Written by Anonymous

28 Dec 2016

So we had been in the swinging scene for some time. Discovered over time that dating for four was quite complicated. To find a couple where she was comfortable with the guy and I with the girl was quite an elusive goal. We found such a couple once and had a couple of great dates, quite sexy to fuck this sexy girl with her going at it enthusiastically with the husband right next to us. But alas, it didn't last! The green monster interfered with their relationship, and before long, they stopped all play completely. Our rules were that we didn't "take one for the team" and so therefor we wouldn't compromise if either she or I were not completely at ease with both parties. We also always played safe...

So, what to do? We arranged some parties at our house, but it was never the same. Not to say that we didn't have any fun, in fact, at one such an occasion the husband of one couple got completely shit-faced and passed out. His wife got it on with my wife. When this girl was on top, my wife motioned me over and I entered my wife from behind, whilst fingering this chick at the same time. I could see that this turned them both on. So before long, my wife took my cock out of her pussy and guided me into hers. I got so excited that I nearly shot my load right there! Now to get perspective: I can go for an hour before I cum, but swopping from one hot pussy to another of these sexy girls had my mind going everywhere. So after a few more strokes, I had to withdraw rather suddenly and I came all over the couch they were lying on (to be honest, I may have done this a nudge too slowly, so suspect some of it went into her pussy, but hey, she didn't say a thing).

So from there on in, we agreed that dating for three was much easier, and since we believe in playing fair, we started searching for attractive gents for her to play with. This did not prove easy, since guys outnumber girls about ten-to-one on here and then there is also a lot of people who are all bravado until you want to meet.... But that's a story for another day. So eventually we connect with this guy that for some reason just felt like the right guy. Normally we would meet in a public place and check things out, but with him, we invited him for drinks at our house straight away.

Now I have to tell you, my wife is quite beautiful, stunning in fact, with long shapely legs, olive skin and long blond hair. So she can afford to be full of shit and choosy if she wants to be. But I could see straight away she liked this guy. She was quite taken with him. He was blond, with blue eyes, and well built (quite the surfer type, as she would recall later). So after a couple of drinks, he suggests we go to our bedroom, which we duly did!

After arriving there, they started kissing passionately, and it wasn't long before he had her completely naked. She said: "that's not fair" and proceeded to strip him naked too and before I knew it she was on her back on the bed, legs wide open and he was licking her pussy up and down. I could see she was enjoying it, in fact I thought an orgasm was coming on, but she sat up, pushed him back, kneeled in front of him and started giving him a blow-job. Now here I have to pause, because one, man, she can give a blow-job! These long thrusts in and out with her hand tickling the shaft and balls! And two, boy, she enjoys giving them too! It makes her so horny to see the guy enjoying it!

So I think she saw she was making him weak at the knees, because at some point, she guided him around so that he is lying down on the bed, with his legs hanging down from his knees whilst she is blowing him. By this time, I am naked too, standing behind them, wanking myself, just engrossed in all this and horny as hell myself! But at the same time I was thinking: "wow, she's so horny, and it all happened so fast, I wonder if she's forgotten about the condoms?". But, the scene was so sexy, I didn't want to interrupt the moment and I thought: "no harm in letting it carry on just a little longer ". She was always very level-headed when it came to these things, "she'll pause just now and ask me to pass them to her!"

But, to my utter surprise, she turns around and says: "I'm just going to rub myself on him", after which she quickly climbs on top of him, and proceeds to rub her pussy up and down his shaft. I was mesmerised! It was so sexy seeing her rub up and down his cock with her bare pussy, all the time getting wetter and seeing her juices on him. At that point, I felt a pang of jealousy, but it also made me so horny that I didn't want her to stop yet, I was just not sure I wanted her to continue either...

At that point, she must have remembered about me, because she was behaving as if I were not there at all. She looked at me and said: "do you mind?" I said: "honey, I am comfortable as long as you are!" Although, in my mind I wasn't so sure, yet, the sexiness of it all turned me on and made me so horny I was shaking with excitement. He was clearly enjoying it too, and moved against her movements and I could see that he was very horny by now!

The next moment, his hand slipped out behind her bum and he slid his cock deep into her pussy. Slowly, but deliberately. At first I thought: "now she'll withdraw", but to my surprise, she kept on moving, his cock sliding deep into her pussy and out again. I could hear their breathing quicken. She leant down and they kissed passionately, now moving together at a more urgent pace. I remember thinking to myself: "shit, if they don't stop soon, he's going to cum". At the same time: "I'm not going to tell her, she must know, she can feel it". This thought was still in my mind, when I saw the pre-cum seeping from her onto his shaft, but they kept on going. After a few more thrusts, he withdrew further and then thrust into her with an "uuugh!", and I remember thinking: "oops, too late now!"

I was standing there with mixed feelings, because on the one hand it was so sexy, but on the other I wasn't sure about her enjoying it so much that she let him fuck her bareback and cum inside her, and I mean deep inside her! Before I could gather my thoughts, she was off of him, and she positioned herself next to him, doggy style, ready for me! I still thought: "shit, all that cum!" It was seeping out of her pussy, so I wasn't sure I wanted to enter her, but then I thought: "shit, she hasn't cum yet - time to set things straight - I'll show them how it's done!"

So I stepped forward and entered her pussy from behind. With her juices and his cum, I slipped inside and after a few thrusts, all the mixed feelings gave way to extreme pleasure. I fucked her hard and she came after only a few more thrusts. When I felt her pussy's contractions, I also came from deep in my legs and my stomach - like I've never cum before! We collapsed in a heap on the bed and lay there in a warm afterglow... the three of us, with her between us.

She must have really liked him, because I remember that she never went to wash the cum out of her that night...