Written by Anonymous

05 Apr 2019

We had an opportunity to meet up at our favourite park once again, for longer than usual this time, and have another great afternoon together… And when we were done, and saying our goodbyes, she said “I’m going to write a story for you this time!”… and a couple of days later the story below started to appear on my phone by whatsapp, revealing itself paragraph by paragraph…

I re-lived our afternoon of fun and intimacy as the messages came through one by one… and then once again as I typed up her messages into a Word doc for us in preparation for posting here…

And now that we have her record of her recollection of the afternoon, we can re-live it anytime we want to just by re-reading the story…. And hopefully others too will get some pleasure from reading about it with us…...........

"While driving to our favourite spot in the outdoors, my body was already betraying me as my nipples started hardening, until I could feel them pushing against my bra and tingling every time the fabric rubbed against them. They’re just begging to be set free so that your mouth, tongue and touch can give them the attention they are wanting.

At the same time my pussy is starting to fill with delicious creamy moisture, running down between my pussy lips and into my bum-crack, knowing so well that you will give my hard swollen clit all the attention it desperately wants just as soon as I open my legs wide and offer my pussy juices to you and your wonderful warm tongue and oh-so-obliging mouth, making my body cum alive as you eat my pussy out. Of course I will try to give you a warning as my body starts convulsing in pure ecstasy, as my pussy juices start to squirt out, as the juices run through your beard, and love it afterwards when you offer your face for me to taste my cum and pussy juices.

Upon arriving it took me a few seconds longer than usual to locate you, as once again I forget you have a new car.

As soon as I see you parked at our “shaving spot”, so called for “obvious” reasons, I accelerate to join you.

As usual our greetings are just as effective as they were the very first time we met, and my body is ready and eager for your touch.

Today we had an extra treat because of not having the usual time constraints. It is not that often that we first get to just relax and enjoy sitting in the shade, chatting and catching up with all our news.

Before we have even begun to realise it, the time has passed far quicker than either of us was aware. Neither of us was prepared to leave before we had cum and had satisfied the lust we have for each other.

I got rid of the clothes I was wearing, and slipped into a skimpy dress which definitely allows easy access to all the parts of my body I so want to be touched, tongued, and have played with. I could definitely not ignore your hard cock, and wanted it as deep in my mouth as I could take you, deep throating your cock, and you willingly started to gently fuck my mouth.

For additional fun I had impulsively brought my toy along. Although far from satisfying me as only you can, it certainly provides some extra fun, especially as you know exactly how to use it to give me total ecstasy.

We decided that the back seat of your car would be the perfect place to have the most fun, and the best place for you to pleasure my eager pussy. Whilst I was bending forward getting everything covered (our usual ritual), I felt your hard cock push into me from behind. My pussy immediately responded, and I pushed back against your meaty cock, now grown hard to perfection.

You fucked me from behind for a while, deep and a little harder than usual. It was absolute bliss feeling your cock moving steadily back and forth in my pussy.

After some time I turned around and lay down on the back seat, generously opening my legs nice and wide, my pussy on full display to you. I reached for my vibrator and started using it. I know this drives you wild. You could see the vibrator getting me eagerly wet and my clit nicely swollen as you wanked yourself for me. You took over using the vibrator on me. Getting lost in the moment, you had me begging you to fuck me in no time at all.

You definitely surprised me again as, instead, I felt your tongue on my clit while the vibrator was still very nicely getting me to cry out again “please fuck me”. After all that teasing I was way, way ready to be fucked.

I stepped out of the car, and by the way I was positioned you knew exactly how I wanted to be fucked – it would be doggy style today – you finding the perfect stride, nice and deep, filling my pussy up perfectly.

I vaguely remember you saying something about cumming, but by then I was lost in my own orgasm which went on for some time, leaving me utterly spent and totally content.........…. "

Thank you, lover, for yet another special memory, captured in this way………