24 Jan 2018

He was rock hard ...harder and bigger than the first time we stood naked in front of each other. I tried to pretend I was cool and not in a hurry ...but I could see the hunger in his eyes. It made me crave him more deeply.

He saw my eyes traveling down south and knew I wanted him. Usually I make a move ...but this time I was waiting for him.

After luring me to the back seat ...there he came closer ...hovering over me ...i could feel His breath on my face ....hear the heaviness in his breathing. He wanted me ...i could feel it. He reached over and kissed me...deeply ...passionately ...my head began to spin my body longing to be touched in places only he could. Gently leaving my lips ...he laughed asking what happened. He knew very well that I was in a daze. That only he had that effect on me ...only he could turn me on so easily by just looking at me.

We were in public ...it made things more exciting but time was limiting. I couldn't wait any longer ...kissing me again ...his hands reached between my legs making my wet mound pulsate and contract longing for him to do more than just feel my thighs all the way up.

Watching him unzip his pants made everything inside of me want to strip his clothes off completely and bite and tease him in the places only i knew made him exhale in pleasure. Patiently I waited ...until I could wait no more ...going down on him ...tasting his hot cock in my mouth felt like a drug addict taking a shot after ages.

The feeling of his hot cock inside my mouth was delicious...divine ....wanting more I went deeper ...letting the tip of the head trace through my upper palate ....seeing his face in bliss made me move my tongue all over and nibble on his stiff shaft.

Moving downwards I could feel His shaft vibrate ....trying to reach for his perineum I ended up tasting and eating away at his testicles. Every inch of him began to get harder and thicker ....like a hard thick velvet length that needed to be submerged in wet and warmth.

Continuing to suck and twirl my tongue around him ...i felt his hands tracing down my bum line. He knew what I wanted ...he knew my body craved him too. Feeling his fingers go down my bum line finding my bum hole made me more horny ...more hungry for him ...i ended up deep throating him again ...this time not holding back any saliva or wetness from my mouth. I sucked him all the way down his sexy balls ...tasting and pulling each testicle into my mouth ...nibbling on his foreskin ...extending my tongue down to try and lick his perineum ...and searching for his hole to finger him.

Picking my head up ...imbetween our hot hungry kisses and looking at each other longingly ...i told him I want more ....slipping my net panty off ...without waiting he started to finger me ...first one ...then two ...then three fingers ....pushing in and out as if it was his hard cock ...kissing me at the same time wildly ....i grabbed his cock ...rubbing it as he fingered me hard and deep ....making me moan imbetween our deep hot wild kisses.

He took his soaked fingers and fed me my wetness ....sucking on his fingers ...tasting my wetness....and feeding it to him in a deep lustful kiss took us to another level.

He moved my head down ...down towards his hot thick cock ...and started to penetrate my mouth as if it was my wet pussy. In the back seat of the car ...moving his hard thick tasty cock and thrusting into my mouth as deep as possible ...i wanted more ...i could feel His cock pulsating in my mouth ...he wanted more ....i knew he was going to cum ...and I pulled up.

Looking at him naughtily ...he knew I wanted more than just a finger tease ....we kissed again ...and he said he was about to cum ....knowing the outcome I told him I want something before you cum ....i want one deep long stroke.

Being in the back seat of the car ...no panty on and no brief or pants on ....we tried to do reverse cow girl ....he knows I like being on top ....he ended up lying down ....i got on top of him ....guiding his thick hard big cock into my wet throbbing pussy. Lowering myself onto him.

Covering his full thick long cock with my entire hot wet throbbing pussy felt like heaven...i wanted to sit like that and use my muscles to keep pulling him up into me.

Seeing his face in bliss made me moan in pleasure as I started to straddle him ...rocking back and forth ...up and down ....one ...two ...three times ....making my insides feels full again....having that full feeling ...like he belonged in my hole and my hole was his thick sexy cock's home.

On the fourth thrust ...he knew it was coming ....i felt him twitch inside of me ...the moment came when he cummed ... seeing him cumming made me so horny i was tempted to nibble on him. But he was sensitive. The amount of cum was more than enough for us to make twins in my womb together with my wet hole for the perfect trip up into my uterus.

Seeing him cum made me happy ....but what followed made things more sexier ....more pleasurable ....more exciting for the next time.

Reaching over he kissed me ...passionately ...hungrily ....and when I moaned I like it slow ....he took it so slow i swear I was having a mini orgasm between my wetness ....he turns me on so easily ...saying he loves me isn't justice to the way he makes me feel.

After sitting up ...he leaned forward and planted soft passionate kisses along my neck from behind ...making me moan softly in pleasure. He knows how to unwind me ....and i know how for him.

The perfect way to bring closure to a quickie in our secret public spot.