Written by 2weekenders

30 Dec 2011


I promise I shall try not to induce you into near-catatonia. (Caution: don’t hold your breath though. Please.) I feel like a virgin at this. But I’ve never done IT before. I refer, of course, to this whole searching for a partner on the internet. (And then it’s NOT even for me…lol) Funnily enough, the Net is quite possibly the ONLY place you can actually BE YOURSELF in complete anonymity…. Or at least till you meet someone. So why do we see so many… uuhmmmmm “OBVIOUSLY NOT YOU” pics on here? hehehehehe. Interesting thought there, eh…? But more on that (and other things) later. I have been reading some of the writings here and, quite frankly, find myself blown away by many of them….. and I thought we’re here for a strange reason. You want funny and strange …? Funny is that this was MY idea. Yeah, I know this sounds strange but it’s true. My reasoning behind this, I will try to explain….. NOT justify……..the short version, I mean LOL. And YES…. He did have a ‘badboy’ grin on his face when I suggested it, although I believe he’s still in a state of shock !!!!! And NO, he didn’t have a single objection. Perhaps I have just heard enough about cheating partners from my girlfriends and I’m NOT going to be the last one to find out. Nobody needs another (yawn) blog. Not this one, at any rate. You HAVE to be terminally bored to be reading this. Or in desperate search of a cure for your insomnia. In short, (now there’s a contradiction for you) I have been known to take the occasional ramble into Stream-Of-Consciousness Land. So here goes: I believe that men are wayyyyyy different than women. That boys will be boys and that a man needs more than one sex partner. It’s all about variety !!! I also know that there are a lot of women out there that also need this. We have an awesome sexlife. Quantity and quality wise. So we aint looking to spice it up in any way. We are here to find HIM ‘variety’. Someone that we can connect with, someone that we can meet on a regular basis. Me? I’m not getting actively involved. To be honest….. I don’t really know what my involvement will be once we’ve found the person we ‘re looking for….. YES, we are doing it together. I could be in the same room or even in the next room. NO, I am not doing this to get turned on by watching him. I have been asked that by a few members. If it does turn me on…. Uhhhmmmmmmm I’ll just fuck his brains out later…. Lol. He knows pretty well what will happen if he does it behind my back….. the sharp knife will come out (he knows exactly WHICH ONE) and I will cut IT OFF !!!! Hey… wait…. I aint finished…… I will then cut it into slices….. you know the cold meat section in the deli??? Slices like those, (I think this is where Mrs. Bobbitt got it ALL WRONG) then it will go into a jiffy bag…… shake it up (Like the Aromat ad) and put it in his hand before I dial 911. Me? I will be out for a drink while he waits for them. **evil grin* WE are here as I team, together. The one will never be online without the other one close by. We will meet the person together. And NO….. it’s not about me giving my approval or making up any rules. Errrmmmmmm are there rules? LOL. After all, he is the one that’s going to fuck her….. so it’s 90% up to him…. Yeh, yeh, I will give my opinion as well……. Jeeeeeeez stay with me here, it was MY idea after all, LMAO. So basically what im saying is that in my mind, ALL men are cheats….. (bravely sticking my neck out here) and that I would rather KNOW about it, heck, even help arrange it than find out about it later. It’s about ME…. MY sanity and MY peace of mind….. so there you have it….. GMFF, IT’S ALL ABOUT ME hehehehehe.


She suggested I just write: “it WAS her idea….”. I guess I just did, but it really was. A few days ago I came so close to getting into ‘type’ debate. I was going to go into the looks versus attitude argument. Perhaps luckily for me I let it go. To the guys out there that really are the one woman kinda guys-I tip my hat to you. Way back when, or just the other day, depending on your gender -I was the “bad boy”. Now you could ask yourself if what she’s doing is because of who I am or what I was or …who or what I am now..I’ll let you come up with a few questions of your own. NO matter the question-she has reason for it. Like she says, we’re great together and that’s not just because the sex is AWesome. There are enough reasons to perhaps bore you to distraction. There are a few things on my mind but this I think is not the place for them. I think that’s between me and her. There are things we talk about still. Not regularly, but that’s what we do. I think she knows me better than most so I think there are things that I can say to her that she’ll understand because she knows where I’m coming from. Why did I agree I just heard someone think…. Perhaps again I should let you draw your own conclusions. To be honest with you I haven’t given it a whole lot of thought till she made me read her story