04 Jan 2017

I read a story here called 'Playing catch up at the park' and it kinda reminded me of something we did at the park sometime last year.

Our first date was at this park and although the first date was subdued and we were both shy, our 2nd date at the park, which was our 3rd date actually turned out to be quite an experience.

Just like our first date, we met elsewhere and drove to the park together. He brought the wine and I brought the snacks. We found a quiet spot and unlike our first date we couldn't keep our hands off each other! I wore a short skirt and sat open legged with my legs on either side of the park bench covered by a scarf and basically he sat between my legs.

At first we talked about how hungry we were for each other. It had been a while since our fuck date, the aforementioned 2nd date, and it would be a while till the next one but that didn't stop us from fooling around.

He started fingering me, making sure there was no one around. The slow soft fingering was getting faster and I could see the hunger in his eyes. We kissed. He fondled my breasts and again started fingering me. I raised my bum and gyrated to his finger rhythm, it was delicious. We heard voices and stopped. The people appeared and walked close to where we were. We pretended to be chatting like the normal couple we are. As soon as they disappeared his fingers were back in where they belong. In my pussy! We continued like this kissing and fingering and fondling until we had to go.