15 Jan 2016

A moment in my life I will always remember which happened when I was younger.I was hospitalized and had surgery on my back and during this time experienced a very unexpected occurrence which last for the next 11mnths.AFter the operation I had a morphine syringe strapped to my arm to relieve the pain when needed.It so happened that I enjoyed the mental state this created and it somehow made me have a very erotic dream about a certain close lady acquaintance we had.I was virtually bedridden and sexual thoughts where not really the right things to have at this moment.Lets call the lady in question C.In pondering over my dream vividly I realized that my dick remained very limp,no response at all no matter what I did.However the next day prior to evening visiting hrs the lady in question appeared in the ward bearing a bowl of fruit.I was very surprised by her sudden appearance and lying there with only a thin sheet over me my dick suddenly rose causing a tent,wow what a change!SHe came up to the bed and kissing me on the cheek asked if I had been playing with myself to which I embarrassingly asked her to cover me as I expected other visitors later.She sat down and I then explained to her that I had a very erotic dream the previous night and ironically it revolved around her believe it or not,and fruit.SHe reached under the sheet taking a firm hold of my dick asked me to tell her all about it in detail.As visiting hrs approached I told her maybe another time yet my dick was by now bursting for release as she gently stroked it.This was a friend nothing more prior to this and here we where behaving as if it was a normal scene between us.SHe had to stop as the other .... Arrived and greetings where made and all formality was carried out.She then excused herself and left early,after whispering in my ear,see you later. Visiting hours ended and night staff completed their rounds and I wondered why they drew the curtains closed and said,enjoy your evening.I lay there wondering about C!! 2b continued