Written by Bryan

29 Mar 2017

This happened many years ago but thought I would share. We were young then, 25 of age. Thinking of starting a family but she still on contraceptives. I worked on a cattle ranch in Zimbabwe. My wife has always had fantastic tits, milky white skin and great legs that seemed to go on forever! Anyway one day I go to the dipping kraal before the workers arrive to check on water levels, dip strength etc. This done I am standing at the side of one of the Kraals looking the weaners over when suddenly there is a bit of a commotion in the Kraal, bit of head butting etc and a gap appears and right in front of me on the opposite side I see a young black guy, he is sitting on the lower pole, head back, one arm holding onto a higher pole and he is naked from the waist down and he is having a good wank! Geeess I'd never seen such a huge cock and enormous balls on a guy before, his balls hanging down slapping against the pole he was sitting on with each jerk of his hand. I got a fleeting glance at his face, it was the son of one of the tractor drivers and this guy was only about 18 yrs old. It all happened pretty fast and he must have been "at it" for a while as just then he shot his load. Now this I could not help but watch and could not believe how far his cum jetted out of his cock!! About three or four strong jets of white cum shot out and landed in the dust about 2 meters from him and then plenty more shorter and shorter ones followed. I turned away and left him to it and made my way back to our house. The gang would be there in half an hour to start the dipping. My wife had just woken from our siesta, me having slipped away a short while before. We sat and had a cuppa and I relayed what I had just seen to her. She was definitely interested in the story and asked a few questions about his cock and what it looked like etc. But time was up and I had to get to the dip.

On my way back to the house late that afternoon I thought about my wife and how she enjoyed sex and one thing was obvious, she loved it when I came inside her. That always set her off and if she had not orgasmed before during our sex when I came in her without fail she would cum. Another thing I found out over the years was that if she was really horny she would always be on top, riding me for her pure pleasure and lust on those occasions. It was just great. So that night we are done with supper, no TV tonight, she leads me to the bedroom. We bath and while washing each other she bring up the subject of this young black guy. She want to know every detail. I recall it as best I could and on her insistence describe the size of his cock and balls. The cock is black and long, definitely more than 9 inches with a huge head it seemed and it was very thick, huge and balls that hung like a bull's. She asks to describe how his cum shot out, and was his cum really white. This part had stuck in my mind so I told her all. Next minute she takes my cock in her mouth and sucks me like never before. This she did not often do and yet she was so good at it. Wow! I tell her to stop I'm right there! She hates cum in her mouth so no problem she stops immediately buy then hops out the bath telling me to follow. We did not even dry off too well as I recall. As I climb on the bed wifey is there pushing me down and she is on me and before I knew it my cock was as deep in her as she could get it. She was wetter than I could ever remember her getting and she came repeatedly, fucking me to my own mind blowing climax and even then she continued to ride me and came twice more. She rolled off, buggered! Wow I said, did that really get you that turned on. She said it did and that actually she would love to a watch that same youngster wank himself off so she could see it herself. Wow, that was different for her. She was serious I could tell. We lay for quite a while, now and again just chatting about this and that. Suddenly I reminded her that on more than one occasion when we were in the love making mood she had said how she could really get off showing some young guy how to have his first fuck. I always thought she could be a really good teacher in that regard. She looked at me and said so what is my point? I said I bet that young black guy was a virgin and he would certainly never have seen a naked white woman. She seemed quite shocked and said i was crazy. I just said that there was something else that I was curious about. "What?" she asked. "That guys strong jetting cum, imagine if he shot his cum like that deep inside your wet pussy, you'd probably climax like you've never done in your life?" She was silent a while then said that she thought it might be great to experience. But she said she had never done it with a black guy or even seen a naked black guy before. I just said that the skin is just a colour, the sex would like be the same - or maybe even better!? This talk had actually got us both horny as hell and next moment she was again on top of me and we fucked like crazy, she came three more times with me cuming on her third orgasm. We were done & slept.

Next day it wasn't mentioned. At the sheds giving out the work I saw the yougster there with his father, getting the tractor and trailer ready. I looked at him and could still not believe that his young guy had the cock he had in those pants!! Once the gang drove off I spoke to the chap a while. Speaking their lingo well we could talk. No he did not go to school. Was too far etc. I suddenly had a thought. On saturday how would he feel about a peace job in our garden? We would pay him. He jumped at the idea. Saturday was quiet and there would be no one else at the house. See you then I said.

I went for breakfast and casually mentioned to my wife that young Jeremiah was going to come work in our garden on saturday. She froze and looked at me with a weird look. She started to stammer a bit and it was like no I can't and what if someone comes to visit unexpectedly and so on and so on. I just smiled and said we would take it as it comes and winked at her and left. When Friday came it was the first time she brought it up again. Was he really coming? But how did I know he would even do anything or be in a wanking mood? I just laughed and said I did have a plan & was sure she would get him to wank off and she could watch it all. She flushed & I could tell it was turning her on. Lets have a quickie in the room I said. What? She seemed shocked. Not now with the house help here etc. I said our door does lock you know! And besides I said her pussy was wet and ready. No its not she said too quickly. Can I feel I asked. She blushed and said certainly NOT. But as my hand went up her inner thigh she spread her legs and closed her eyes and it was my turn for a surprise as she wore no panties and yes, she was as wet as anything. That shot my cock to stiff mode and without talking grabbed her hand and we were in the bedroom in a flash. I dropped my shorts, lifted her dress right up and pushed her onto the bed and mounted her all in the same movement. Geees that was so good, my cock just slid in and we fucked like it was our first!! Whew, I said you had me horny baby I came way too fast! Don't worry she said she was orgasming the moment my cock entered her. She just lay there, legs spread wide and my cum oozing out of her. I just looked at her pussy and suddenly thought, fuck, what if we get it right and this guy fucks my wife?? Mixed feelings suddenly. Her pussy would be stretched and gaping and gushing out cum, not just oozing!

Saturday morning came. Wifey stayed in bed and I brought her coffee and breaky in bed. She kissed me deeply and smiled. My plan was this, on our bedroom side of the house quite close was a natural small rocky out crop and we had added rocks and made a nice flower and shrub bed out of it. The was a shady tree that grew out the middle. I had a dirty magazine a mate had given me some time back that he had brought back from Australia after a visit he had had there. It really was raunchy with no holds barred nude pics of naked white women. I went and laid this under a shrub there were he would find it easily. He arrived and I showed him where to weed etc and said there was no rush and that my wife & I were going for a walk & would be back later. I went into the room. Wifey had just run a hot bath. The bath was such that it was in a corner with a single 4 pane opening window right by the taps. I went in a lifted the fly screen and left it up. I took wifeys hand and showed her to be quiet and led her into the "walk in" cupboard which had a small non opening window with a thick lace curtain in front of it. It looked out onto the rockery. We watched Jeremiah start to weed & then he saw the mag. It looked like he was just going to toss it aside but the cover caught his eye. "You didn't" said my wife, "shhhh" I said. We watched and he turned a few pages and his eyes like came out on stalks!! The expression was priceless! He looked around nervously and even walked so he could look past the house. Not seeing anything he probably thought we had gone. He went back, took the mag and sat facing us on a nice rounded rock. His erection clearly visible in his short pants. It was not long and he pulled his shorts off to his ankles. My wife gasped. He was still growing!!! He found one picture which seemed to really get him going and he started to massage his member while staring wide eyed at it. He placed the mag next to him and like turned slightly sideways and really started to wank off, the rythem getting faster with longer strokes, his balls jumping up and down with each pull. He was fully grown now and really thick. My wife was right up against the curtain her eyes not leaving his cock, I stood just behind her. I reached around her pulling myself against her ass and she moaned. I let my hand moved forward and down her belly, pulling her mini night shirt up and grabbed her pussy. She sighed as I started to massage her and she was already as wet as could be. "He actually has a beautifully shaped cock" she barely whispered to me, "but so big, that would not get inside me I'm sure". So MMMMmmmm she was actually thinking about him fucking her pussy?? "You'd be surprized" I whispered back, "Your pussy gets this wet it would help him along just fine!" Just then he like lay back, eyes rolling back in his head & he started to shoot his load. Damn, I'm sure this time his jets shot out even further than before! And it just did not seem to stop. My cock was hard and oozing wet against my wife and I was rubbing her clit and as he was shooting his load her legs buckled and she fell back against me and came herself with a moan. She recovered and said to me "please come and fuck me now" and headed for the bed. I said "no, come here, take this book and go lay in the bath, keep the book up covering your face and just lay quietly. Your teaching roll is starting" and I turned to go. She tried to protest but then I saw her turn and get in the bath.

I went out side and around the house. Jeremiah was standing up, his shorts pulled up but his cock was still pushing against them. He was paging the mag. When he saw me he seemed to go pale and flung the mag aside and tried to grab a garden fork. There was pure panic in his eyes and he looked at me dumb founded!! I greeted him casually and went and picked up the mag saying to him in his lingo, "oh so this is where this book is. Glad you have found it!" He seemed to relax just a little. I opened the book to a page where a native guy and white woman were naked and in embrace and looked around as If I was also weary and said to him "come see this". He edged over and I let him have a good look and soon paged to other naked woman, some native too. He wanted to see the white women. Clearly he was turned on looking at them and his bulge was back. I eventually closed the mag and put it down and said to him "would you like to see a real white woman" He seemed like non plussed and stared at me. I said my wife was laying in a bath right now and we could look at her if he wanted. He tried to smile and nodded vigorously but then stopped and looked at me funny. I assured him that it was okey and then said he should follow me around the side of the house but that now he had to be quiet, very quiet. I went first to the window of our bathroom. He was hesitant but I beckon he should come. I looked into the window & my wife had he face buried in the book. She must have sensed there was someone there by the darkening of the light coming into the room and probably thinking it was Jeremiah she moved, parting her legs as wide as she could in the bath. Hell her pussy looked sooooo good. The dark triangle of black hair so contrasted against her white white flesh. I moved back and with a huge grin on my face pointed that he should look. He moved forward slowly and peeked in. I think his eyes had to adjust a bit to the different light and I could see he probably had only seen half way up to the thighs and just stood like this for a few seconds. He glanced back at me and I nooded. He peared in further and suddenly his eyes opened real wide! Now he had the full view & probably realizing he could not see her face he stuck his whole head into the window. He was looking her up and down, at her huge tits and I guess my wife's nipples were standing out like crazy and he pussy fully exposed to his view. I could see his cock was full on hard and pushing his pants out. He just stood staring, hardly breathing and suddenly he began to rub his cock through his shorts. He was really turned on and who could blame him, I mean really, who?? I heard the water splash as my wife must have moved and he jumped back from the window. He glanced at me and lust was in his eyes. He wanted to look again. I tapped him on the shoulder and showed him to come. At the kitchen entrance, to the side was a shower. I told him to go and wash well and then just put on his shorts and go around to the verrandah and go to the door at the end of the verrandah. I asked him did he enjoy that. He said he had to confess to had looked at my wife any times before around the farm and liked her. But he said that she is much better than those in that book. I looked at his cock. it was still rock hard pushing against the front of his shorts. He saw me looking but just kept staring at me. "Would you like to put that thing inside my wife?" I said pointing to his cock. He looked at me with almost a defiance and said simply "very much". "How many women have you had?" I asked. His eyes dropped for a moment as he said he had never yet been with a woman. I said well then today my wife she will teach you. He sounded quite incredulous as he said, "when i wash I can come there? There to that door?" I said yes. He shot into the shower & I went to our room and into the bathroom. My wife had washed and was about to get out. "Did he see me? Please say he didn't." "Oh yes he saw you alright. I couldn't get him away from the window! " I said with a cuckle. "I know I could tell someone was there and eventually I just had to move I can't believe we just did that!!" "Do you think he got turned on seeing me?" "My Baby" i said, " he was so turned on he was stroking his cock through his shorts and kept leaning further into the window and his eyes were full of lust true". She confessed that when she realised he was just staying there she got very turned on and had to move to relieve that feeling. thats when he must have pulled away. She said her pussy was really wet and she wanted me real bad now. "Umm he hasn't left". "What?! Where is he?" "Having a shower and then he is coming to our door." My wife was now really shocked. "Why what happened?" I told her how turned on he was and I asked if he had been with a woman before and he said no. "I asked him outright if he wanted to fuck you and he immediately said yes. I told him to shower and come to our door and that my wife is a very good teacher and she would teach him." She just stared at me. Her mind was going. "I don;t know if I can" she said hoarsely. There was a loud knocking on our door. She jumped! I said to her that now I was not sure how I really felt about all this buy she would be a good teacher (with a wink) and that it was up to her. I could tell him to go. She just stood there not saying anything for a while. I asked her if she was still turned on and would she want this experience? She looked at me for a while, her face turned red and she sheepishly said that she was very turned on and that she did not know why but she wanted to see him up close and just feel his cock, how that would feel. Thats all she really wanted, to feeling that huge black cock in her hands and see how it felt. She had her towel around her. I said ok, stay in here and when you hear us talking come out. I went to the door & opened it. Young Jeremiah was there looking very nervous. He immediately looked into the room, searching for my wife I suspect. I showed him in noticing that his cock was still rock hard in his pants. I closed the door and said he should just stand at the foot of the bed. The bathroom door opened and out stepped my wife just in the towel. She had re rapped it around her so that it barely covered her pussy and much off her cleavage was bulging out the top of the towel. Damn she looked sexy! His eyes were all over her, up and down, staring, I saw look down at his crotch and her eyes lingered there and there was lust now in both their eyes. She was very nervous too I could see but then so was he. I introduced them and my wife moved to the end of the bed and placed one knee onto it and held out her hand. "Hello Jeremiah" His english was basically non existent and I had to translate for the both of them as my wife was not fluent in his tongue. He stammered a Madam in a small voice and his eyes were glued to her pussy area. Some hair was showing. My wife seemed to recover seeing how nervous the young guy was. "Take off you shorts Jeremiah". He looked at me and I said what she had said in his language. He did so, releasing his huge cock which just sprang out and grew to its full magnificent size. My wife was lost in the moment, she took his cock and fondled it, stroking it feeling his balls and stroking his cock harder and faster, her arms taking long strokes to cover the distance. His cock started oozing huge amounts of lube which my wife just applied all over his cock. She was mesmerized. He croaked out saying how in the many years he had been doing this to himself it had never felt so good and in the same breath said he wanted this thing off her, pointing to the towel. I told my wife. She chuckled and carried on faster than before and said he must take the towel off himself. He looked at me, his face registering pure pleasure. She says you must take it off if you want to see her. He looked back at her and down at her hands sliding up and down his cock and flashed her a great smile and took the towel loose, throwing it aside onto the floor. He just stared at her body saying "yoh, yoh, yoh!!" Then his hands moved to her breast and he started to fondle them, gently at first and getting rougher. His hand moved down quickly to her pussy and he began fingering my wife there, crudely. She moaned and left his cock and putting her arms behind her leaned back on the bed. He was staring at her pussy and pushed her back so she fell on her back. She parted her legs and just let him have his fill of looking and touching. She looked at me and told me to drop my rods and come show him how to finger her. I did this. He was taken by my cock for a while and even grabbed it giving it one stroke and smiling at my wife. That was weired!! Then I showed him how to use both hands, placing two fingers into my wife with one hand and stimulating her clit with the other hand. He got the hang of it quickly. His fingers were rather thick and in just seconds my wife came to a huge orgasm. It was just so great to watch her. This got him wild and suddenly he was there, his cock, at the entrance to my wifes gorgeous pussy, his huge black cock head disappearing into her. He tried to push in deeper but he was too big and definitely too soon for her. She cried out. He stopped and looked at her and then at me. I told him he had to push slow then back, slow then back and it would go in. He nodded, looking down at his own dark black cock entering my wifes pussy. He was doing it right. She had a strange look on her face. She looked at me and said "I know I said I just wanted to see and handle him, but now I want this cock to fuck me ok?" I smiled and nodded saying that I didn't think we could stop him now!!! After a short while he had a little more than half his huge cock buried in my wife's pussy. She was in ecstasy. He was over the moon and grunting huge grunts of pleasure now with each thrust into her. And suddenly it was like she was relaxed enough and with the next hard thrust that huge dick just went right in. They were pelvic bone on pelvic bone. I could just stand and stare. It was way more erotic than I could have imagined, his absolute dark flesh colour against her milky white. And now he was pulling out and thrusting in. My wife's eyes rolled back in their sockets and she literally screamed, "fuuuck I'm cuminnnng". Jeremiah was now fucking my wife like there was no tomorrow, his huge balls slapping hard against her ass with audible slaps and there was a slurping noise coming from her pussy as well. She just came again and again, I'd never seen her quite like this before I must say. My own cock was throbbing painfully for release now. Jeremiah kept going and between thrusts said "mkadzi wako ari kun di nakidza chaidvzo". She looked at me and I told her she was giving him the pleasure of his life. She just moaned into another orgasm and mumbled that she was in 7th heaven.

It lasted rather a long time. they were both covered in sweat when finally he just slammed into her pussy, waited, withdrew a short stroke and slammed in again and a deep thunderous roar broke from him as he began jetting that cum of his way deep into my wife's vagina and her screams literally followed and she seemed to faint. I got quite concerned but then she seemed to come to with a dazed bewildered look on her face and eyes and screamed again with pleasure. Then they just collapsed. Their breath was hard and rasping. I dare not touch my cock or it too would explode. Then he rolled off her, half way over before his long only semi limp cock pulled out of her with a loud slurp. His eyes were closed as were hers and her legs were spread wide. Her pussy was a wide gaping hole, frothy with loads of white cum literally streaming out of her. When she opened her eyes I was on her, my own cock just diapering inside her trying to find traction inside her stretched vagina, but damn it felt good. She just lay there saying "I can't anymore, just fuck me for your pleasure" I was!! Jeremiah came to and said he wanted to see my cock fucking my wife. He seemed to get great pleasure from watching my cock go in and out. I just wanted to keep it in deep and cum!!!! And then that sweet release! Wow.

I have no idea how long we lay there but we had all three fallen asleep. When we woke it was dark outside. It was not long and my wife had Jeremiah hard again. Looking at me she said" just once more baby ok, I want to cum on his cock". And she rode him, long and hard, cuming quite a few times and he was loving having her white tits on his face and sucking her nipples. She rode him to another of his huge climaxes and came again like she had before. Then it was over. He said his father was going to kill him for being out so late but that he would tell no one of this.

My wife told me it scared her how strong she had come, passing out even and that she would not repeat this but had loved every minute of it. I had found it very very erotic and on turning, why? not too sure myself and I quite often tried to get her to repeat this, even after we had moved to South Africa, but she has stuck to her guns. We did once to it together with very good friends from Zim whom we met up with her is SA many years later. That was also great and lasted for over a year!!