him. Now I have had some weird requests “one couple asked if I was prepared to pee on them or allow them to pee on me, and this was at a house party another couple wanted my hubby and I to shock them with electricity”. Here is was getting paid to jerk a older guy off and touch his ass in a hotel room. I kept jerking his cock and bending it towards me and sucking it but every time I touched his ass his cock would twitch and his body jerked a bit. I though what the hell and returned the favor and inserted my index finger into his butt. He groaned and then cummed all over the bed sheets he then just lay down face first. A few minutes later turned over and said that was amazing. He went for a shower and no sooner had we finished and hubby arrived at the door. Money left on the table and even a fair amount extra for being naughty. My hubby wrote most of this but asked me to write this last section. We have decided to do it again I must be honest I didn’t feel empowered or thrilled but my fantasy has grown and I think that the next time will be less butterflies and more fun.