Written by Spartan

12 Nov 2016

Recounting a mates story.....

He left the office at lunch time. Thought he would catch something to nibble on at Woolies. So he's walking through Woolies and just before getting to the food section, where the ladies underwear is, he happens to turn to his left and he sees a well-dressed guy bending over the panty rack. The way the guy was bending signaled a red flag immediately. It was obvious what the oke was doing. He was sniffing panties. SNIFFING PANTIES in Woolies…nooit. Who would ever think of doing that, after all they are all new, not used ones. So he thought too.

Ben walks past and goes into Woolies Food and gets himself a samie, pays at the till and heads back to his office. Turns right on his way past the Ladies department. No sniffer in sight. Curiosity taking the better of him, he headed for the spot where sniffer had stood and done his thing.

Only new panties hanging there. Nice ones. Hot ones. Hot enough to give Ben a boner. He looked around. No one about, bent over and took a sniff. Bloodhound that he is. Only new clothing smell, nothing else. He left it at that and walked back to his office.

Next day, same thing, goes to Woolies. Only this time, he’s consciously looking out for panty sniffers. None. And on his way out again he sees this hot babe in tight white slacks, hang a pair of undies up. She must’ve come back from the changing rooms, cause she had a pile of clothing slung over her arm. So Ben hangs ten and pretends to look at the men’s Chino’s lapa side of the ladies delights. When he saw she was gone he snuck over to see what she had put back. A little black number. So he took it and checked it out. Ja, Ben did that. He checked it out and finds white pussy juice smeared on the inside of the panties. Can imagine his boner now. A quick check and he takes a sniff. Holy fucking mackerel, the panties wreak of wild hot erotic pussy. Ben was seriously horny now. So he took the panties and walked over to the Chinos, took a pair of them and headed for the changing rooms.

Happens he chooses the room that hints to the smell he smelt of the panties tucked under his arm. So he's got this whiff surrounding him now. He takes them out and has one long deep sniff. First whiff he gags the smell is so strong. He remembered her ass under those tight white slacks. She was hot. He remembered seeing the ripple of lace showing through the white material of her slacks. Holy Shit!...what now.

He says there was nothing to do but get hold of Mr. Palmer quick. Report the gedoente to him and hold him responsible for an outcome (pun intended).

Mr. Palmer, being an old bedfellow buddy of Ben, came to his rescue immediately and without hesitation,and sorted him out one time. Ben says in his haste he almost gobbled those panties up. The pussy smell was so damn strong it made him high the rest of the day and when he eventually came, it was so powerful that his legs buckled from under him. He had to do the last part on his knees with the little black number clamped between his teeth like a pirates dagger. And him shagging air as he came hard against the door of the changing cubicle. He watched the cum dribble and slide down in big white clumps and plop onto the floor. He even fucking slipped on the slimy shit on his way out again. Says he was 'poes dronk' from the smell. And he's a big punster when it comes to that.

Came and showed me the panties himself.

So how did he get the panties out, I asked him. Apparently he bought them, took them home and exchanged them. How? He stole a pair of his brothers girlfriends panties, ones that looked new and ones that came from Woolies. Then he took them back like they were the ones he bought. Got the hundred bucks or so back for them and waltzed out the shop like a pig in shit.

Still don’t know if I can believe this or not. Shit happens.