Written by MAERC

07 Jan 2014

My first O-L was when I met a mature lady... When I lost my virginity. She claimed she's had an orgasm. I wouldn't know. I know there was some moments when she was pulling my hand, really gripping it very tight.Her eyes closed like she was somewhere happy. She said I 'teased' her. Well, I was just licking and licking and sucking lick crazy. In my head I tried to remember any sounds or body movements (I guess my own way of telling that, [a] I'm doing it RIGHT, and [b] that SHE enjoyed it. I tried to lick and suck in different ways. Up the length of her pussy, just the outer lips, some times pulling her big lips more open to try and reach as deep inside her. Some times her smaller lips didn't slip out of my mouth as I kept it captive for 5 or 10 min. Some times I would lick her spine moving down and dig my tongue between the cheeks still 'following' a straight line. (She said anal is a NO GO, so) I licked and probed her anus with my tongue, focusing on the area between the anus and virgina (perineum). And then quickly up and over her pussy up to her navel. Then back! the way I came. A few times.

I had another encounter also with a mature lady. Here I learned to 'isolate' her clit. Before it was just a matter of 'blindly licking', rather licking for the sake of licking. I learned to lick (and suck) for the sake of PLEASURING the lady.

I'm always ready to try something different.